[Delayed] One Piece 978 Raw, One Piece chapter 978 Spoilers and Release date

Hey Guys! We’re back again this week to rant about the crazy developments that happened in the recent chapter and discuss one Piece 978. As usual, if you aren’t up to date with the manga series and would like to avoid spoilers feel free to stop reading now, a link will be provided for readers at the end of the page to read the manga. This discussion will cover spoilers, predictions and a source to read the latest chapter.

One Piece Chapter 977 Discussion :

One Piece chapter 977 revealed quite a bit of interesting information to us and some further developments. We start out where the last chapter left off with Jinbei officially joining the Straw Hat’s crew. The crew is seen greatly excited at Jinbei’s return, they proceed to look for alcohol to make a toast to celebrate Jinbei joining The Straw Hats and to start a party. Zoro smells alcohol and the crew follows this scent leading them to the Tori gate which they take over and defeat the guardians easily. However just as they’re about to make a toast, Luffy insists that they should hold a party with everyone only after they defeat the Yonkou. Luffy and Kidd’s crews then both start off in a race to take the heads of the emperors for themselves.

one piece chapter 978

Meanwhile, Law, Kinemon and the others begin to discuss the “real” plan of attack on the enemy, their ploy being that since Law, Luffy, Kidd and the Red Scabbards are high priority targets, they’ll likely be the focus of the enemy. The will use Kidd and Luffy’s frontal assault as a diversion and using Law’s submarine and his Devil fruit ability then sneak the rest of them through the back of the island to pass the mountains.

Lastly, One Piece chapter 977 ends on a pretty big reveal which is that Kaido has a son who is currently not present at the banquet. There’s also a brief mention of Big Mom changing into a kimono so that might be a sight to see in the upcoming chapters. The chapter then ends when all 6 of the Tobi Roppo/Flying Six have returned.

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One Piece chapter 978 Predictions :

in terms of One Piece chapter 978, With the Tori gate conquered the assault on Onigashima has begun, it’s apparent given that the guards at the Tori gate were drinking and having a party that nobody on the enemy’s side be it Orochi or Kaidou is expecting the assault since they expected the ships to have been sunk and the bridges burnt. Right now they will have the element of surprise in one piece 978 and will likely be crashing into more enemies who are in the midst of celebrating the Fire festival. The real battle will likely begin a few chapters down the line as enemy commanders start catching wind of the raid and are deployed, the “Tobi Roppo” likely being part of them. There’s too little information on the full structure and crew of the Beast pirates and Orochi’s army to guess who will be fighting who as of yet though narrative-wise we can guess that at the very least Nekomamushi and Inurashi will be the ones to fight Jack and avenge Zou for what he did before, this time fighting together and beating him.

Additionally the subordinate crews under Kaidou such as the “On Air Pirates” lead by Apoo, the “Hawkins Pirates” lead by Basil Hawkins are still allied with Kaidou as of this moment. However given how previously in the fight against Big Mom how both subordinate crews the Sun Pirates led by Jinbei and the Fire Tank Pirates led by Capone Bege both betrayed her and joined forces with Luffy, it would be a surprise if we saw something similar occur again. After all they are all fellow members of the Worst Generation, Drake is a marine undercover as a pirate, Apoo and Hawkins were both previously trying to beat Kaidou alongside Kidd before being defeated. As it stands they all have plenty of motivation to change sides if given the opportunity.

It is important to remember that among the Flying Six whose identities we already know there are X drake and Page One both of which happen to have Ancient Zoan Devil fruits. Given the fact that Jack, Queen and King also have ancient Zoan type devil fruits it is likely the remaining 4 members will also have abilities similar to that in One Piece 978

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A minor note to add, with the addition of Jinbei as the helmsman, people are speculating that Carrot would be their next member to join as a lookout which is very likely given their relationship and past together.

One Piece Chapter 978 Release date and where to read:

One Piece Chapter 978 will be delayed and can only be available on Sunday, April 26, 2020 and you can read the chapter at Viz.com. However, the raw scans for the manga will be leaked online 2-3 days prior to the internet around April 23 and fans will start discussing the spoilers of One Piece 978 over Reddit and other social media platforms. until that date feel free to check our latest posts: Kimetsu no Yaiba 203 & My hero academia 269

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