Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 300 Spoilers, Bnha 300 Raw scans

This chapter begins with a flashback of Hawks childhood. Previously we knew he was saved from a life of crime by Endeavour, and now we get the full details of what led to those events.

My Hero Academia 299 Discussion:

Instantly we see the family dynamics of Hawks childhood, a paranoid domineering father, a passive and broken mother, and of course hawks himself being the youngest and often the punching bag of his fathers wrath.

Hawks father had killed someone in a mugging, then lived as a fugitive till his mother decided to take him in, from then hawks was born, a family of petty criminals, scourging a living from more petty theft, living in poverty. Throughout these panels, Hawks is always seen with a little endeavour doll, which is where his idolisation of his favourite hero begins.

The day where everything changes and Hawks story really took off was the day his father was arrested by Endeavour, this time attempting to steal a car. His mother, learning of this decided to flee in case she get into trouble for harbouring a known fugitive, so they ran from their house, unfortunately for a young Hawks, his mother didn’t really know how to survive. Somehow, people appear to give Hawks mother a living support, although this part isn’t really made clear so we’ll just have to accept they got out and ended up having a decent life from that point onwards.

The flashback ends there and we jump back to the present, where a heavily injured hawks in the present is riding with Best Jeanist in a batmobile sort of car where they go in a roundabout way of explaining how Best Jeanists death was faked, which involved inducing him in a death like state similar to that which the Nomus were preserved in to convince The League and Dabi that Hawks really was a a “traitor”.

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As this happens, we see that a lot of villains are taking advantage of the absence of the heroes to wreck their own havoc, and from this we get to see a glimpse of Best Jeanists denimobile, where he does some acrobatics with his car to catch some troublemakers.

After capturing them, Jeanist inquires why there was no help from the police of the heroes, and he was shocked to learn the police are too busy to help out and the local heroes just left after receiving scathing criticism during Shigis attack. We can see the discontent amongst the civilian population with the heroes, and get a glimpse of civilians arming themselves up with support items, which might be giving us the first look of the new age that we’re just entering, possibly a society that can function without heroes, or at least attempt to.

Hawks then goes back to confirm something, and arrives at his mothers house to ask her if she was the one who gave Hawks backstory to Dabi, but he is met with an empty house and a note, explaining how she the house was broken into by some of Dabis thugs who threatened her into revealing the information, and after doing so she felt guilty and left so she can’t inflict anymore damage onto her son. Hawks feels guilty about leaving his mother behind, the deal made to support Hawks mother must have been that Hawks now works for the government, and in return for his services his mother gets looked after and supported with whatever she needs. The guilt of doing so was weighing down on Hawks, and her leaving has finally unshackled him, and without the system, Hawks is free to act however he wants, which leaves a slightly ominous feeling towards whatever his next actions will be.

A second flashback now, this time a cherished memory with his mother where she buys him an Endeavour doll to make him stop whining, which is quite comical as the Endveaour doll was cheaper than the All Might one, reflective of their respective standings in the hero rankings.

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The end of this chapter is where Hawks decides he wants to help Endeavour clean up the mess Dabi left him with, save the Todoroki family and get the hero system back in operation.

My Hero Academia chapter 300 predictions:

Well after this chapter of Hawks ministory where he’s aiming to clear Endeavours name of wrongdoing he will be plotting and scheming to do whatever it takes to bring public affection back to his hero.

As for the other plot lines, well Deku is still in his coma, which brings a lot of excitement to people because we all assume he will be learning about his powers and what new things he will have available to him.

Further on, it’s possible that we’ll also what new additions the league has made, and who the new foes will be, what their quirks are and how AFO will regain his strength. A lot to look forward too, that’s for sure.

My Hero Academia chapter 300 release date:

The next chapter of MHA will be released on the 7th February, which can be found on mangaplus or viz.that’s all for today guys, keep on eye in this post as we will be updating it in a daily basis by adding the latest spoilers as soon as they get out.

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