Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58 Spoilers, Predictions and Release Date

Hello, Z-Fighters! I am so excited to discuss Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58 and share my thoughts about chapter 57 as well. We last saw our Z-Fighters engaging in explosive battles with Saganbo’s Galactic Bandit Brigade. Gohan’s arrival to the battlefield changed the tide of the main battle, while other Z-Fighters around the world teamed up to beat their opponents. What happens in Chapter 57? Let’s dive in.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 57 Recap (Spoilers) :

Moro has arrived on Earth! The Z-Fighters continue fighting the Galactic Bandit Brigade. Krillin wins his battle against Yunba with a nostalgic kamehameha/afterimage combo blast and rushes off to help Master Roshi. Tien and Chiaotzu manage to defeat Bikkura, the metal man, in the same way, they defeated Magetta from Universe 6 – by insulting him. Bikkura goes down and is captured. On the other side of the planet, Master Roshi is handling himself well against Miza, Iwaza, and Kikaza, a trio of female bandits by blinding himself, employing the technique he used during the Tournament of Power that helped Goku understand Ultra Instinct better. The trio then fuses in a surprising twist and start pummeling both Krillin and Master Roshi.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58

In the main battle, #17 pummels Seven-Three, while #18 fights with Shimorekka. Moro descends on the battlefield and picks up a beaten Seven-Three; he tells Shimorekka to heal him. The Z-fighters are frozen by Moro’s evil chi. Saganbo asks Moro to let him battle the Z-Fighters; Moro permits him and gifts him a power boost which raises Saganbo’s power immensely. Saganbo manages to take on all of the Z-Fighters at the same time and beat them down. Things are looking tough for this group of fighters.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58

In a flash, we see Tien and Yamcha struggling against Zauyogi, and Krillin and Master Roshi struggling against the fused trio of female bandits. Goku senses the turmoil and pain of his friends but is unable to lock on to any of their chi signatures. In a final act of defiance, Krillin faces his opponent and unleashes all the chi he could muster. In a scene reminiscent of the Namek Saga battle with Recoome, Goku arrives in a show of blinding speed and power, and knocks out their fused antagonist.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58 Predictions :

Goku has arrived on the scene and is ready to face Moro and Saganbo. After his training with Merus, we can definitely expect him to be stronger. All of us are waiting for Ultra Instinct to make another appearance. Ultra instinct is a technique that even angels need to train extensively to master; with the revelation that Merus is an angel, it would strongly indicate that Goku is closer to honing this technique. We will probably see Goku battle Saganbo, then Moro only to be overcome as is common in Dragon Ball. We still need to see Vegeta, who I think will be the key character in this arc. Vegeta has always possessed a lot more raw strength than Goku; with this spirit training, he will be able to better focus his power and channel it into new techniques and maybe even a new transformation (Ultra Instinct or otherwise).

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58 Release Date :

Chapter 57 finally brought Goku into the midst of battle. I am deeply excited for chapter 58, as we may finally see a bit of Goku’s newly acquired power. Chapter 58 is set to be released on March 20th. Expect a full review of that chapter when it drops. See you in March Z-Fighters!

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