My Hero Academia chapter 268 Spoilers, Raw scans Read online?

Hey guys!! Here we go again to discuss My hero academia chapter 268 Spoilers, Raw scans and Discussion are given below. This post will contain some spoilers for this Chapter, so please turn back here if you need to catch up first.

My Hero Academia Chapter 267 Discussion (spoilers) :

My Hero Academia chapter 267 had some awesome clutch saves, some trolling from Horikoshi and the best of all, an adorable Fattaxi. Well, this chapter starts with Tokoyami remembering how Hawks told him that his weakness was fire. Tokoyami along with three of the other students who were at the frontlines are being transported by Fatgum(he calls himself Fattaxi here) to the rear guard while the PLF mansion raid continues on. Twice has died and Dabi is attacking Hawks mercilessly. Hawks has most of his feathers burnt off and is barely hanging on. We get a flashback of how Hawks had abandoned his real name to join the Hero Commission as a child and wanted to be like Endeavor when he grew up. Hawks asks Dabi who he is after Dabi is shown to know his real name ‘Keigo Takami’. Horikoshi’s trolling reaches new heights here where Dabi reveals his real identity to a startled Hawks

My Hero Academia chapter 268

Unfortunately for us readers, in one of the biggest troll moments in the manga, the speech bubble there is blackened. Dabi continues on his rant about how he will realize Stain’s ideology and doesn’t care about the league at all. He’s again about to attack Hawks when Tokoyami swoops in and saves him. We also get a glimpse of the hospital raid where an injured Mirko is fighting off the nomus. Having understood that her attacks weren’t really affecting the nomus, she decides to directly attack Shigaraki’s tank even if that cost her, her life. She heads for the tank at full speed when one of the nomus pierces her legs with one of its tentacles. Mirko, helpless, is about to be attacked again when Endeavor arrives bashing in the nomus head and pulling out the tentacle that was injuring Mirko. The chapter ends with Mirko about to kick Shigaraki’s tank.

My Hero Academia CHAPTER 268 PREDICTIONS :

My hero academia chapter 268 will surely be full of battles. We’ll obviously see Tokoyami, Kaminari and the others battle Dabi, who looks like he’s being built up as a secondary antagonist. Tokoyami will need assistance since Dark Shadow is weak against light and hence fire. Personally, I am more excited about bnha chapter 268 to see if Mirko is successful in crashing open the tank or not. It’s a very delicate situation as Shigaraki is already at 70 per cent plus in his process completion. If by any chance he does wake up, it could spell doom for everyone present there. We also don’t know if Mirko will reach the tank successfully as there are some more nomus left to deal with. They could very easily interfere with Mirko’s plan. Ujiko is also there meaning he could further speed up the process which is again dangerous for the heroes.

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[Updated] My Hero Academia CHAPTER 267 Release date :

My hero academia chapter 267 is out and you can read it here. This Manga runs on a weekly schedule meaning that new chapters are released once every week and are 7 days apart. until that date, you can check our latest posts: Kimetsu no Yaiba 202 & One piece 977. So what did you guys think of this Chapter? What did Dabi tell Hawks? Is he really Toya Todoroki? How are Hawks and Dabi’s past connected? Will Mirko break Shigaraki’s tank in bnha chapter 267? Or will they be overpowered by the nomus? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

My Hero Academia CHAPTER 268 Raw:

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