Black Clover chapter 276 Release date, Spoilers and Raw scans

Ey up guys. Got the Christmas Tree up this week. I’m not a particularly Xmas-y person but like everyone else this year I’ve felt a bit more festive than usual. Though I left the decorating till when my sister returns as whenever I try that I apparently make it up. God knows how it’s just wrapping tinsel on branches but eh whatever. I’ve made a Xmas movie list of “Technically a Christmas movie” to watch as all the classics will be on TV anyway. First up is Naruto: The Last. I mean it takes place during winter time in the lead up to the Rinne Rebirth Festival where everyone gives each other presents…..I mean it’s not so subtly a shoe in for Christmas. And what could be more Xmas-y than Ninjas fighting Aliens on the Moon? Right?………..Anyway, below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 276 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 275 Discussion:

So we start off with Nacht explaining the basics of how the Ritual of the Advent of Qliphoth operates. It is a circle (shocking I know) with Yami and William in the centre as The Site of the Advent. The Dark Triad mark 3 spots surrounding this forming the circle. Nacht goes on to explain that obviously defeating the Triad would mean stopping the Ritual before it begins, which is why the Squad splits into 3 groups as each will take on one of the Dark Triad individually. Meanwhile Sekke, Sally, Rades, Valtos and Maxa aren’t anywhere to be seen so I’m guessing they’re a fourth group who will go either after Morris or to rescue Yami and William.

Although seeing as you’d have to defeat the Triad to get to Yami and William perhaps they have another purpose. Well, Sekke’s is already to just be a meat shield but not the point. Nacht continues how he knew there’d be Dark Disciples too which is why a member of each group will stay behind to take care of these ones; Dorothy, Fuegoleon and Nozel. You know things getting serious when Dorothy opens her eyes.

Meanwhile outside the Demon God has just taken a hit from Mereoleona. It seems to have tanked the hit much to the worry of the townsfolk. Mereo however is unfazed and recalls when Nacht came to recruit her whilst she was training in the Volcanoes. Somehow she is able to bathe in Lava because well this is Mereo we’re talking about here. She states she couldn’t care less about Yami and William but she’s curious about the ones who kidnapped them. Harsh one Mereo but I don’t think that’s entirely true about Yami I think she at least respects him. William I can’t blame her for dismissing though after all the thing he caused during the Elf Saga.

She reveals her new spell, Flame Magic: Hellfire Incarnate where she appears to coat her entire body in fire. The Rebels and townsfolk look on in awe as she shoots another gigantic blast of fire at the Demon God’s face. When it tries to grab her with one of it’s four arms she dodges hopping/bounding up its arm and landing a blast to a different arm before punching it right in the face. She hits this thing so hard she knocks it back, before landing a blow on its chest that sends it crashing to the floor. Then she reveals her final (?) move, Mana Zone Full Release: Calidos Brachium Purgatory: Abyss. This move is essentially hitting the Demon God with a gargantuan amount of fire that covers its entire torso in flames. The townsfolk continue to look on in awe, probably a few having just crapped themselves in terror. Again. The final page shows which character will face each member of the Dark Triad. Yuno and Langris vs Zenon, Rill and Charlotte vs Vanica and finally Nacht and Jack vs Dante.

Oh boy. First off who else saw Mereo’s new form and thought of Yoruichi’s form from the Thousand Year Blood War arc?

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Yeah so it looks awesome. It’s kind of insane to imagine Mereo being any stronger but boy am I glad she is otherwise this wouldn’t be interesting to watch. The Full Release form of Mana Zone is interesting, obviously it’s a boosted version but how this would apply to everyone would be intriguing. If nothing else it’s fun to see Mereo back in action and being just as much of a badass as ever.

It’s fun seeing her and Nacht interact both have very much a no bad attitude. Hell I kinda expected Mereo to hate Nacht but they seem to get along perfectly well. Which is probably a relief for everyone else otherwise it could’ve lead to some awkward situations as Mereo ain’t the type to listen to those she doesn’t respect (remember how she seemed to barely give the Royal King the faintest politeness? Well kinda). It does make me wonder just how powerful she’s gotten now seeing as when Lumiere (The First Wizard King) had to fight Demon God Licht it seemed he had to use all his might and power to do so, and whilst Mereo is powerful she ain’t quite at Lumiere’s level yet. I think. Although this could be a weaker Demon God we know so little on them it’s certainly possible they aren’t all equally powerful. Admittedly there’s not as much to say this week but fight chapters can be the ones with the least to discuss depending on who is fighting/how much is going on within the fight.

Black Clover Chapter 276 Spoilers & Predictions:

So I was wrong last week about not sticking with the fight. Guess we’ll remain in Spade still. I don’t think the Demon God is down for good though. Mereo wouldn’t complain she’s clearly got plenty of fight left in her right now. I don’t think it’ll be that Morris revives it or anything, just that it’ll get back up and go at her again. It could almost become an annoyance for Mereo, a How many times is this thing gonna get back up dammit kinda thing.

Seems pretty obvious the next Dark Triad fights will start then. My only worry is we have no real reason to like these guys beyond being cool villains. We don’t know their origins, why they overthrew Yuno’s father or what their specific motivations are. I hope we get them soon, maybe tied into the fights. I think first we’ll go with Vanica vs Charlotte and Rill as we haven’t seen Vanica since she took Loropechika. I could see her having Loro on hand somehow to tease them, or she’ll complain how they’re not Noelle and she wants to fight her instead. I wonder if we’ll see any new spells from Charlotte as we haven’t seen her in battle since the Elf Saga. But seeing as the anime is currently showing her being trained by Sarado of the Heart Kingdom we could see her utilising a spell she learned here in the oncoming battle. I’m curious as to how Rill will act, we’ve always seen him so carefree but it doesn’t seem like he is so much now. It’d be nice to see him get serious, it’s a fun trope when the funny guy gets serious.

I wonder how Jack will act when facing Dante. Given he already lost to Asta and Yami it’d be weird if he beats Nacht and Jack so it’s hard to guess just how this fight will go. Jack has never shown any kind of vulnerability or a caring side but I wonder if even internally we see Jack show he does actually give a thing about Yami, even if he’d likely express it in an almost tsundere way if he did. I wonder if Lucifero will try to take over and demand to be in charge seeing as Dante lost last time.

Zenon vs Yuno and Langris is the one I’m most curious about. Partly as I still don’t really get how Spatial magic can be particularly offensive without just being able to teleport behind Zenon and suckerpunch the dude. I don’t think we’ll see Yuno’s new magic right away but it’s coming in this battle for sure.

Or who knows maybe i’ll be wrong again and this time we will go to either Elysia and the Elves, the Black Bulls or somewhere else. Perhaps we’ll see what Sally/Sekke’s group is up to? Maybe what the other knights are doing whilst this battle rages on?

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Black Clover Chapter 276 Release date:

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