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Howdy guys, we’ve just got chapter 240, so here is what we think about it and all you need to know about Black clover chapter 241 Spoilers, Prediction, and release date.

Black Clover Chapter 240 Discussion

So the chapter begins with Charmy stuffing herself (What else is new). Suddenly Loropechika is alerted to the Spade soldiers infiltrating the country, amongst them Vanica who is the Harbinger of the Demon Megicula, the one responsible for the death of Noelle’s mum Acier. We then cut back to Asta returning to the Black Bulls base and hanging out with the other Bulls before they’re all interrupted by the arrival of Dante, who reveals his ability is Gravity Magic. Oh boy somebody’s about to get curb stomped hard………

Black clover chapter 241

I’m still convinced Charmy’s overeating is a Kirio Hikifune thing; in Bleach, Kirio would eat a lot to build her power and use it all in one go. During the Elf Saga we saw Charmy do something similar where her Wolf ate all Lira’s magic, absorbed it into herself and used it against Lira. I could see her doing this again after stocking up in the Heart Kingdom.

It’s interesting that Magna and Zora are mentioned to have become friends, seeing them double-teaming could make for an intriguing combination. Also the group we have set in the base for now; Henry, Vanessa, Gauche, Grey and Asta. I doubt this fight will last long but just how they are going to face an enemy like this who can throw pretty much all their attacks aside.

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Black Clover Chapter 241 Predictions

I don’t think anyone will die but I expect one or two Bulls to be left in very bad shape. They’ve already said Henry’s low on juice so it’s likely he’ll be the first to falter. Grey is an insanely powerful character with a high mana store so I could see her going the distance compared to the other four. I think Dante won’t kill them as he’s looking for Yami and has no need to. They mention the Captains having a meeting so I think we will next get Dante vs the Captains, which should make for an epic battle.

Black Clover Chapter 241 Release date and where to read :

The series is featured on MangaPlus and chapter 241 should be available on 1 March 2020. Chapter 240 can be found here

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