One Piece 996 Spoilers, one piece chapter 996 Raw scans [updated]

What’s up guys? So this week sees another battle heavy One Piece chapter with various minor battles being focused upon as we move onto One Piece 996. Read on to find out what happened in this chapter and what might happen in One Piece 996 but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid spoilers in this post!!

One Piece 995 Discussion:

The chapter starts with Marco and Big Mom clashing. Marco injures Prometheus and says that he’s not really sure what role he has to play in the war as Big Mom holds him by the neck for Perospero to attack him with a candy arrow. Perospero mocks Marco and is about to attack when Carrot and Wanda attack and injure him in their Sulong forms. Carrot mentions to Wanda that Perospero is the one responsible for Pedro’s death. Meanwhile, Big Mom leaves to Performance floor stating a lack of time. Marco is about to go after her when he notices someone turn into an Oni. Inside the dome we see Apoo being chased by people for the antidote.

He refuses to give the antidote to his subordinates stating the threat from Queen. We see Zoro attack him along with Drake. Zoro makes it clear to him that he wants to go help Kinemon and Apoo is simply delaying it while Drake, who’s truning into an Oni tells him that he never liked him.

Queen meanwhile is angry that Drake betrayed them as he looks at posters of Zoro and Sanji and makes note of Sanji as Judge’s son. Elsewhere Chopper explains to Brook that Brook is not turning into an Oni since he doesn’t have warm skin, flesh and bones. Chopper also thinks about how the drug might be working as Robin tells him that he’s also turning into an Oni.

Further, we see Usopp and Ulti clashing. Usopp uses his Midori Boshi Devil to attack her but Ulti manages to get out, head butt Usopp and basically crack his skull. We see a beat up Nami lying there. Ulti picks her up and threatens her life. Nami begs for life and tells Ulti to spare her. When Ulti asks her to belittle Luffy by proclaiming hat he will never become the pirate king, she refuses to do it even after Usopp tells her to do so to save her life, instead saying that Luffy will never give up on his dream. Just as Ulti is about to attack her with a head butt, Ulti is bitten by Komachiyo with Tama alongside.

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From what we saw of this chapter, we’ll probably see Marco head off into the Performance Floor and end up helping Chopper with the antidotes for the Oni disease. Even without the antidote, his phoenix flames could be a probable cure for the Oni problem. There’s also the possibility that Queen has the original antidote and Apoo has been given a fake one to mock everyone there.

This chapter hasn’t really focused on the two pivotal battles taking place at the other parts. We don’t get to see the battle between Yamato and Sasaki’s forces as she is in the process of protecting Momo and Shinobu from them. We also don’t see the battle between Kaido and the samurai, the most important battle taking place right now. As we’ve seen the samurai are going all out against Kaido who has transformed back into his human form to take them on.

He had previously cut of Kikunojo’s arm. The samurai have made it clear that they don’t mind dying if they get to defeat Kaido. Luffy, Sanji and Jinbe are in the process of heading up to the top of the dome right now.

ONE PIECE chapter 996 Theories:

What’s up guys? So this week we saw battles move forward in the Wano Arc of One Piece. The manga is set to reach 1000 chapters in the coming few weeks and Oda is working non stop to reach the goal. Fans speculate that there will be something very important and maybe even shocking waiting for us in One Piece 1000. As we inch closer to One Piece 1000 from One Piece 996, let’s talk about some of the biggest mysteries yet to be solved in the series.

1.Is Kaido really a Poneglyph?

Or is he from a dragon race? How is he immortal? This is a very famous theory that still circulates among the fandom. We know that Kaido is indestructible. He was attacked numerous times. He was set for execution numerous times and he even tried to commit suicide numerous other times. But he never died and hence became known as indestructible. What else is famously indestructible in the story? The Poneglyphs . They are said to be impervious to damage.

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And who made these Poneglyphs? The Kozuki clan. Is it coincidental that the only known person to wound Kaido was a Kozuki? There are also speculations that Kaido is not human and is in reality from a dragon race. This is mainly because of his horns. Fans have also noted that his child Yamato also has horns like those of her father which gives strength to this theory.


Shanks is like Kakkashi to Luffy. Luffy is inspired by him and idolizes him. Shanks is an infamous pirate and is also one of the Yonkos. However his origins are shrouded in mystery. He’s extremely powerful and can singlehandedly stop wars. He’s also indicated to have quite a bit of influence with the Gorosei. They tell him that politics is not for him indicating that he may be above the law? This made readers speculate that Shanks could indeed be a Celestial Dragon or atlleast be of that lineage. There are theories also floating around that Shanks is in fact a son of Rocks and a Celestial Dragon and may eventually be an enemy to Luffy in the future.

3. Who is Luffy’s mother?

Now this is something that is a typical anime trope where one or both parents of a manga’s main character are usually absent. This is usually for character development and is left as it is. We never meet Yusuke’s dad. We never see Gon’s mother. Even now we have never even seen Deku’s dad even once. Same is the case with Luffy’s mom. Who is she? What are her origins? And this has caused quite a lot of theories to come up with various theories of her being a Celestial Dragon to her being Crocodile. Well, only Oda can answer this which is a plot point with huge potential.

4. What happened during the Void century and Joy Boy.

One of the biggest mysteries in the series is the Void Century. 100 years of missing history. What happened to this history? Why is it hidden? What is the Uranus? And who is the mysterious Joy Boy who knows about the Ancient Kingdom and the War? And what is the meaning of his future reappearance? Does that mean rebirth? Is one of the characters we know Joy Boy? The closer we get to the void century, the more mysterious everything gets.

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5. Who is Imu Sama?

The most mysterious figure in the One Piece lore is this red eyed ruler of the world. The figure who stands at the top of the world and to whom the World Nobles bend their knees, Imu sama is also said to be the One Piece final villain. We unfortunately know nothing about this person. We don’t even know what gender they are or what they look like. The only information about this person is that they occupy the Empty throne in secret. It’s also shown that Imu has taken an ominous interest in Luffy.


Here are some of the latest One Piece 996 spoilers! Fun fact: No break next week!

  • Tama and Komachiyo take Usopp and Nami. Nami asks Tama how she came here, Tama replies “In anenemy ship”.
  • Yamato Vs. Sasaki. Yamato is transforming into something like a dragon (picture 1).
  • – Franky Shougun arrives with Hatcha. –
  • The floor is destroyed, so Yamato is able to escape with Momonosuke and Shinobu.
  • – Law finds the road poneglyph in the basement. He recalls mentioning being a part of the D clan to Robin and how he’ll find the poneglyph.
  • – Kaido Vs. Red Scabbards .
  • – Luffy, Jinbe and Sanji are in 2nd floor heading to the dome. –
  • At the end of the chapter, Sanji reacts to Black Maria’s voice in the 3rd floor.

One Piece chapter 996 release date:

One Piece 996 will release on the 20th on November. So what did you guys think of this chapter and what do you think will happen in One Piece 996? Will Marco help with the cure? Will the antidote really work? What will happen to the Scabbards? what is your favorite mystery about One Piece? What do you think about the ones mentioned in the post? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Share your thoughts in the comments below !! don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 292 & chainsaw man 94

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