One Piece Chapter 975 Spoilers, Predictions Raw and Read Online?

Hey One Piece fan, quite the exciting chapter dropped this week revealing quite a bit of information.  If you aren’t up to date with the series and would like to avoid spoilers feel free to stop reading now, a link will be provided for readers at the end of the page to read the manga. This discussion will cover spoilers, predictions and a source to read the latest chapter.

One Piece Chapter 974 Discussion :

As we previously predicted, Kinemon and the other scabbards decided to mount an attack at Kaido by themselves since the reinforcements failed to show, following this as previously suspected Kanjuro has finally been revealed to be the traitor all along. And on an interesting side note is that he was able to draw well all along.

one piece chapter 975

Kaido’s crew ambushed Kinemon and crew but before they could do anything, Luffy, Kidd and Law come to their rescue attacking Kaido’s ships.

An interesting fact to note, how in the New World almost every major crew seem to have traitors among them, Kaido’s crew has X Drake from the worst generation, Orochi has Denjiro, Kinemon has Kanjuro, Kidd was betrayed by Apoo, Big mom had Jinbei and so on. This seems to be a running theme in the New world, traitors and betrayals.

One Piece chapter 975 Predictions :

After the current battle resolves, all obstacles will be gone and all that will remain is for Kinemon and the alliance to re-assemble and launch their attack on Kaido and Orochi to liberate Wano.

one piece chapter 975

The direction the story is going we might be able to witness a combined effort of Kidd, Law and Luffy the 3 strongest of the Worst Generation tag team in a fight vs Kaidou and bring him down. However, it is important to remember that Big Mom is still allied with Kaidou and is currently is Wano and she has yet to reveal her hand yet.

One Piece Chapter 975 release date and where to read:

The next chapter will be released on March 22 and will be featured on Mangaplus. Meanwhile, you can Read chapter 974 here.

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