Kimetsu no yaiba 205: Tanjiro’s story gets a fitting finale and a new spinoff is in the works!

What’s up guys? As you all know, Kimetsu no Yaiba just dropped it’s much-awaited last chapter, KnY 205. Along with glimpses of some long-dead characters and those who are left of the original demon slayer gang after nearly a century, this chapter also finally addresses the Blue Spider Lily mystery. Read on to find out what happens in the conclusive last chapter of Kimetsu no Yaiba 205 but please do make sure that you have caught up with the manga because this post will contain obvious spoilers.

It wouldn’t be unwise to say that KnY 205 that is about the cycle of reincarnation, is an apt, although distant conclusion to the ever-popular manga series. Apt because we seemingly get to see all our favourite characters one last time. Distant because none of them except Yushiro and Kiriya Ubuyashiki are the characters we knew. The characters in KnY 205 are all descendants and reincarnations of the original demon slayers that look just like they did. Tanjiro and Kanao have two male descendants Sunmihiko who looks just like Tanjiro and Kanato, a male version of Kanao whereas Zenitsu and Nezuko have their own descendants Toko and Yoshiteru Agatsuma.

It’s almost surreal to see Tanjiro, Nezuko and Zenitsu worry about mundane things like getting late for school and exams rather than about protecting themselves and their loved ones from man-eating demons. And the other characters too lead simple lives after being reincarnated. The Kocho sisters are students, Sanemi and Genya are cops, Himejima runs a kindergarten and there’s also a baby Muichiro with his twin brother. Obanai and Misuri are finally together in this life and run a cafe.

kimetsu no Yaiba 205: The blue Spider Lily

The long awaited answer to the Blue Spider Lily mystery comes as a discovery by the shy botanist descendant of Inosuke, Aoba who has discovered that the Blue Spider Lily is a flower that blooms a couple of times in an year and that too, only during the daytime This ironical revelation also explains why Muzan could never find it even after a millennium. Yushiro, with Chachamaru by his side, is seen as a painter who keeps Tamayo’s memories alive by painting her pictures whereas Kiriya Ubuyashiki becomes the oldest living man in Japan, the Ubuyahsiki curse finally having been broken after Muzan’s death.

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In what could be the reflection of the last remnants of Tanjiro’s superhuman abilities left in his descendants, Sumihiko is seen parkouring across steets and even police cars to reach his school on time. It’s almost bittersweet that he passes Giyu’s look alike on the way, a happy elementary school kid seen with the reincarnations of Sabito and Makomo, unaware that this kid was someone very important to him in a past life. He’s then joined by what looks like his parkour loving best friend, Tojuro, Rengoku’s look alike as they jump across the school gate being hastily closed by an annoyed Murata look alike!

The manga comes to an end with a panel of Sumihiko’s mom getting a call from the cops complaining about him. And the panel then zooms in on a sword, possibly Tanjiro’s and a picture on the wall, in which Tanjiro, Nezuko and all the other members of the demon slayer corps are seen smiling and happy after the harrowing battle with Muzan!


Manga endings rarely satisfy fans, well, unless the manga is Full Metal Alchemist and like a lot of popular mangas, Kimetsu no Yaiba has also left it’s fandom divisive with it’s light ending. Most of the fans who disliked the ending were unhappy with not getting to see more of our main characters leading peaceful lives, some others were upset by the return of the dead Hashira, claiming that their return in the last chapter diluted the value of their deaths.

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In all honesty, an ending with our original main characters leading blissful lives in the Taisho era would have been more appropriate from a continuity perspective. It would have been great to see Tanjiro and Giyu interact outside of tense battles, Inosuke learn more names and the gang all grown up with their kids and reminiscing about what they went through but this is not to say that the ending was bad in anyway. Though it feels a bit disconnected from the past set of characters, the ending fits in well with the Buddhist themes in the manga’s narrative.

The only complaint that I have with the ending is that we still didn’t get an Urokodaki face reveal! Though the ending might have left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouth, I am sure the fandom would collectively agree that Kimetsu no Yaiba was a truly delightful read and would be terribly missed!


While we will have to bid goodbye to Tanjiro and most of the gang, KnY is still here to stay for a bit longer! A new spinoff is said to be in the works with none other than everybody’s favourite mentor Rengoku in the lead and with a different writer. It’s also said to focus on some of the other characters with less screen time. Who knows, maybe we’ll get cameos from the Kamaboko gang too! So what did you guys think of the ending of Kimetsu no Yaiba? Are you satisfied with the ending or dis you want to see more of Tanjiro and gang? Will you miss KnY? Are you excited for the new spinoff? Share your thoughts in the comments below

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