Black Clover Chapter 244 Spoilers, Raw and Read Online?

Ey up guys, we’ve just got chapter 243, so here is what we think about it and all you need to know about Black clover chapter 244 Spoilers, Prediction, and release date.

Black Clover Chapter 243 Discussion:

So we continue where we left off from last time with the fight escalating. Now Asta has been even more consumed by his devil and has gone full berserker rage mode ala Vasto Lorde Ichigo, 4-Tails-and-above Naruto, Super Saiyan Goku……you get the picture. Dante takes some lead from the Big 3 here in making multiple meteor targets for Asta to rage his way through (see Madara, Gremmy and Fujitora for reference there). Gauche seems on the brink of death, Grey on the brink of a mental breakdown and Vanessa well beyond the brink of needing a pint. Dante starts to talk with his demon, revealed to be Lucifero. So clearly he’s a big deal in the Demon World if he’s named after Satan himself. We even find out the name of the Word Magic Devil, something we never expected to learn; Zagred. And more confusion is added in the fact that even the Demons don’t know who Asta’s Anti-Magic Devil is. It causes Dante to underestimate them even still and pays for it with a slice across the face.

I don’t think Gauche will die, we’ve seen people get holes blasted through them and survive before in this series. But Tabata is certainly cutting it close, with it being a point that there are no healers around to help and no-one can do anything. I like Grey, I think she’s sweet and interesting, with clearly a lot of potential being hinted at prior. If this allows her to pass her limits and use her Magic to heal Gauche that’d be cool. Gauche is probably my least favorite Black Bull but I don’t want him to die. Mostly cos the 3G dynamic (Gauche, Gordon and Grey) is great and I want to keep that around. Also, I don’t care for fridging and doing this to Gauche just to push Grey is a tad cheap. But as I said I like Grey and hope this arc brings something new for her, plus it’s been somewhat hinted at that her and Gauche are an item so if that continues I’d like to see where it goes. But if Gauche does die, I don’t think I’m ready for Marie’s reaction, that’ll be heartbreaking. This chapter also seems to set up the Demon Realm even more, with Lucifero referencing “The Underworld,” which I kind of suspect could be where this entire Saga eventually ends, with a showdown in the Underworld. don’t forget to read our latest posts : One piece 975 and Kingdom 635

Black Clover Chapter 244

Black Clover Chapter 244 Predictions

I know I said it last week, but I think this time we will actually see Gauche either pull-through or die. However, he survives we will now know. Also, Henry is somewhere in the Black Bulls Base too, so maybe he’ll get some more screentime, and perhaps help out in some way. I really hope Grey gets something to do, it feels like she may be about to get in the action or just completely break down, depending on Gauche’s fate. Asta used Ki to detect Dante and land a hit on him, and now Dante’s annoyed. I think now he’s really not going to hold back, and things could get even more brutal for the Bulls. He won’t kill Asta, but worst-case scenario? Asta is beaten to a bloody pulp, the base is wrecked, Gauche is dead, Vanessa kidnaped and Grey a complete mess. I don’t think it’ll end quite that badly but I don’t see this battle ending well for the Bulls whatever the outcome may be.

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Black Clover Chapter 244 Release date and where to read online:

The series is featured on MangaPlus and chapter 244 should be available on 22 March 2020, Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 243 can be found here.

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