Gleipnir Episode 4 Release Date, Predictions and where to watch

Shuiichi seems like an average student on the outside, with friends and decent school life. But in underneath that he is just bearing the fact he is not what everyone would consider human. On one unfortunate night, he saves a mysterious girl from a burning warehouse using his monstrous powers. Tho later the same girl, named Claire, will blackmail him into her dangerous purposes and goals otherwise his true form will be revealed to everyone. Now both of them will face a different side of their ordinary life which she underestimated and him did not even knew existed.

From Sun Takeda’s manga, Pine Jam sharpens this spring into a cutting state by serving the edge on the table. Under the direction of Kazuhiro Yoneda (Yona of the dawn) and Ryohuei Sataka (Release the spice) in the soundtrack.

Gleipnir Episodes 1-3 Recap (Spoilers) :

Despite it’s content which can scare away the very casual viewer. Gleipnir presentation so far has been surprisingly above average with a consideration on the details that people who are not into this kind of show wished their favorites could had. The fights so far have been like a visual theme park. In episode two seeing how each hit was more brutal than the previous one and episode three how definitely every transformation is not the same but receive the attention in it’s animation as like as the others was a really nice surprise.

The story until now has introduced how Claire managed to blackmail Shuiichi’s powers into her services. However, it does not take longer before an enemy appears, a tomboy who also has non-human powers like Shuiichi but the skills are totally diferent. With Claire mysterious coin on the table, both of them must fight the tomboy, but the power difference between Claire and tomboy is obviously abysmal and Shuiichi’s monster form can face her but is against his morals. Desperate seeking solution Claire finds out Shuiichi’s monster form can be used as a “costume”as well so she decides to “wear” him and all the powers he has in order to defeat the enemy, which both achieve despite the difference in attitude.

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Afterwards, Claire reveals she is looking for her sister, Elena, who is sure is the murder of her parents and that also has monstrous powers. So Shuiichi agrees to join her since he believes it may get answers about why he has such powers.
And so, after some time they find her, but is not like Shuiichi pictured her…until Elena apologize to him for giving him those powers but later rips off his head in an act of jealousy after hearing a female voice coming inside of him…that voice being Claire unknown to Elena.

Gleipnir Episode 4 and what to expect:

First, obviously the resolution of the cliffhanger, has Shuiichi survived? What will happened with Claire now?

Also I expect the story to flesh more the connection between Elena and Shuiichi also what the guy from the dispenser role will be on the story besides being an alien wish-giver in the lore and if the coins are really coins.

Gleipnir Episode 4 Release date and Where to watch:

Gleipnir is currently streaming on Funimation and AnimeLab and the fourth episode will drop this Sunday 26th (UMT –5).

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