Dr stone chapter 146 Spoilers, Raw scan, and discussion

Hi guys! Here we go again to discuss Dr. Stone chapter 146 Spoilers, Raw scans release date are given below. Please make sure to catch up if you haven’t already, to avoid spoilers.

Dr stone chapter 145 Discussion (Spoilers) :

Last chapter, we saw Senku go head to head with Ryusi in a game of poker to decide which way they would travel to North America. With the help of Kohaku Senku beat Ryu and Gen which meant they had to travel the more difficult but quicker route just in time to harvest the wild corn they need for rocket fuel.

This chapter, we see a celebration of sorts, with Francios taking the limelight in her new bar. Entertainment is key to this long journey across the Pacific ocean, so Ryu has devised a new way to get cash and keep morale high, a CASINO. That’ll keep the crew happy right?

Back to Senku, Francios needs some ingredients for her to complete her array of drinks, so she needs the help of the chemistry boffin for her to make Gum syrup, with the usual shenanigans occurring, Gen using all sorts of dangerous chemicals like Sulphur and Witherite to produce that delicious mixer. The chemistry continues, adding yogurt and lemon to the mix before finally getting the calpico that Francois needs for the delicious beverages.

Each beverage seems to be a representation of the characters, Suikas “two side sunshine” reflecting her bright personality Tsukasas “grenadine and tonic” showing his purity and bittersweet personality, Kohakus “Piquant Cinderalla” being a vibrant fruity and spicy character, Gens “spicy cola” a bit too hot to handle and finally Senkus “three-layer tea latter”, showing off the culmination of science, yet when mixed, a seemingly sweet and delicious cocktail, much like Senku himself. But naturally, as everyone is a minor in the story, there isn’t a drop of alcohol involved.

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Dr stone chapter 146 Predictions :

A bit hard to really predict what will happen as the boat journey doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon (berserk PTSD strikes again), but a more serious tone usually follows after a lighthearted chapter, possibly braving the weather of a storm ocean seems pretty typical of an ocean cruise, or perhaps a dive in the corals to get fresh food. Senku and Ryu will no doubt be making preparations for what may come once they reach the North American continent.

Dr stone chapter 146 Raw Scans and release date :

Dr Stone 146 should release on 5th April 2020, running on a weekly schedule, so we should expect the new chapter next Sunday. Please stay tuned to our website to see the latest information regarding releases and reviews. [Update] Dr. Stone chapter 146 is out. Read it here.

You can catch the latest chapters on VIZ the official platform via Mangaplus website. The raws are out a couple of days before the translations. Please consider supporting the mangaka’s and publishers by reading on official sites and buying volumes so we can continue to enjoy the great content.

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