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Ey up guys. Feels like forever since I last posted. Today is my mum’s birthday so we made her a massive mac’n’cheese with some other stuff which was good but way more filling than we anticipated. This year I’ve been trying to get through more albums, both new releases and older ones I always meant to give a try. As I write this I’m listening to Marilyn Manson’s Holy Wood having blasted Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals earlier today. Anyway back to topic, below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 267 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 266 Discussion:

So the chapter starts with confirmation that Gaja survived the explosion several chapters ago, and is (unsurprisingly) pissed the f**ck off about all of it. He confirms details with Julius then swears to rescue Loropechika whilst Charlotte internally promises similarly about Yami.

We then go to the Bulls hideout where Nacht is explaining the situation to the Bulls, who seem shocked at Nacht’s appearance. I’ll admit I’m surprised even Finral or Vanessa don’t know who he is, but he explains why he was never there; because he hates the Black Bulls. Which is………to the point I guess. Vanessa looks ready to throw a bottle at his head, and he continues that he mostly took the job as Vice Captain purely so he that he could operate how he wanted with as little fuss as possible. Fair enough to be honest.

He then talks about how they may have shown greatness during the Elves attacks but they all have screwed up many times before. What happens next is essentially the biggest roast I’ve read in a while as Nacht rips into each present Bull, and also Magna and Zora who aren’t present (ok but where are they we ain’t seen them since before the timeskip this is getting odd now).

Grey, of all people, speaks up in their defence……before Nacht shoots her down too. Nacht then seems to break the fourth wall with a comment about how when Evil doers do something good, the twist makes them more likeable. And that Nacht hates that twist, to him the best people are those who have never been evil in the first place. OK so that was clearly a shot at almost every shonen redemption arc ever, and I love it. Nacht/Tabata ain’t entirely wrong though, there’s some great ones but there are also a lot of bad ones too. Having finished roasting everyone in sight he departs telling them to essentially pull themselves together and train so they might actually stand a chance of saving Yami.

He pops up in seemingly a random forest, Asta in tow. He then confirms that his magic is indeed Shadow Magic and can teleport using Shadows too. The next page shows the purpose of their location; an old dilapidated house in ruins. When Asta asks whose it is, Nacht says it’s A certain former noble’s. We then see a panel with a family portrait on it, showing one of the family has been covered up or slashed or besmirched. After going into an empty room, Nacht opens a portal throwing them into some kind of dungeon with the pillars filled with skeletons. Because of course there’s skulls in a dungeon.

Nacht then explains they will be performing a Devil Binding Ritual, which will mean Asta making a contract with his devil in order to be able to truly utilise it’s power as he wishes. And also a magical circle is used cos duh. He further explains it’s a forbidden ceremony that usually requires a relic of the Devil to summon them but Asta has none, and as he already has a connection to his demon through his Grimoire and Arm, it is not necessary. So the Anti-Magic Devil is summoned forth, Asta’s arm seems to vanish, the Devil begins to take on the appearance of Demonic Asta, and Nacht tells Asta he must defeat the Anti-Magic Devil.

So that was a lot more than I thought it’d be. Nacht is quickly shooting up the ranks with his no-shit attitude and that roast surely helped him win over more fans. The fact Grey had the guts to speak up in defence of her friends is a big moment for her and is kind of adorable. Nice to see her gain a little more confidence maybe she’ll one day be able to properly talk to Gauche. Just in time for the end of the series probably…….. The fact Nacht said the house belonged to a former noble, made it seem very likely that these Nobles were in fact Nacht and his family.

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To be honest my first thought was Gauche and his family but Nacht makes more sense. Considering the family portrait it raises the question as to who is the family member scratched out. As I’ve seen other suggest, it’s possible Nacht had a twin who died and whose place he took. Given he said that man is dead two or so chapters ago it’s certainly possible he was being literal with that line.

Black Clover Chapter 267 Spoilers & Predictions:

black clover 267

I feel this goes one of two ways. Either next week we’ll see Yuno dealing with the aftermath of the Golden Dawn massacre and we’ll see how he’ll find a way to get stronger. Perhaps some kind of Wind Spirit “Sage Mode?” Or we carry on with Asta and his devil.

If we go with the latter it could be a huge deal. I feel there’s a good chance we get some major lore drops with the Anti-Magic Devil revealing more about himself, what he was doing in Asta’s Grimoire, what he wants both in general and with Asta specifically, and just what Devils actually are in this story. Perhaps some more lore on the Underworld, the dimensions/realms and what else may be out there within the Black Clover-verse. Given Asta’s arm can now seemingly vanish or perhaps change I wonder how this could be used in battle.

I could totally see Asta turning it into a weapon, perhaps like an extra blade, or a whip, a drill or a cannon of sorts that shoots off Anti-Magic. We will likely find out more about what Nacht’s contract with his Devil is as it seems the talismans on his neck are related to how he wields Devil Magic. Come to think of it we may know Nacht’s own Magic but we don’t know his Devil’s yet, just what it could have in relation to the animal faces on the shadow devils that appeared previously is hard to tell though it’s hard not to think of Kakuzu from Naruto and his Ninjutsu. Perhaps it’s similar that somehow he can control/wield the magic of multiple Devils? I dunno there’s a lot of possibilities. The whole battle is giving me Ichigo vs Fused Hollow + Zangetsu battle training and I love it

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Black Clover Chapter 267 Release date:

Black clover manga┬áis featured on MangaPlus and as Tabata is taking a break next week, Chapter 267 should be available on 11 October 2020 and Black clover 267 Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 266 can be found Here. don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 287 & black clover 267

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