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What’s up guys? One Piece has come out with another action packed chapter with various developments taking place at different parts of Onigashima as the battle atop the dome continues. Read on to find out what happened this chapter and what might happen in One Piece 997 but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid getting spoiled by this post!!

One Piece 996 Discussion:

Nami and Usopp are saved by Tama and Komachiyo from Ulti and Page One. Tama tells Nami that she snuck aboard an enemy ship to arrive there. Ulti and Page One chase them but are stopped by Hihimaru who arrives to stop them from pursuing them. Nami worries about Hihimaru but Tama assures her that he’s strong enough to handle Ulti and Page One.

Yamato meanwhile is facing Sasaki as they protect Momo and Shinobu from the troops. Yamato does manage to keep the troops away and blast away quite a few of them which annoys Sasaki. Yamato does become exhausted and is at their limits. Shinobu notices and tells them to escape with Momonosuke to which Yamato disagrees as they think that Oden would never do that.

Sasaki is angry and calls Shinobu and Momo deadweights which makes Yamato angry. We see them initiating a transformation with fangs erupting but this is interrupted by the appearance of Franky who’s being chased by Hatcha. Hatcha makes a hole in the floor which helps Yamato escape with Momo and Shinobu after attacking Hatcha. Franky promises to take care of Sasaki.

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Elsewhere Law is looking for Poneglyphs inside and thinks about the conversations he had with Robin about the D name. Robin is very interested in the name but Luffy isn’t. Law wants to learn more about it and is disappointed when he finds out that the Poneglyph he finds isn’t red. Meanwhile Kid and Killer are collecting weapons to attack Kaido with and are heading towards the dome. Atop the dome we see Kaido taking down the Scabbards as Luffy Jinbe and Sanji are at the second floor. As they move on upwards, Sanji reacts to a seductive voice seemingly that of Black Maria’s!

ONE PIECE 997 Manga spoilers & Predictions:

We nearly saw Yamato transform in this chapter but we may see their full transformation in One Piece 997 as they might get attacked by Sasaki’s forces. We see Yamato use Busoshoku Haki in this chapter and It will be interesting to see more of their abilities unfurl in the later chapters.

Many fans are speculating that the transformation could be anything from a dragon like their father Kaido’s to a White Tiger subscribing to Japanese mythology.Law’s interests regarding the Poneglyphs and the name with D are, according to fans, signs that he will betray Luffy in the future sometime.

There are various theories about how Law is a traitor, is part of the Marines etc so he is another interesting character in the One Piece lore who could be an ally turning into an enemy. Many people also theorize that Shanks might also turn into an enemy later.

We see Kaido overwhelming the Scabbards atop the dome. We could see some of them dropping dead soon too. This chapter was basically setting up a meet up atop the dome. We see Luffy and Jjnbe going up. Sanji is slightly distracted so he may not join the other two but might fight King instead when he runs off to Black Maria. We see Kid and Killer planning to go atop the dome. We might also see Law heading up too. Maybe all of them will arrive to witness the samurais all dead? Oda might be setting up something awesome for One Piece 1000!

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One Piece chapter 997 release date:

One Piece 997 will release on the 29th of November!! So what did you think of this chapter and what might happen in One Piece 997? Will we see Yamato transform? Will Kaido beat the samurais? Will Sanji get distracted this time too? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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