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Hello everyone, Today we’ll be discussing Kingdom chapter 632. Spoilers, predictions and Release Date are given below. if you feel you’re not catching up and don’t like spoilers feel free to leave the post. Otherwise, keep reading

in the previous chapter, Kyou Kai was able to perform the 100 years forbidden technique to rescue Shin. later then, she was sent into a dark place when she had the chance to see Shin and try to convince him to not step to the Red stairways otherwise he will be dead.
after many desperate yellings from Kyou Kai, Shin was able to remember his dream of becoming the general of heavens and therefore decided to not make the walk.

after Shin noticed Kyou Kai’s presence, she used all his power to hug him and then pushed him into the light hole to be able to return to the Hi-Shin unit. just when kk collapsed, the boys come from nowhere to push her into the same light hole.
two things I liked about this chapter: first the amazing reaction of the Hi-Shin units after seeing their captain alive again and second: we got the chance to see Shousa & Kyogai one more time “homies even after death”.

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kingdom chapter 632
From chapter 631

Now let’s talk a bit about Kingdom Chapter 632 :

Kingdom Chapter 632 :

Will Kyou Kai be ok?

Previously, we noticed that Shin has come back to life, but Kyou Kai has not yet.

kingdom chapter 632

it seems that Kyou Kai will be okay in chapter 632 after she has been thrown into the light hole by Shousa & Kyogai. However, it was said that in order for the dead person to be revived, the surgeon’s life had to be extended by half.
so Has Kyou Kai already lost half of her life?
I wonder how Shin would react when he figure out it. But I know this: what just happened will surely deepen the bond between Kk and Shin.

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Who Will go after Riboku?

Riboku has escaped but neither 630 or 631 have covered how far has come. so Chapter 632 will likely show how he’s doing now.

in the meantime, A Ka Kin is chasing after Riboku, nevertheless, I don’t believe he can stand against him alone. This brings me to my main Topic Shin.

Shin is awake now, with a strong look showing that he got his strength back. The moral of the Hi-Shin has reached its peak and probably will be the ones who go after Riboku in chapter 632 and of course, will take him down.

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Kingdom Chapter 632 Official Spoilers :

The Hi-Shin unit is freaking out after seeing their captain on his feet again. an emotional moment showing how much respect and love they have for Shin.

Kyou Kai is lost in a pure white world. She got the chance to do some “Girls-talk” about shin and why she decided to do the forbidden technique. some excited facts are revealed here. wait for it.

Kingdom Chapter 632 Official Raw scans :

Kingdom chapter 632
Kingdom chapter 632
Kingdom chapter 632

Kingdom Chapter 632 Release date and where to Read online.

Kingdom Chapter 632 will be featured in Weekly Young Jump, which will be released on Thursday, February 20th. you can read the chapter here

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