Boku no My hero academia Chapter 269: Dabi, Hawks and an unexpected connection!

Another popular manga ended on a cliffhanger this week as Shonen Jump went on a hiatus last week. Fans are left anxiously waiting for My hero academia chapter 269 as the battle between the heroes and the villains heats up. Last we saw in Chapter 268 of the manga, the Hospital Raid team was busy battling High Ends with Mirko having nearly cracked Shigaraki’s glass tube while at the PLF mansion, Tokoyami saved his mentor Hawks from Dabi in the nick of time! As we all wait for the next chapter, I am going to talk about how Hawks and Dabi’s past may be connected!


Hawks with his mysterious origins and his complex choices is probably the best written character in BNHA. The guy would do anything, even kill fan favorite characters to protect the hero society from it’s fall. And in the past few chapters, we see Hawks dealing with a maniacal Dabi who is intent on killing him and best student Tokoyami ultimately saving Hawks. A large chunk of the BNHA fanbase assumes that Dabi is Toya Todoroki, Endeavor’s long lost older son. And Horikoshi decided to troll the viewers by not only hiding Dabi’s name but also adding more mystery to his past by indicating that Dabi’s and Hawks’ past may be connected as Dabi calls Hawks by his real name of Keigo Takami, a name Hawks had abandoned when he was probably 6 or 7 years old.

So how in the world did Dabi know this name? Now, a lot of fans including popular YouTubers theorize that a young Toya and Keigo met as kids and that Toya was also a part of the secret training program that Hawks was a part of. Now, I am not going into a lot of details as to why this might not be the case but I am a fan of the simpler yet more probable theory of the (Thief Takami connection.) Does this name sound familiar to you guys? Well, if you don’t remember, think back to the time when the Endeavor fanatic Ending attacked Natsuo Todoroki. Ending says that he became a fan of Endeavor when he encountered Endeavor apprehending a Thief called Takami. When I first saw the panel, I wad rather confused at the choice of that name by the author. But now that it’s depicted that Dabi knows Hawks’ real name, I expect this thief to be the connection between Toya and Hawks. Some Reddit users are theorizing that Toya, after running away from home, is taken in and treated by Thief Takami who is a relative/ parent of Hawks. This thief is via whom, Dabi learns about Hawks’ real name and everything. As the thief is later apprehended by none other than Dabi’s own father Endeavor, Dabi starts hating Endeavor more and vows to destroy him.


Dabi is a guy who aims to bring down the Hero society and is an ardent follower of the serial killer Stain. Now, Endeavor was an abusive man and it’s natural that Dabi hates him for that. But Dabi is shown to hate all heroes. Why is that? I am guessing it’s easy to assume that Dabi’s hatred for Endeavor just extended to all the heroes but thief Takami could play a role here too(This is a stretch but here it goes!) Having been taken in by Thief Takami, Dabi was probably told how Kiego Takami was taken away from the family to be ‘trained’ as a hero by the Hero Commission. Dabi probably assumes that that’s how heores are literally manufactured from small kids, remembering his own grueling and torturous training sessions with his top Hero father. This could have had an effect in Dabi coming to hate the heroes and the hero society even more!

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My Hero academia CHAPTER 269 AND FURTHER!

As in the latest Chapter of My Hero Academia, we are focusing on the Hospital Raid team where Shigaraki could wake up any moment. Even if he does wake up now, I don’t think he’s going to kill anyone. There are some plot points(Endeavor,Aizawa etc.) left to be tied up! So, I do expect Dabi and Endeavor to meet sometime in the near future probably in the presence of both Shoto Todoroki and Hawks. Endeavor coming face to face with his dead son would be one of the most interesting moments of BNHA! As for Dabi, he has a large number of death flags due to his psycho murderer villain nature and his extremely self-destructive quirk. So yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dabi doesn’t survive till the end of the series. And Hawks? Well, he does have a lot of death flags( Hawks Icarus theory) but I do expect him to be there to guide the future generation!

My Hero academia chapter 269 Release date:

BNHA was on a week-long hiatus so bnha Chapter 269 will be released only on the 26th of April! So what do you guys think about the Hawks-Dabi connection? How will Endeavor and his family react when they learn about Toya? What are your theories about what happened to Toya? Do you have any other interesting BNHA theories to talk about? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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