Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 286 Spoilers, Bnha 286 Raw

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My Hero Academia 285 Discussion:

Chapter kicks off with Deku flashback, if he uses his arms in one of his suicidal attacks again he could permanently damage them, and then after this flashback he immediately wrecks shiggi with some punches and swinging him around like a ragdoll using his blackwhip, he’s already gone past the limit of 2-3 punches at full power with his arms, now he’s just going in on an adrenaline rush to beat the thing out of shigi, no holding back, we see him just spamming the full power punch combos he has in succession on shigi who is now very much on his last legs, his healing ability cannot heal him faster than the damage his body is accumulating so he tried to do something, but deku just swats him again.

We see how deku is actually whipping shigi around now using his legs to stay up whilst whipping shigi and then using his legs again to negate the ship motions force which is all very complicated to do apparently so deku needs help otherwise he’s gonna turn into a bag of jelly and have his power stolen from him ending up a quirkless cripple.

In a moment of joy for dekuxbakugo shippers, Bakugo shows concern for his punching bag, mainly that someone else is punching it and decides to step in and stop this nonsense, how dare someone other than him punch the bag? And how long before the punching bag becomes his pillow instead?

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Bakugo, endeavour and Todoroki make a plan which is basically just bakugo screaming at them to get his body pillow back, I mean save Deku, using Endeavours prominence burst as as finishing move, todoroki to cool his dad enough for him to use the attack and bakugo to get them both up to where shigi is. This three man mission to save bakugos waifu shoots up into the sky, with Endeavour poised to bbq shigi again.

Bakugo has a meanigless flashback abotu some random stuff involving deku, further emboldening the fujoshis and pivix creators to create some BL that should never exist (rip uraka or whatever your name is), Endevaour grabs shiggy blah blah burns him to a crisp, but not before AFO comes back into his mind telling him to give his body over to him, which shigi does cus he’s useless and can’t beat some school kids with the ultimate quirk in existence.

After whatever the posession occurs and AFO takes over he stabs Endeavour with some spikes and then takes aim at Deku, time to end it all, the big finale, rip deku after all that hard work you’ve done, i’m sure life as a quirkless cripple won’t be too bad, you can become a soba salesman or something, hook up with momo after guilt tripping her about not taking down Giga and roll in the cash whilst boinking ururaka on the side, a nice calming and relaxing life awaits….

….but then something horrific happens, dekus final dream of having a relaxing life and a life of luxury is horrifically ripped away from him by his bully, bakugo in one last act of total jumps in front of the the spikes and takes the hit for Deku (is this supposed to be character development?????) which basically now makes deku his girl for life, well played. you secured your little waifu to tend to you forever now, and we can pretend you were a hero instead of a narcissistic that rags on weaker people, an insecure little suddenly becomes the martyr? Gimme a break.

My Hero Academia 286 Spoilers & Predictions:

Well Bakugo got stabbed, is he gonna die? Big doubt, does he has deku fawning over him for the rest of his life? Oh yeah big daddy bakugo got his girl all settled now.

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As for the actual fight, OFA has hijacked Shigis body somehow, whether that’s actually the real OFA or just a remnant like Deku has inside him of all the previous wielders is something else to consider but for now OFA has Shigi and is gonna take the fight to the heroes who are already like seriously so many saves shgi has had now how the hell are the heroes gonna beat him? Is OFAs little brother going to jump out of deku and we’re going to have the battle of the siblings?

Is this a naruto-sasuke type thing where the cycle of hatred goes on and on except OFA forgot to pass his quirk down till now so the generational hatred is just him trying to get back the quirk he gave to his brother like a moron one day when his brother didn’t want it, imagine actually listening to your brother and you’d be king of the world, but no you didn’t and now you have to hijack a retards body just totry and have another go at life.

Well idk what’s gona happen next this arc is just ongoing, just gonna become a slugfest and maybe ofa and afo just end up killing each other right here and now ending the entire saga.

My Hero Academia chapter 286 release date:

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