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Ey up guys, Here we go again to discuss Black clover chapter 246 Spoilers Raw scan release date are given below. please be aware that the post contains some spoilers about the last chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 245 Discussion:

Black clover chapter 245 starts with Yami saving everyone from Dante. Asta looks almost comedically defeated, Dante looks viciously gleeful and Yami looks pissed off. It seems Dante’s Gravity Magic can affect even Finral’s spatial magic, and apparently Yami can now fly? Just what kind of training did you get up to Yami………He goes even further and erases Dante’s magic in the immediate area with a new AOE spell, Black Moon. Dante and Yami then proceed to duel, seemingly fairly evenly matched. Just how much Dante knows about Yami is unclear, except that he’s obviously done his research anyway. We get an explanation as to how Yami’s magic can affect Demons, as it seems to be somewhat linked to the Demon Realm, the Underworld. When Dante tries to push further, Yami slices him across the gut.

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Black clover chapter 246

I liked this chapter, it was interesting to see just what Yami was capable of now post time-skip, and how much better he fares against Dante compared to the rest of his Squad. The mention of the Underworld again makes me believe this Demon Saga will end up going to the Underworld at some point. Dante seems intent on taking the Arcane Stage Mages to serve his own needs. My guess is somehow these Mages could be a key to entering the Underworld, or breaking the barriers between the realms in some way. Given the Nordic influences throughout the series run, it could very easily be some version of Hell, perhaps even called Helheim, Hel, Niflheim or Niflhel amongst other possible names. If this is the case, perhaps the final boss of the Demon Saga will be some interpretation of Hel Queen of the Dead (Most will be familiar via Hela from Marvel’s Thor, who is loosely based upon the Norse Goddess). Just what Yami’s link to the Underworld is remains unclear, though I wonder if he has Demon blood in him. We know nothing of his homeland beyond it being this world’s insert for Japan and he hasn’t been back since getting swept out to sea whilst fishing and washing ashore in the Clover Kingdom. Heck knowing Yami he could very well be a descendant of Hel if she does exists in this world, in a way it would feel somewhat fitting for him.

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Black Clover Chapter 246 Predictions

Given how the Golden Dawn and William faired against Zeno, I think Yami will eventually lose. Yet it doesn’t seem to be portrayed the same as the Zeno fight, we never saw most of it, only that William got his ass handed to him. So just how Yami will lose, and how badly, is still somewhat of a mystery. It won’t be as one-sided as Zeno vs William that’s for sure, but it will still likely be Dante’s victory I feel. I’d be happy to be wrong but I’m more inclined to think Yami loses this one. When (or if) he does, the rest of the present Black Bulls are being taken back to the Spade Kingdom, except probably Finral, Henry and Gauche. Finral may end up with a gaping hole in him like Gauche did, though I doubt he’d be straight up killed off. Seeing as Yami’s pets are technically canon, even though their recent origin episode is not, I wonder if maybe they’ll pop up to try to save Yami or the Bulls, unlikely as that is I would not complain if that were the case.

Black Clover 246 Raw and where to read online:

The series is featured on MangaPlus and chapter 246 should be available on 5 April 2020, Black clover 246 Raw will be out 2-3 days before. the chapter is out and can be found here

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