Read One Piece 999 Spoilers, Relase date and Raw scans

Whats good everyone, One Piece dropped another amazing chapter, and i thought why not go through it with you guys.
So if you haven’t read the series up until chapter 998, I suggest you leave this read, and come back another day when you’re finished reading it.
With all that out of the way, lets begin!

One Piece Chapter 998 Breakthrough:

The chapter starts of with a scene where we see Kaidos subordinates reacting to Onigashima getting lifted, they seem surprised.
Next up, a scene with Marco arriving in the performance floor, He’s healing Chopper up
Brook and Zoro instantly react to it by trying to attack him because they probably thought that he was hurting Chopper.

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Marco casually dodges and Chopper notices that the flames aren’t hot.The 2 mink doctors we saw back in the Zou arc, are telling Chopper that the antibodies for the Ice Demon are ready,and Marco sprayes everybody with his ‘’passive flame’’.
Queen gets kinda mad about this and curses Marcos interference.
Marco wants to take the remaining straw hats to the roof but Apoo gets up, and is trying interfere.

 we see Brook being ready to fight him, but before Brook could do anything, X-Drake fully transformed attacks Apoo and bites him !
Drake tells the straw hats to go ahead and that he guards the Performance floor in their stead.

We switch over to Jinbei and Luffy, who are on the fourth floor fighting cat-like enemies.
Jinbei thinks Sanji left of because he felt a stronger opponent, and Luffy says he needs to work on his haki if that’s the case because he didn’t felt anything.
Jinbei tells Luffy to go on and that he handles things there.
Finally we get the Tobi Roppo Ancient zoan devil fruit reveals !
We start off with Sasaki whom is a Triceratops facing of Franky.

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Next up is Black Maria, and here is where things get kinda interesting.
She ate the spider-spider fruit model : Rosamygale Grauvogeli, but her devil fruit parts seem to be alive ?
Sanji think he’s in heaven because he’s surrounded by woman but almost all the woman look very creepy

And the Final new devil fruit this chapter is the cat-cat fruit : sabertooth who belongs to Who’s who.
We found out the men Jinbei was fighting earlier were his men, and now they’re matched up against eachother.
Who’s Who mentioned that he knew Jinbei from his Warlord days and Jinbei tells him to address him as the helmsman of the Straw Hat crew, he also wants to find out the identity of Who’s Who by taking of his mask.
Who’s who refuses, and the battle begins.

We switch over to Ulti and Page one still looking for Nami and Ussop to get a 2nd round.
In the final scene we see Yamato who is explaining to Momo why there is a giant dragon statue, that looks damaged because of an attack.
We found out Ace did this, and that Ace came a few years ago to kill Kaido !

ONE PIECE 999 Spoilers & Analysis:

In the upcoming chapter I think we get an small Ace backstory which is gonna tie in in todays story.
Maybe even a reveal of what Kaido really is !
We probably also are gonna see Marco trying to take Zoro and Robin up to the roof, Brook could stay downstairs to guard Chopper and fight Apoo when he gets up.
And Luffy probably is going to reach Floor 5 and meet up with Kidd Killer, and Zoro  at the end of the chapter, with a cliffhanger of them standing before the door to the roof.

We still don’t have a matchup for Sanji tho, but I think that Robin gets dropped of by Marco at the 3rd floor to fight Black Maria in his stead.
Sanji could go back downstairs and fight either King or Queen when he gets down.
We know Queen has some type of relation with Judge so maybe he chases Sanji down himself because of Vinsmoke lineage.

Im also very curious about the identity of Who’s Who, there is a theory out there that he could be a character from Ace’s Novel named ‘’Masked Deuce’’ (which was Ace first mate basically).
Well at the end of the day he could be anyone, and we just have to find out where Oda’s heading with it !

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A lot of excited stuff and chapter 1000 is probably even going to be way more intense!
Comment down your thoughts about what you expect from chapter 999 and 1000

ONE PIECE 999 Raw Scans Release date:

One Piece 998 will release on the 20th of December! and before that date we’ll be sharing official spoilers, so keep an eye on this post as it will be updated soon.

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