Kingdom Chapter 636 Spoilers, Raw and where to read online.

Hello fellow Kingdom fans. At last this war is almost over! However, there still exists one very large hurdle that Qin must overcome before declaring this war as a victory. For those who don’t like spoilers, please reconsider before reading below. Enjoy!

Kingdom Chapter 635 Discussion (Recap):

At the beginning of Chapter 635, we find that the citizens of Gyou have finally broken through the Gyou soldier defense lines. In doing so, the citizens infiltrate the drawbridge gate room and damage the gate itself, thus preventing the Zhao to raise the bridge back up again. Recognizing the sudden opportunity, the Zenou clan rushes into Gyou amongst the outpouring of citizens and surprises the Gyou soldiers. Their only focus was on finding food.

Meanwhile, the recently abandoned Raido army must now fend off the Riboku army. Despite the drop in troops, Raido is still formidable enough to prevent the Riboku army from advancing. The infiltration of Gyou, and preserved strength of the Kanki army along with an advancing Ousen army forced Riboku to flee with the Gyou refugees. Gyou is officially captured!.

kingdom chapter 636

However, as the HSU will later learn, this is not time to be celebrating. Despite taking Gyou, there is still no answer to the food problem. Mouten and Ouhon have no idea as to how Ousen can solve this crisis. Put plainly, the main reason for Riboku running off is because there is no food left in Gyou. Even though Qin just took Gyou, they would still likely starve all the same. Ultimately, we discover that Ousen has a solution to this crisis, but we must wait and see!. don’t forget to check our latest post: Black clover 245.

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Kingdom Chapter 636 Predictions :

At the end of Chapter 635 we learn that Ousen has discovered a way to solve this food crisis in Gyou. While there are several credible options too solve this crisis such as cannibalism, eating horses, hunting, meeting up with Yotanwa and sharing supplies, I think that there will be another option. Back in Chapters 500 & 501 we are shown a map that shows the Yellow River running next to Gyou. The problem is that the river is known as the river of sorrow due to how dangerous it is and how frequent is floods. Even today the river isn’t used much for trading or transportation. However, this is exactly why this river will be used to restock the food supply for Qin. Riboku would never expect the Qin to use such a dangerous river to be the lifeline of the Qin attack. The question is how? Well if we were to presume that Ousen’s request to Shou Hei Kun was to make the Yellow River navigable for goods then we would have our answer. Is it possible that damming the Yellow River in strategic spots would allow Qin to utilize the river? Hopefully we will find out next chapter.

kingdom chapter 636

Kingdom Chapter 636 Release date and where to read online :

Kingdom Chapter 636 will be featured in Weekly Young Jump, which will be released on Wednesday, March 25th. Due to not being published in English, readers are not able to show support to the author. However, you can read chapter 635 here (although not an official source, is the most reliable and fastest translation out there). Enjoy!

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