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Hello and welcome! Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Dr Stone 163 and Dr stone chapter 163 raw as well as a recap of the most recent chapter. Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Dr Stone Chapter 163 Discussion (Recap):

Right so Senku has been shot which means chrome has to be the science dude, his time to shine. As a little recap the team has infiltrated that other dudes lair and want to actually get inside it, so Chrome decided the best way is to tunnel through the bottom as the other spaces have pretty tight defences. This means they have to plan out a way to get into the base, which Chroma has planned on via a drill.

As such Hyoga is creating a pit using his spear style which is found to be perfect for vertical digging much to his annoyance. Hyoga is clearing all the earth out of the way so the bedrock is exposed which the drill that Kaseki is forging will be used for.

Taijuu is chosen to deliver the drill and also be the muscle to do the drilling, so he leaves in a car with the drill and rides off on an adventure, but not before picking up one of the spies who he decided were going to trail his car anyway so why not just save them the trouble and give them a lift.

As they’re in the car they have a conversation, where Carlos asks Taijuu is Luna is ok, but Taijuu doesn’t speak english and carlos doesn’t speak japanese so it doesn’t really go very far except Taijuu hearing the word Luna so he tries to get Carlos to understand that Luna is safe as she is taking care of Senku.

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As a bit of a comedy relief we see that Taijuu in fact doesn’t know how to drive a car so he’s literally crashing into everything he could possibly find which makes carlos so annoyed he takes the wheel and literally drives his enemy to his location.

As soon as they arrive they tie carlos up to a tree, which has Ukyo and the rest questioning the logic of bringing him right to the base of their operations instead of just picking them off from a distance as they trail by foot, but it’s Taijuu, so stuff just slides.

We get to see another perspective now, as Carlos watches the team actually working, which is somewhat different to what the reader normall sees which is directly in the action at breakneck speed. Carlos sees some high school aged kids working some serious science, and that reminds us all that Chrome is actually really really smart, probably the third smartest after Senku and nasa guy. Senku is literally dripping with sweat racking his brains to come up with the best possible solution to dig the tunnel, make sure air is getting through so they can breathe, getting the plans are ready in tip top shape, before we get to the final stage, the drill is attached to the ceiling of the tunnel with Taijuu behind, pushing and rotating the drill manually to pierce through the bedrock. Carlos can’t believe his eyes, yet here we are, a couple of high school kids and a caveman, all coming together to make beautiful things happen.

Dr Stone Chapter 163 Spoilers & Predictions:

Next chapter I suppose we will see them actually breaking through the bedrock and getting through the tunnel, they will probably hit a few snags along the way, I don’t believe for a second that Nasa guy has missed out on defences underground to deal with this sort of situation, unless he was too arrogant to forsee someone developing a drill.

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Chrome does still have his work cut out for him, cus the tunnels could collapse, the heat of the tunnel would be pretty dangerous as well so they need to be wary of that. I can kinda see nasa guy having buried a landmine or two as well just for jokes.

When they finally make contact with nasa guy in person i’m willing to bet that he will rush senku over to hs base to give hm proper medical treatment so he will make a fine recovery and they will set up a nice global network of scientists which will restore the earth to how it was, even though I kinda think hyoga had a point that humans just ruined everything and they should probably just stay as statues.

Dr Stone chapter 163 release

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