Owari no Seraph 93 Raw, Owari no Seraph Chapter 93 Spoilers, and Release Date

What’s up guys? Owari no Seraph has dropped another interesting new chapter this week and as our month long chapter wait for Owari no Seraph 93 begins, let’s discuss what this chapter entailed and what Owari no Seraph 93 mightl entail. Please make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga as this post will contain spoilers! you can read the last chapter officially here.

Owari no Seraph Chapter 92 Discussion:

The latest new chapter of Owari no Seraph continues where the previous Chapter left off. Urd  is battling Ferid and Crowley and is very easily able to withstand their attacks. Urd goes on to attack Crowley and assures him that he can easily slice up Crowley. At Ferid’s insistence that they not retreat, Crowley holds his own. Urd then proceeds to attack Ferid and slices him in two halves but Crowley hurriedly picks up his upper half and retreats. It’s almost always fun to see Ferid and this chapter was no different.

Ferid is suicidal and seems all glad about getting to die while Crowley confusingly asks him if he’s trying to die. Ferid still doesn’t intend to fully retreat as he asks Crowley to throw him back at a certain angle. Using their effective combined tactics and a Sinful Key, Ferid successfully attacks Urd which forces Urd’s group, which was earlier trying to disable Saito, retreat. 

Owari no Seraph 93

As Ferid is on the brink of winning, a piercing sound is heard. The sound, later revealed to be Mika’s wail of death surprisingly negates the effect of the Sinful Key forcing a near insane and happily curious Ferid to retreat along with Crowley. We then cut to an unscathed Guren, Mahiru and Noya. Noya becomes fearful after hearing the death wail and questions Guren and Mahiru about what they did to Mika and what they really want. Mahiru replies that all they want is love and goes on to stab Noya with a shot. We then cut to Mika’s final moments and a distressed Yuu screaming as Guren explains that Mika has died and is on his way to transform into a Black Demon.

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Owari no Seraph Chapter 92 Predictions:

Let’s hope Owari no Seraph 93 picks up the pace which the manga has been seen to be lacking for a while. Guren continues to be an interesting and complicated character and reminds me of the morally grey Sindbad from Magi as his true motives remain unclear. While It’s implied that his plan was and is the resurrection of humans and that his thoughts are always about his love for his friends, I expect Owari no Seraph 93 to let us know what his true goal with Mikaela is.

For now it’s safe to assume that his goal is to use Mika as a demon weapon of sorts. Owari no Seraph 93 might also see Yuu finally realizing Guren’s true nature now that Mika is transforming and will henceforth stop defending him. There are speculations that Mika will become Yuu’s demon but Guren doesn’t look like he’ll let that happen and will possibly go on to use Mika as a weapon which would make Yuu and Guren clash. 
Let’s also hope that Krul makes her appearance soon!

Owari no Seraph Chapter 93 Raw and Release Date:

Owari no Seraph releases once a month at the beginning of every month. So chapter 93 releases officially on August 3rd, in the meantime, you can look at the subreddit for spoilers for the next chapter that releases during the end of every month (the full chapter releases in Japanese a couple of days before releasing officially).

So what did you think of this chapter and what do you think will happen in Owari no Seraph 93? What will happen to Mika? What is Guren’s true goal? How will Yuu react to a demonMika? Share your thoughts in the comments below! and don’t forget to check our latest posts: Kingdom 647 & My hero academia 278

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