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My Hero Academia 281 Discussion:

This chapters focus is entirely on Shigis side, with him continuing on with his monologue how the hero society had personally failed him, Shigis trauma stemming from his fathers harsh rejection of the hero society, when Shigi needed help after the events of his families demise due to his quirk misfiring, nobody aided the young boy, scared, alone, confused, the people depended on the heroes and the heroes depended on public affection to carry on with their jobs, creating a cycle of moral/ethical degradation, one where the ideals of becoming a hero are muddled with the fame and celebrity lifestyle, which directly relates to Stains on views on how the heroes of today are not worthy of carrying the mantle of hero.

Whilst Shigi is explaining the reasons for him wanting to demolish the current system, endeavour has managed to cool down enough that he can get back into the fight, but he is still very close to his limit, meaning he is sorely missing firepower, and thus meaning that Gran Torino has to get involved to try and stop Shigi from launching an attack on him, however Torino is clearly caught out by how much power Shigi actually does have left in this state, as Shigi proceeds to presumably crush his foot and smash him straight into the ground. I don’t really see Torino coming back from that at his age, and as this happens, Torino recalls on the events that led to Shigi becoming the way he was.

We see the way Nana leaves her son to the orphanage, the way both mother and child are ripping themselves apart from the separation, the words “you heroes hurt your own families just to protect random strangers” a sort of family motto for Shigis creed, and how as a result off that pain Shigi became the monster that the hero system is supposed to protect against. Gran Torino is probably never coming back from this crippling attack, and he will spend the rest of his days wondering and regretting the actions Shimura decided to take to ensure AFO couldn’t use her son against her, but instead AFO ended up doing something much worse, he made her grandson become his heir, destroying the legacy she wanted to preserve, killing the system she was once the face of.

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Shigi launches himself now in an act of desperation towards Eraserhead, with all the other heroes depleted now is his once chance to get rid of Eraserhead and get back to full power which would inevitably spell the demise of the heroes. Ryuku somehow makes it to the scene and stops Shigi from just bodyslamming Eraserhead to death, the deku grabs hold of his body with his black whip to try and bind him for long enough so that Endeavour can get in the finishing blow but whilst all this happening Shigi has still got one last ace up his sleeve, the quirk erasing bullet he stole Chiaski. Shigi manages to make a hole in Ryukus hand, and will be aiming to fire the bullet at eraserhead, which will mean he is back to full power.

My Hero Academia 282 Spoilers & Predictions:

So Shigi is on his last stand really, will he be able to fire the quirk erasing bullet at Eraserhead to get free from his situation? Or will someone jump in and save the day and sacrifice their own quirk for Eraserhead to keep applying the pressure on Shigi.

This is quite hard to predict to be honest, like if Shigi does get free how does someone defeat a behemoth like him? Literally only All Might in his prime can take on Shigi in his current form, but All Might is long gone, Deku isn’t mature enough yet, Endeavour clearly doesn’t have the firepower required to defeat Shigis doped up body, there literally aren’t really any other heroes around to support them and even if there were I can’t really see anyone who could really help out in this situation.

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But the main take away from this will be who will take the bullet for eraserhead. I honestly just don’t see eraserhead getting his quirk erased (the irony) because that would mean that Shigi doesn’t really have a way to be defeated unless he literally just has to power down and that would just be a kinda asspull type of let off cus Horishiki doesn’t actually have a way for the heroes to win, which is the side effect of the insane power creep that randomly appeared.

But anyway I think someone will jump in the way of the bullet, probably Gran Torino in a “I’m dying so i’ll take the bullet for you and cement my heroic status with the sacrifice” kind of way which would mean Eraserhead keeps his quirk and Shgi gets put away, but I have no idea where the story goes from here. If Shigi is defeated like who can come into the story to challenge Deku in a way that is more challenging that Shigi?

My hero Academia Chapter 282 Raw and release date:

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