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Hi, welcome to my analysis of Dr stone chapter 153, where I will talk about what happened in the latest chapter and make some predictions. If you haven’t caught up with the latest chapters then please do as this post contains spoilers

Dr. Stone Chapter 152 Discussion (Recap):

Dr Stone chapter 152 starts with Chrome and Kohaku scouting out Xenos HQ, with a huge metallic tower being the focus of their interests. Chrome wants to report back everything they have scouted back to Senku, but Senku immediately stops him. This is due to the fact that the radiowaves that Senku is using can be intercepted by anyone in the locality, a problem that Senku didn’t have to worry about before as he was the person who was the most technologically advanced before, but now the tables have turned.

Keeping the conversation brief, Senku doesn’t want their signal to be pinpointed and their location exposed they find out that Gen has gone solo into enemy territory, with literally everyone knowing that his silver tongue and tendency of fake betrayals allows him right into the lions den facing off with the enemy.

The heart of this chapter is when Xeno makes contact with Senkue group himself, opening dialogue towards the ones he wanted to exterminate a brief while ago means he must have some interest in the group. Xeno doesn’t waste anytime, he wants to immediately speak to the science master, Dr TAIJU.

Gens silver tongue at work, protecting the identity of Senku is of course of utmost importance, him being the lynchpin of the group, Senkus survival is the utmost importance for the revival of humanity.

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Yuzuriha kits out Taiju with a scientists suit in a mere instant, and Dr Taiju is on the phone to Xeno, who instantly screams down the phone how unreasonable the hostile reception towards Senkus crew was, blasting someone with a machine gun just isn’t nice.

Xeno begins probing Taiju with a flex, the tall metallic tower that Senku and Chrome spotted earlier was in fact a component for the Haber-Bosch plant. His mention of this is was to try and see if Taiju knew what this was, with Senku providing the information that it meant in short that they had an infinite supply of ammunition.

The reason for this call is made clear, Xeno wants Senkus group to work under him, as his own group is underpopulated. This means that Xeno doesn’t know the full applications of the revival formula, from his understanding only those who are genius level of intellect were able to keep themselves concious and therefore only they can be revives, however Senkus group clearly shows that apart from Senku, there are no elites in that group academically speaking. This is the main reason for Xenos interest, how did they manage to revive everyone, and this point becomes Senkus ace.

Taiju, under Ryuoske and Senkus guidance, declines to work for Xeno, and refuses to disclose the formula to him in fear that Xeno could just straight up create an army similar to what Tsukasa did, but this time armed to the teeth with superior weapons.

As negotiations have broken down as far as Xeno is concerned, he resorts to his plan B, which was to locate the Perseus, Senkus ship, and probably relay the position so that they could be attacked. However Senku won’t let this go without a fight, he’s going to take them on with the plane they captured, but before that, the creation of a landing strip, which will be the Perseus itself.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 153 Predictions:

For Dr Stone chapter 153, the next stage for Senku will be to outfit the captured plane with a few upgrades, and to create some form of a slingshot to give the plane enough speed which will allow it to fly. The dogfight between the surveillance plane and Senkus ragtag salvaged fighter plane will be interesting, as Senkus crew don’t actually have that many weapons, compared to Xeno, who has clearly put a lot of effort into creating a wide range of weapons and machinery. This will be the biggest hurdle for Senku to overcome, the lack of firepower can’t be made up with simple numbers, and no matter how strong Senkus elite fighting force is, martial arts isn’t going to stop a bullet.

Xeno also probably already knows Gen is lying, however at this point it doesn’t make a difference who the science leader actually is seeing as his strategy seems to only be eliminate the enemy. He doesn’t seem too concerned about the revival formula either, in his mind it’s probably “if they tell us great, if not i’ll figure it out myself later”. As shown from Tsukasas ability to recreate the formula, and he is by no means any sort of scientific expert, an actual science genius will crack it sooner or later, which means that Senkus advantage only remains for as long as Xeno doesn’t bother to fully turn his attention towards reviving more people.

Dr. Stone Chapter 153 Release date:

Dr Stone 153 is scheduled for the 7th June, You can read Dr Stone manga chapter 151 on Viz or on the official website of Shueisha. Till that date read our latest posts: Black Clover 253 & My hero academia 274.We highly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on an unofficial illegal website. Please consider supporting the creator by purchasing the manga when it’s available.

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