Dr stone 150 Spoilers, Dr Stone chapter 150 Raw and release date

Hi, welcome to my analysis of Dr stone chapter 150, where I will talk about what happened in the latest chapter and make some predictions. If you haven’t caught up with the latest chapters then please do as this post contains spoilers

Dr. Stone Chapter 149 Discussion (Recap):

Our gang are hot on the trail of the much needed Corn to begin their production of alcohol for the ultimate mission to the moon, however even if they’ve found a corn stem inside the belly of a alligator, doesn’t mean they quite have what they need yet, which is entire fields worth. But as long as they can find some corn, they will be able to take it and grow in mass quantities at their leisure.

Kohaku is able to spot corn kernels flowing down stream on the river they are on, which excites the gang as they are now an arms length away from what they came for. However Senku seems to feel this turn of events is a bit convenient, i mean it’s just kernels that have washed down stream from the local wildlife eating/pooing them out right? No need to be so worried Senku.

Dr stone chapter 150

The story now pans over to a pack of wolves, which are seen howling in one panel, and then mercilessly butchered in the next, with a mysterious blur with shiny eyes seen zooming through the forest.

Senkus boats have docked at the riverside for the night, where we get another nugget of science, this time involving light. Senku places a white cloth over a bright light to see which bugs will get attracted. Senku is able to identify a specific species of moth the “european corn borer”. From this we know that in the surrounding vicinity, somewhere there is a large amount of corn, but how can this be? Senku muses that if humanity was separated from the planet for such a long time, why are species that were dependant on human produced crop still around in such large numbers.

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Just as Senku is mulling over the thought of the possibility that someone might be growing cornfields, Tsukasa is alerted to the presence of the mysterious creature that savaged the wolves early in the chapter. The superhuman elite battle squad instantly jumps into battle mode, they deduce that the kernels floating in the river was a ruse to lure the gang into an open space, where they can be fired upon by the gun that Tsukasa smelt.

As soon as they arrive to this conclusion, they are fired upon heavily, which sends the monstrous elite squad scurrying back, no matter how much muscle or training you do, a gun is a gun and you’d do well to stay out of its firing range.

A fitting welcome to the gangs arrival into America, they’ve barely been on the land for a few hours and some absolute psycho tried to rip them to shreds with a machine gun, how much more of an American welcome could you possibly get then that? The fact that nobody got shot just goes to show we truly are in a Shounen, or the American nutjob has really bad aim.

After this skirmish the haggard gang gets back together, to confirm that, yes there are some survivors on the American continent, yes they are most likely growing corn for some reason, and unfortunately they aren’t looking to share. However Senku isn’t going to give up his crown as the worlds top scientist without a fight, the coming battle will be tougher then ever before with the introduction of guns to the mix.

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Dr stone chapter 145 Predictions:

in terms of Dr stone chapter 150 Predictions, Well as we could see, even after all this time Americans welcome immigrants with a hail of bullets, in true american fashion shooting at school kids, what a warm welcome. This will certainly be the toughest battle Senku has ever faced as this person who shot at them has to be a very smart person, the fact they they created a machine gun in the stone world is testament to it. This person is ahead of Senku technologically, as Senku only recently made a rudimentary hand gun, whilst this guy has created a fully automatic machine gun.

The fact that he has also grown a corn field, and possible tobacco suggests that this person awoke from petrification before Senku, the petrification scars on his face proof that he is from the old world.

Senku will definitely need to create some form of shield in Dr Stone 150 against the bullets, or outfire the opponent. Seeing as its unlikely that senku will be able to come up with a form of weapon, I believe some sort of shield will be constructed, maybe some form of plastic (although even this is unlikely, I haven’t see any source of oil and polymerisation is complicated).

All I can say for certain is that I bet this new scientist will eventually become kindred spirits with Senku, they’ll have a big MURICAN style grill, and probably will share his more advanced technology which will help speed things up for senku.

Dr stone chapter 150 Release date and where to read:

Dr. Stone Chapter 150 is scheduled for the 17th May, You can read Dr Stone manga chapter 149 on Viz or on the official website of Shueisha. We highly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on an unofficial illegal website. Please consider supporting the creator by purchasing the manga when it’s available.

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