Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 263 Spoilers, Predictions and Release Date

Hey folks! Here we are to discuss Chapter 262 of My Hero Academia after two weeks of waiting. This post is going to contain heavy spoilers. So please turn back if you don’t want to spoil yourself.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 262 Discussion :

Chapter 262 of MHA returns after a one-week hiatus with a bang. The chapter starts with the no.6 hero Crust fighting a newly released High-End Nomu. We learn that Crust can manifest shields across his entire body. He has some companions with him and are on their way to help Mirko. Mirko is attacked by the High End released by Ujiko and even though she’s injured from a previous attack, she’s easily able to bash some nomu heads. We learn that Mirko can do anything a rabbit can and that she uses her powerful feet to attack her foes. Mirko is badass. This chapter again proves this fact when she uses her hair as a tourniquet for her hand that gets warped away by the triangular headed High End. Yes. She loses a hand. But it’s Mirko and there’s no stopping her.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 262

Ujiko is trapped in an innermost part of the lab with Shigaraki due to the deaths of our lovely John chan and Mocha chan. Desperate and near defeat, Ujiko has speeded up Shigaraki’s transformation. It’s at 71 per cent completion now. The chapter ends with a long awaited glimpse of the PLF mansion raid with Skeptic realizing the oncoming raid as a crack appears on the mansion walls. Skeptic looks for Twice and Hawks who seem to be not there in the mansion revealing that he was always wary of Hawks. Now this is a very intriguing development. We know that Hawks thought of Twice as the most dangerous member of the PLF. So there is a chance that he has taken Twice out before the raid began.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 263 Predictions :

We could expect to see the PLF raid in full swing in Chapter 263. The PLF mansion raid team is led by Edgeshot, the number 4 Pro Hero, so Team Lurkers in action is to be expected. We could also be seeing the other top ten heroes like Wash and Yoroi Musha in action. Readers have always been intrigued by the strange hero Wash and what his actual powers could be. I think we’ll also know what exactly happened to Hawks and Twice next chapter. And it would be interesting to see the villains retaliate especially with the likes of Gigantomachia participating. He is a nearly invincible villain and he could very well bring the heroes to their doom.

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As for the hospital raid, Mirko might get backup pretty soon from Endeavor and gang. The most worrying factor is Shigaraki. He could break out very soon. And that would be life threatening for the heroes. I am guessing we will also see the Evacuation team which has our 3 main characters in action pretty soon. They are after all, near the hospital. If something as bad as Shigaraki breaking out happens, we can expect Deku and gang to help the heores at the hospital. don’t forget to check our last article too : Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon slayer chapter 197

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 263 Release date :

bnha 263 will be out about 8 March. So what do you guys think?? Will Mirko get backup soon? Will the heroes be able to apprehend Ujiko before he completes Shigaraki’s transformation? Will the PLF mansion raid be successful? Where are Hawks and Twice? Did he manage to take out Twice? Share your thoughts in the comments below. (you can read the current chapter Here)

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