Black Clover Chapter 245 Spoilers, Raw and where to Read Online?

Ey up guys, we’ve just got chapter 244, so here is what we think about it and all you need to know about Black clover chapter 245 Spoilers, predictions, and release date.

Black Clover Chapter 244 Discussion:

So Asta vs Dante takes a backseat this time round, we only really see it at the beginning and end of the chapter, which is that he got his ass royally handed to him. What takes precedence this time round is Grey and Gauche. We get a backstory for Grey, how she was Cinderella with magic but no Fairy Godmother (unless you want to count Gauche…..but let’s not go too far). She was constantly abused by her stepsisters and fled, only to be nearly kidnapped by muggers. Then her knight in shining armour appeared in the form of Gauche. We see just how much of an effect this had on her, and she surpasses her limits to heal Gauche’s typically-mortal wound. Then we find out she too is an Arcane Stage Mage. Just as Dante is about take them away, who saves the day? Of course it’s Yami, who else would it be?

So we’re all agreed on Grey and Gauche being a thing at the end of this series right? Heck that’s why I’ve picked one of Silver_255’s works for this page. It’s adorable and a nice surprise to see these two had some kind of history. Now it’s only a question of just when Grey is going to confess this to Gauche, and probably go further. It’s nice to see Grey pull it together and push through her pain instead of letting it overwhelm her, as I was slightly worried may happen. I was pretty much certain Grey’s backstory would involve bullying, and this was a satisfactory level of tragic origin and reasonable explanation for how she turned out the way she is. Seeing her surpass her limits was great, she’d been set up as clearly having a lot of potential so getting to see that come to fruition was very gratifying.

Black Clover Chapter 245

Black Clover Chapter 245 Predictions

So now we’ll get Yami vs Dante. The rest of the Black Bulls are out for the count right now, so he’ll have to face Dante on his own. I’m not sure how it’ll go. It seems obvious Dante would win but he’s already exerted some magic facing the others, and most of all Yami’s Dark Magic can affect Devils for whatever reason. I wouldn’t put it past Dante deliberately trying to take out one of the Black Bulls to catch Yami off guard then finish him off whilst he is distracted.

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Also not in the next chapter, but considering we’ve only met Grey’s stepmother I wonder if we’ll find out anymore about Grey’s actual mother or father. Not that it needs it, but it could explain some more about how she was born with such potential and vast mana reserves.

Black Clover Chapter 245 Raw and where to read online:

The series is featured on MangaPlus and chapter 245 should be available on 29 March 2020, Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 244 can be found here

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