Kingdom Chapter 634 Spoilers, Predictions, Read online

Hello everyone, Today we’ll be discussing Kingdom chapter 634. Spoilers, predictions and Release Date are given below. if you feel you’re not catching up and don’t like spoilers feel free to leave the post. Otherwise, keep reading

Kingdom Chapter 633 Discussion (Recap) :

in the previous chapter, The scene has shifted from Ousen and Riboku forces fighting each other into Riboku’s retreat and heading toward Gyou that is running of supply. after a long time, we got to finally see Kanki who seems very confident in Ousen’s tactic and strategies as he looks unworried about Riboku’s army. Or maybe he just sure that he can handle Riboku alone? we’ll see about that.

The Kanki army informs the civilians that no harm will touch them if they just came out. after seeing a fire, coming from the city Kanki was about to make a move and call in the Zeno clan but he then got two consecutive reports that say Riboku is heading south and half-day away from the city as well as Ousen who is chasing him at a great speed.

Due to both speed factors and lack of food supply, Ousen commands were to choose the 2 best men out of 10 soldiers from Hi Shin units and Sou’ou and other units.

Kingdom Chapter 634 :

one of our top concerns right now is who will take over the city? Gyou’s people were rioting and badly trying to get out of the castle. the fire and people’s voices are raised. Their patience can’t last forever and it’s only a matter of time to get over the soldiers and get out of the castle. Many of them tend to believe Kanki army promise of not hurting any citizen. However, if somehow we could see the crazy Zenou Clan next chapter(which is very likely to happen considering Riboku army heading toward the city) nothing will look like before.
Kingdom Chapter 634 will reveal what will happen to Gyou’s citizen, Will they be attacked or protected? don’t forget to read out last posts Kimestu no Yaiba 197 and Bnha 263

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kingdom chapter 634

it is mentioned that Kanki is the one who will take over the city as a historical fact.
Shin for the HI-Shin unit, Mou Ten and Shi Ryou among other great soldiers (2 out of 10) are chasing Riboku at a crazy speed so would expect an exciting development because for no sure Kanki and Ousen army will be facing Riboku this time for one last time considering the Riboku and Gyou food state.

Kingdom Chapter 634 Release date and where to read online :

Kingdom Chapter 634 is on a break this weak and won’t be out till 12 March. in the meantime you can read chapter 633 here. so what do you think will happen next chapter? will Ousen army be able to catch up with Riboku? could we see the Zenou clan in action?

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