One Piece 989: Is This Kaido’s real ability?

What’s up guys? So we saw the battle heating up in One Piece 988 with various minor battles being set up in the chapter. We see Luffy and the Straw Hats face big mom while the Samurais and the Mink tribe are set to go against Kaido who’s in his dragon form. As we wait longer than usual this time for One Piece 989 to come out, let’s talk about an important  fact considering Kaido, the true power of his fruit! Do make sure that you’ve  caught up with the manga because this post will contain spoilers for the latest chapters of the manga!

One Piece Chapter 989 Discussion:

Kaido is one of the four yonkos and an immensely strong and cruel pirate king. He’s said to be capable of stopping Blackbeard and has a bounty surpassed only by Whitebeard and GolDRoger. He’s  known for his extreme durability and battle prowess having said to have lost only seven battles in his entire lifetime. So immense is his durability that he was said to be unkilllable because he’s  survived executions atleast 40 times especially after having been captured by groups like the Marines and the Emperors.

So here arises the very famous theory that his durability  and his being unkillable are all abilities he got from the rumored consumption of a Zoan Devil fruit. A very interesting new theory(from reddit user Straw Hat Jedi) is that his durability is nothing more than extreme good luck bestowed upon him by the fruit.


If we look at Kaido’s history, it’s obvious that he’s  been defeated a bunch of times. And even  with his legendary unsurpassed durability, he was shown to be injured atleast two times. Kozuki Oden even managed to inflict a rather grievous wound on him. But what he really excels at is not being killed.

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He’s  survived  numerous executions and suicide attempts  mainly because  of the apparatus breaking. And the one time Oden was almost about to kill him, he’s again saved by Higurashi’s ploy. So basically , what’s  happening here is that whatever battle or adverse situation Kaido finds himself in, he’s  always dealt a fortunate hand by fate which in turn results in him escaping death.

One Piece 989

This, according  to reddit user Straw Hat Jedi is a special power of his Zoan fruit. The user also states that the mythical  Zoan fruits offer more than just mere transformative  powers citing Marco’s restorative, healing fĺames of the Phoenix as an example.

The user says that Eastern Chinese dragons, in real folklore are usually  motifs of luck which might be reflected  in Kaido’s abilites. The user also goes on to explain that Momo who has a special artificial Zoan fruit also transforms into a dragon and hence  might have similar good luck as that of Kaido.

Momo’s discovery  by Luffy and his last minute save from  execution due to the arrival of the Scabbards are all cited as this ability working. The theory  also further states  that due to the similar ability, Momo is the eventual answer to Kaido’s defeat. The alliance might fail now and the battle could eventually  move to the main land where Luffy, who has his own wonderful  luck will face  Kaido. Maybe Luffy’s luck combined with Momo’s will finally be enough to overcome  Kaido’s and ultimately  kill him. The user also wonderfully mentions how the friendship that Luffy and Momo share is similar to Roger’s and Oden’s. Momo being the main factor in defeating his father’s killer would also be the most fitting achievement for Oden’s true heir.


So what we have now are battles all over. Kaido and the Minks outside and the Straw Hats and the others inside. It will be interesting  to see how the Minks and the Samurais fare against Kaido and how Luffy fares against yonko Big Mom. There are speculations  that other external  forces like the Marines  might interfere and that even the likes of Blackbeard might appear.

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With Blackbeard arriving, even Shanks might arrive to maintain balance. So it could be Yonko battle royal out there. As of now, One Piece 989 will most likely  see the battle between the Minks and Dragon Kaido progress followed by the Samurais in action. Unexpected  events like Big Mom changing  loyalties  or abandoning  Kaido might also occur in this one hell of a chaotic arc climax.

One Piece Chapter 989 Release date:

One Piece 989 will release on the 6th of September.
So guys what do you think of this theory? And what do you think  will happen in One Piece 989? Will Luffy be able to defeat Big Mom? Will Kaido destroy the Minks and the Scabbards? How will he be finally defeated? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 283 & Black clover 263

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