What’s up guys? So One Piece dropped an exciting chapter last week that basically set up quite a lot of interesting conflicts for One Piece 988 and beyond. We see Kaido in his full dragon glory all set to battle the Scabbards and the Mink tribe. Fans are speculating as to what will happen in One Piece 988 with many saying that the Marines or even Orochi might make an appearance. Many also speculate that we might lose a bunch of our favorite characters in this arc.

This speculation is supported by a statement given by the editor of OP where in he says that he cried when he saw some of the upcoming chapters. On top of that is the theory that the alliance will fail(because of Kabuki plays’ third acts being tragedies), it’s probably a given that a bunch of characters will die. So here is list compiled(with the help of some YouTube videos and reddit comments) about who could die this arc:


The last thing we see in the latest chapter is Nekomamushi’s wicked smile as the Mink Tribe joins the Scabbards to fight Kaido and are in the process of transforming into their Sulong forms. The Sulong form is extremely powerful and it’s highly improbable that the Minks in this form will be beaten by Kaido but what is probable is that the moon might get blocked(Kaido is implied to have weather controlling powers) or that their Sulong form might not last making it easy for Kaido to attack them. Not only are Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, two of the most prominent Minks in the story,in danger, but the whole tribe is. We may actually see the entire tribe get decimated by Kaido as they’re currently in the frontlines against him.


The Scabbards are also fighting a dragon Kaido along with the Minks. The fact that it’s Kaido himself who’s fighting the group doesn’t bode well for them. Of course, there are strong warriors like Ashura, Denjiro etc. But Kaido has been depicted and referred to as the strongest beast in the world so even these many uber strong warriors might not be enough to beat him.

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And fans speculate that some of the Scabbards will die. Speculations are particular focus on Kinemon after the latest chapter where he gave that heartfelt speech about Luffy as that felt like a huge death flag for him. Kinemon’s death will be rather emotional for readers as well as Luffy and could aid in character development for him.


Rumors are flying in the fandom that none other than Yonko Big Mom might get killed in this arc. She’s currently facing Luffy. Her crew is not around as of now. Fans are speculating that Big Mom might side with Kaido who was an ex crewmate of hers and face the alliance who might kill her along with Kaido.

Now, Big Mom is a Yonko even if she’s not usually treated as such so her death looks a bit improbable right now. But this is Oda and this arc has been the most hyped up arc yet, so anything might go down this arc,how much ever improbable it looks. The other side of this theory speculates that Big Mom will regain her memories, go against Kaido and get killed by him while taking him down.


One Piece 988

Kaido dying is probably given that he’s the big bad of this arc. Even if Luffy doesn’t kill him, he might get killed by one of the Scabbards to make sure that he doesn’t return and terrorize the land. As to how this will happen is a big question because he’s an extremely powerul, undefeatable, unkillable Yonko, often called the strongest one too so it will be interesting to see how he goes down.

Rumors suggest that the scar that Oden gave him years ago could be one of the secrets to beating him. Even though Oden’s very powerful retainers have him surrounded, it doesn’t look like he’s going down anytime soon. We are going to see multiple battles and various other characters join in before he is defeated.

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Fans have been speculating for a long time that Law will die similar to how Ace died now that he’s not particularly contributing much to the story. Law has been a long time collaborator and ally of the Straw Hats. It won’t be improbable that Law will sacrifice himself and revive a character,very probably Luffy using his Ope Ope no Mi that takes away the fruit user’s life. Losing a very close ally would definitely serve as a strong dose of motivation for Luffy to defeat Kaido. Losing a character like Law will also be a big blow for readers.


Yes. None other than the future pirate King and the main character Luffy is speculated to die in this arc. It’s widely speculated that the alliance would fail. The Scabbards and the Minks, even though they’re supremely strong, will probably lose against Kaido. This might cause our heroes to launch a final stand, another battle against Kaido in the mainland where Kaido could very well kill Luffy. Law will interfere and sacrifice himself to bring Luffy back to life.

This will give Luffy even more incentive and more motivation to defeat Kaido. Luffy dying will be a very interesting event as we will get to see the reactions of his crew mates and friends while also serving a whole load of character development for him on a platter.

ONE PIECE 988 Release date:

The next Chapter, One Piece 988 will release on the 23rd of August!
So who do you think will die in this arc and what do you think will happen in One Piece 988? How will the Scabbard-Mink alliance fare against Kaido? What are his true origins? Who all will make surprise appearances? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 281 & Black Clover 261

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