Yesterday wo Utatte episode 6 release date, Streaming details and Preview

hey guys! time to discuss Yesterday wo Utatte episode 6. Another memory from the past comes into play, a blurry one. Minato, a former classmate of Haru which also has his own emotional baggage.

Yesterday wo Utatte episode 5 Discussion (spoilers)

First a quick recap of the previous episode, Rou, Yuu’s younger brother, has also a crush on Shinako but he want her to see him as himself rather than Yuu’s younger brother so he will keep hanging on his art skills to make Shinako see him as something more than just a small brother.

Now this episode felt like a filler one overall since the introduction of the new character, Minato, was really short-lived and barely moved the plot forward.

Altho, like with Rou’s arc on previous episode, Minato’s arc was beautifully crafted for the eye and the ear. It’s story managed to give it a clousure.

But, like last week episode, once the credits rolled in I realized barely anything significant happened besides another unrequited love story.

Rikuo managed to get a side job in an art gallery where it seems it connected him with an old hobby of his, photography. Along with him on the gallery is Minato, a college student photographer who will be his work colleague since he just got hired in the gallery. However, Haru interrupts them and when the three of them go dining out he reveals he was a classmate of Haru’s school be she did not remembered him due the small interactions they had.

Since then Minato started to visit Haru’s workplace as a costumer and in a friendly manner.

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One night when Minato was walking out Haru to her home they accidentally met with Rikuo who was also walking out Shinako, an awkward moment arise which left to both parties part away quickly.

Afterwards, Minato and Haru indulge into a conversation about love after the reaction of early encounter, Haru admits to have feeling for Rikuo and Minato reveals he used to have a crush on someone.

Next day, Minato interrogate Rikuo about his relationship with Haru and Shinako but say there ia nothing going on between them, afterwards their boss suggest both of them to submit to a photography contest the gallery will held.
In the evening, Haru ask Rikou to walk together but he refuse, due the awkward encounter of last night making Haru angry but gets over quickly.

Some time later, Haru and Minato hang out by request of Minato. After wandering around a bit Minato confess to Haru but is rejected. However, he is happy he finally answered a question mark in his life so he can move on to photography.

Minato reveals he is a college dropout and will travel abroad to follow this field of art but felt he needed to give a clousure to his crush to Haru.

Afterwards they shook hands and parted away.

Next day the results of the contests are displayed on the gallery, Haru and Rikou check them and see the winner one is from Minato and is an old photo of Haru when she was in high school.

Yesterday wo Utatte episode 6 predictions:

Right now, besides the ongoing “war” I’m just expecting anything to happend. Is already set Shinako is having a hard time to move on from or denying to herself the death of Yuu, her crush, and thus rejects any sort of advancement on her from anyone else: Rikuo also do not want to move on from Shinako, his long time crush, and despite being rejected, twice, he is deluding himself happiness from just being at her side despite him wanting more of Shinako; And finally Haru also do not want to move on Rikuo despite knowing he is in love with Shinako thus decide to compete against her to get Rikuo’s love despite her being the only participant of the competition.

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Ever since episode 2 the status quo still unchanged despite all these characters introductions which suggest me is gonna take some time before any significant change happens.

Yesterday wo Utatte episode 6 release date and where to watch online:

Yesterday wo utatte is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and episode 6 will drop this Saturday’s 9th (UTC-5).

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