Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 272 Spoilers, Bnha 272 Raw

What’s up guys? We see the PLF mansion battle in the latest new chapter of MHA, My Hero Academia 271. Dabi fights Tokoyami, Geten makes an appearance and Gigantomachia finally moves in the latest chapter! Read on to find out more but please do make sure that you have caught up with the manga because this post will contain spoilers.

My Hero Academia Chapter 271 Discussion (spoilers) :

As predicted before, we get a perspective shift in My Hero Academia 271 to the battle at the PLF mansion. Dabi is hell bent on killing Hawks who has all his feathers burnt up. He’s being protected by Dark Shadow while a concerned Tokoyami watches on. Dabi laments at the fact that kids were brought in to the battle and reveals to Tokoyami that Hawks killed Twice in an attempt to make him hate his mentor.

Tokoyami being one of the most sensible students in UA doesn’t pay any heed to that, instead focussing all his energy on escaping from Dabi. Hawks informs him that Dabi’s quirk hurts him and he’s buying time for himself by talking. Tokoyami tries to escape Dabi as Dabi tries to attack them using more powerful blasts. Dark shadow who is weak against fire and light types of attacks barely holds on. Dark Shadow’s courage in the face of such an attack should be commended though!

my hero academia 272.

Tokoyami is seen to be in a tight spot as he carries Hawks and runs away from Dabi with his attacks getting closer and closer. As he’s about to get hit by an attack of Dabi’s, a huge ice wall saves them from the attack in the nick of time. This also lets Tokoyami escape away from Dabi with an unconscious Hawks. Geten who is very pissed off at the heroes for attacking Redestro,finally makes his appearance in the battle with some other powerful villains in tow and the ice wall was one of his long range attacks.

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Geten’s appearance serves as a sort of indication that the tides of the battle will change soon. He proves to be a strategic commander as he instructs the other villains about the positions to take, with ease. The chapter ends with ReDestro asking for his prosthetic legs as the PLF members are all looking at something else. Redestro turns around to see Gigantomachia awake and standing up after sensing Shigaraki!


My Hero Academia 271 could be called a game changing chapter especially considering the PLF battle because not only do the villains seem like they are taking back control but Gigantomachia, who could be called the villains’ trump card has finally woken up. And this doesn’t bode well for the heroes. The entire PLF raid was planned considering the fact that Machia wouldn’t wake up. Dark Shadow was left terrified by his mere sleeping form. My Hero Academia 272 could very well deal with the aftermath of his awakening.

Gigantomachia has always been depicted as a very powerful undefeatable villain who could uproot trees and flatten mountains easily and his foray into the battle could mean an instant victory for the villains. Even Gran Torino had a hard time dealing with him so who could ultimately defeat Machia still remains a huge mystery! Machia’s awakening also implies that Shigaraki is really on the brink of waking up or has woken up which again is a very bad sign for the hospital raid heroes.

Machia could head directly for the hospital to help Shigaraki which would be even more troublesome for the heroes there. With Deku probably heading to the hospital due to Nana’s warning, chaos could easily break loose at the hospital.

My Hero Academia CHAPTER 272 Release date :

My Hero Academia 272 will release on the 24th of May! Bnha runs on a weekly schedule meaning that new chapters are released once every week and are 7 days apart. until that date, you can check our latest posts: Kimetsu no Yaiba 205 So what did you guys think of My Hero Academia chapter 271? What will Gigantomachia do now? Has Shiggy finally woken up? Is this the beginning of the heroes’ fall? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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My Hero Academia CHAPTER 272 Raw:

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