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What’s up guys? Chainsaw man dropped another bizarre new chapter this week and looks like Denji is all set to welcome an apocalypse in Chainsaw man 77. Read on to find out what really happens in this chapter and what might happen in Chainsaw man 77 but do make sure that you’re caught up with the manga because this post will contain spoilers!

Chainsaw Man chapter 76 Discussion:

Bizarre was what this new chapter was. Firstly we see the Gun Devil blasting of people without any qualms killing every Japanese man and child in a bid to get to Makima. Makima on the other hand is unfazed as usual. But she experiences what is indicated to be her. 29th death and a rather creepy scene has her brain matter form a halo around her head and come back to life. She also uses her ability to use devil contracts of other previously dead characters. While all this mess is happening, none other than Hayakawa also seemingly dies becoming a puppet for Makima.

This was inexplicably shocking because readers have been expecting Hayakawa to get sliced up by Denji. This also makes us question the actual nature of the Future Devil’s predictions. The fandom speculates that even the future devil could have been manipulated by Makima. Her true intentions are still unknown and we’ll probably get to know what they are in Chainsaw man 77.

On the other hand, there’s Denji who’s at home waiting for Aki to come back home unaware of whatever is happening. Somebody rings the doorbell and this chapter ends with Denji moving to open the door and the imagery cutting to Denji’s door and Pochita warning him not to open it! The door has always been the biggest mystery of the series and it’s often indicated that opening it is not an option because it would mean the end of everything. Not much is known about the identity of the Chainsaw Devil, Pochita and it’s nature. It’s implied that Pochita could have been the one killing Devils in Hell. Chainsaw man 77 would hopefully answer all these questions

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CHAINSAW MAN 77 Spoilers & Predictions:

Chainsaw man 77 will address the question about who’s at the door. Very probably it’s Kishibe who’s there to ask for Denji’s help in saving Aki and putting an end to Makima. It’s still unclear why the apartment door and the mind door were pictured as the same? Kishibe has always wanted to kill Makima and this could mean that he was always aware that she was not a human. The prediction from the Future Devil might also be fake with what happened this chapter.

Chainsaw man 77

Fujimoto is not known to provide us with clear cut answers to anything and also is famous for subverting expectations. Adding to that the entire holy imagery around Makima, it’s also possible that she’s not an antagonist. Let’s hope more answers await us in Chainsaw man 77.

CHAINSAW MAN 77 Release date:

Chainsaw man 77 releases on 12th July!
So what did you guys think of the strange new Chapter? What do you think will happen in Chainsaw mam 77? Will Denji finally open the door? Who’s at the door? What are Makima’s true goals? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: Owari No seraph 93 & My hero academia 278

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