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My Hero Academia 284 Discussion:

Deku has unlocked the float quirk, which he will use with his black whip to keep Shigi from the ground. If he’s in the air his can’t use his upgraded rot quirk which at this point is terrain altering so anyone on the ground would be basically dead. Deku has the right idea, but can he actually execute this plan is the question which will we see him attempt to answer. The problem is Deku isn’t used to his black whip yet, having only manifested it fairly recently, he doesn’t have much control over it, and a fight against Shigi is a tough ask at the best of times, let alone when you’re not even 100% with your own abilities.

With this in mind Deku sets down the other guys he picked up with black whip, so he could concentrate fully on binding shigi with his black whip, even though Endevour and the rest are against the idea of Deku taking Shigi on his own but the reality is only Deku has the ability to keep Shigi off the ground, so he has to do this part alone.

Shigi makes his intentions clear, he wants to take One for All and kill Deku, and as this final showdown goes on, Bakugo can only watch, which is an appropriate time for a flashback where he remembers Deku asking for some help training his quirk blackwhip. For that exercise he enlists the helps of Uraka,frog girl, seto and Bakugo. Deku was previously trying to train by trying to catch Bakugo with his black whip but he wasn’t able to catch him a single time, so now he is trying to use a different approach.

Deku starts to train hanging in midair, this is training to prepare for the manifestation of the float quirk, although at this point he hasn’t actually awakened it, but All Might realises that this is most likely going to happen so it’s best that he prepare Deku as much as possible before he dies. (yes, i said it).

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With his getting the hang of hanging in the air, he can use his air propulsion ability (just the super strength flapping the air around), and now he will combine that with his black whip ability to try and take the combinations to the next level.

my hero academia 285

The POV now switches over from Deku to Bakugo having a conversation with All Might, where Bakugo brings up the point that Deku can’t keep it a secret any much longer if he has multiple quirks just sprouting out of him out of nowhere, people are going to become suspicious about how he has so many different powers. All Might has decided to train Deku like this so that he might have more control over when the power comes to fruition, and so he can keep it under wraps.

Bakugo then raises a question that will probably become very important down the line, as All Might was collecting as much information on the previous incarnations on the wielders of One For All, their powers, their lives, the way they died, the entry for the fourth wielder was incomplete, and All Might is very hesitant to say anything about it, he won’t disclose whatever hypothesis he came up with till he get the facts straight. Another interesting thing All Might said was it isn’t always villains that seek power, as if he was alluding to a hero falling down the path of trying to grab as much power as he could. Whatever this little conversation will lead to will seemingly be very important, from a moral point of view as well as for Dekus journey itself, will he perhaps be tested in time to come?

Bakugo probably opened up about himself more than any other time, some actual character development and a bit of reasoning why he ended up bullying Deku, because Deku cared so much about the people around him, he didn’t take his own well being or thoughts into consideration, and for a person like Bakugo, a very proud person who only thinks about himself and his own well being, they match up very well in terms of a power dynamic of domineering and submissive attitudes, however Bakugo probably feels uncomfortable seeing someone be so selfless whilst he himself is extremely selfish, this feeling could probably border on guilt about his own actions, which probably caused him to get angry and lash out at the cause of the discomfort, Deku.

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However now it seems the Bakugo has had a change of heart, he actually values Deku as a friend and wants to help him out with his training as a way of atonement for his previous behaviour.

After this flashback is over, the fight resumes back in the present where Deku has got Shigi bound up and is just waiting for Endeavour to deal the finishing blow. Shigi isn’t just going to sit back and take it, so Deku is trying to beat him into submission, using 100% of his power, and even that isn’t enough as Shigi has the regeneration quirk, but Deku observes that the wounds are closing slower then before, meaning the damage is taking its toll. With one final attack Deku resolves himself to finish Shigi here and now, with the quirk that was created to defeat All For One, even though he’s already nearly destroyed his arm with the previous two attacks, he unleashes one final attack smash with his arm to try and turn Shigis lights off for good

My Hero Academia 285 Spoilers & Predictions:

Well this has been a totally wild ride, every chapter surpasses the previous one, and the story gets more and more interesting. The stand out bits being the conversation Bakugo and All Might have, specifically regarding the fourth users abilities. From the conversation before it’s almost as if All Might was suggesting that the pursuit of power might have led someone down the wrong path, and it would fit the bill if in a mission to defeat All For One, the 4th wielder of One For All decided that another method had to be used to gain victory and decided to take more drastic measures to gain power. Perhaps this pursuit also lead to their demise, which is why All Might is not ready to share these sorts of details yet.

As for deku, well his arm is probably a limp sausage at this point, I doubt it’s coming back from that final punch, so unless he suddenly awakens a healing quirk (which isn’t outside the realms of possibility), he might be needing that tech girl to whizz up a cyborg arm for him. Linked this this, part of the conversation Bakugo and All Might were having revolved around Deku not really caring about himself and putting literally everyone else ahead of himself, maybe this is how the fourth wielder of OFA went, maybe he damaged himself beyond repair and All Might is afraid of telling deku about this as he fears that deku is heading down a similar road, so All Might will try and train deku away from this self destructive habit he has.

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As for the fight with Shigi, this conclusion is looking very likely to be Shigi retreats, I don’t think he will be captured, as Giga is still out there and heading towards Shigi, although whatever is happening on that side is still yet to be determined, will Giga actually even reach Shigi?

My Hero Academia chapter 285 release date:

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