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What’s up, guys? So Chainsaw man dropped a strange new chapter this week and well, it’s strange but it’s also hilariously brilliant. Read on to find out what happened this chapter and what might happen in Chainsaw man 86 but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid spoilers in this post!

Chainsaw Man chapter 85 Discussion:

Chainsaw man this week saw Denji  ascending back from hell where Maima is waiting  for him along with Kishibe who is  about to kill her. Makima knows that Chainsaw  man is coming to kill her as she called for help and asks Kishibe  to stand back as she gets ready to face Chainsaw.  He crashes in  through the window and without a shred of concern and with absolute indifference, cuts up Makima and leaves her in pieces as a confused and stunned Kishibe looks on.

It was unclear if Chainsaw  man wanted to kill Kishibe or not. While it almost seemed certain that Kishibe would bite the dust this week since he was also about to attack Makima, he surprisingly didn’t. It could probably mean that Denji remembered what he said about not killing Kishibe if they ever had a face off. Chainsaw man leaves Kishibe standing there with Makima’s  remains as he goes off to help somebody  whose cry for help, he hears.

 We then cut to a local burger joint where Kobeni works and she’s  seen getting slapped around and humiliated  by the staff there. It’s then revealed that she’s the one who called for help with Chainsaw arriving to help or maybe, eat a burger. The chapter  takes a wacky turn as Chainsaw sits in the burger joints and orders a burger in his weird Chainsaw gibberish tongue as Kobeni and the staff scurry around to get him a burger. He does kill a random customer and random staff as Kobeni trips and drops a tray of food as he waits for the burger but otherwise looked rather content  there.

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Chainsaw man 86

The significance  of the entire burger fiasco is to indicate that Pochita is trying to fulfil Denji’s wish of eating  a burger as we get a flashback of Denji saying this. Maybe this is also why he specifically  responded to Kobeni’s cry, because she was once Denji’s ally. Denji is probably still around there  somewhere and this is also why he might have left Kishibe alone. The chapter ends with Kobeni tripping once again and dropping  the tray of food as the staff all fear for their lives!

CHAINSAW MAN 85 Spoilers & Predictions:

We’ll see the continuation of this chapter  in Chainsaw  man 86. It’s likely that more burger joint staff are going to drop dead. Kobeni doesn’t  really look like she’s in danger as of now since she’s  not a devil because Makima explicitly  stated that Chainsaw man helps ‘devils’ who call for help and then kill them. Makima is currently  dead but it’s  known  that she’s  not the type of character that remains dead for a long time. She will very probably get revived in Chainsaw  man 86 as she wasn’t  eaten by Chainsaw, just sliced up.

Though Kishibe  is currently at an advantage, there’s no way he’s going to succeed in killing Makima as the only way to kill her right now is for her contract to be broken with the Prime Minister of Japan. It will be interesting  to see what happens now to her and to Chainsaw  man. Currently  it looks like Denji  has taken a back seat and Pochita is in control  but Denji could come back maybe with help from Kobeni.. Makima will obviously  not give up trying to control him so there are sure to be more conflicts between them in the future. 

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CHAINSAW MAN 86 Release date:

Chainsaw man 86 will release on the 27th of September. 
So what did you guys think of this chapter and what do you think will happen in Chainsaw man 86? Will Denji turn back to normal? Will Kobeni die? Will Makima continue to attack Chainsaw? Where is this terribly confusing  manga going? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: Black Clover 266 & My hero academia 285

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