Black Clover chapter 287 Spoilers, Raw Scans and Release Date

Ey up guys. This week I’ve been rewatching Legend of Korra as my mate has never seen it and it reinforces what I initially felt. It had its issues but it did not deserve anywhere near the hate it has gotten from some, compared to every other series that follows up a beloved series with a run based on the kids of those characters, Korra is like goddamn Citizen Kane by virtue of not being a compete disaster. Especially compared to some……..

I’m not gonna say it cos you all know what I’m talking about. I’m finishing going through Avenged Sevenfold’s discography, I like it all but jeez some of them could do with cutting like 10/15 minutes out. But eh that’s just me. Anyway, below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 287 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 286 Discussion:

So we get a continuation of Nacht’s backstory in this chapter. We see how Nacht and his brother, despite being twins, were total opposites in regards to personalities. Like their magic affinities in that regard, as Morgen wields Light Magic.

Nacht reminisces how when he first got his grimoire he heard of a foreigner who used eerie magic and sought him out. Gee whoever could that person be……shocked gasp Yami? I did not see that coming at all…… can’t hear this but I am saying this with a metric shitton of sarcasm.

So Nacht and Yami met and ran riot for a while, until Yami joined the Magic Knights, where he joined the Gray Deer (I swear it used to be the Aqua Deer. I preferred that name to be honest) and met Morgen. Nacht notes how Morgen helped Yami feel at home in the Magic Knights.

Next we see Nacht summoned by his parents, where he assumes they want to make him the next head of the house. They do, but not for the reasons he presumed…….they teleport to the Devil Dungeon we saw Asta being trained in before. Nacht’s parents reveal they have studied Devils for generations and he would be next in line to learn these arts.

Nacht seems confused but appears to be tempted easily too. We see as Morgen and Yami became greater Magic Knights whilst Nacht sunk deeper into his devil studies, seeming to have made all four of his Devil Contracts in a short space of time.

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We see Nacht in the Devil Ritual circle where his father hands him a bracelet that would allow him to make a deal with yet another Devil, and tells him how the Underworld is ruled by three Devils of Gravity, Time and Space. He then says one of the devils who supports these three is The Supreme Devil Lucifugus. At this point Morgen reveals himself, having hidden away under one of the cloaks worn by the other…..worshippers? researchers? cultists? Eh, not the point, Morgen tries to order them not to but Nacht decides because the plot requires it to summon this devil by placing the bracelet on his wrist.

Aaaaaaaand he immediately regrets this decision when he realises just how powerful the Devil before them is, so much so that his power isn’t even repressed (or if it is it’s barely noticeable, the guy is that strong). But before he can react it seems to absorb everyone around him, who all vanish into dust whilst Nacht stands there too terrified to move.

Morgen then grabs Nacht’s wrist, and tries to direct his light magic at the bracelet in an attempt to break it and end the summoning. It works, but we see Morgen’s hand is now charred black as Lucifugus disappears. We see Nacht and Morgen remain in the ritual circle, Morgen in his arms with blood dripping out of his mouth as he remarks how this is probably punishment for not immediately reporting his family for their practice of Forbidden Magic.

As he drifts into the eternal slumber, Morgen mutters how he had hoped for Nacht to change his ways and join the Magic Knights so they could be Knights of Light and Shadow, and protect the Kingdom’s peace together…….and just like that, Morgen dies in Nacht’s arms.

At this, Nacht screams out, begging the gods in general to save his brother, internally thinking that it should be him who dies. Then a voice, either in Nacht’s own head or from somewhere else is not clear, retorts to not spout whatever would be convenient for him at the time, and why should anyone save him just because things didn’t go how he wanted.

Nacht thinks to himself how until he dies he won’t be able to forgive himself for Morgen’s death and what he did. We jump forward to the current battle, where Nacht tells the Devils he doesn’t care about rectifying their evil, he will simply kill them before they can harm any good people.

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He then thinks to himself Never thought I’d say this again but then states aloud Here and Now I’ll Surpass my Limits. Oh man the hype on that last line…….it’s even better seeing as last time he said it it cost him everything.

OK……….so that was a lot. So the Faust family were Devil worshippers/researchers? I wouldn’t be surprised if they summoned Megicula before to curse an enemy or two. As is tradition with the Black Bulls, Nacht’s origin was tragic, but this time he was the cause of his own misery (well not entirely but the main reason is his own foolishness).

The main takeaway/question from this chapter is who is Lucifugus? They stated there were 3 devils of Space, Gravity and Time. Given Lucifero has Gravity Magic and Zenon’s (unnamed) Devil has Spatial Magic that would mean Megicula is Time? I guess given the Curses can last a lifetime and be enacted whenever would count.

But given how Lucifugus seemed to absorb everyone around him, that could also be some kind of Time Magic that absorbs the time of those around it. It’s a lot to speculate on, but I wonder just where Lucifugus plays into this with the current battle. Could he be a secret weapon of the Devils, or some wildcard? Only Nacht seems to know given his apparently extensive knowledge of Devils.

But who was that when he begged for Morgen’s life? Was that his own internal monologue? It could be, but it felt like someone else responding to his pleas. Whether it was Lucifugus or another devil, or maybe an actual God is hard to tell. There have been hints to gods and angels in this so it’s not unfeasible a literal god told Nacht to piss off. Hell what would be more fitting of a Black Bull…….

Black Clover Chapter 287 Spoilers & Predictions:

I wonder if Nacht’s backstory is over yet. We haven’t seen much of how he joined the Black Bulls, his leaving for Spade or Yami’s reaction to Morgen’s death. It will be interesting, given Nacht claims to hate Yami it could be a messy scene. Especially as Yami would likely blame Nacht for Morgen’s death (well he kind of is to be fair).

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Or maybe……what if Yami sees Nacht’s trauma and decides not to get mad at him, but Nacht is mad at him for this and not punishing him like he feels he deserves. Or perhaps Yami’s punishment was sending him to Spade. We shall see, either next week or later on. If later on I imagine it’ll be when they save Yami. At least if they do……….

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If not, chances are we’ll see Nacht go all out, use whatever he seems to have in reserve against the Devils to get out of the position he’s in. I doubt Nacht could kill or one-shot them, but he may be able to trap them or get away perhaps.

We may jump over to a different group, back to those outside the castle walls or the other captains battling Dark Triad members. We haven’t seen Charlotte in a while and last time we did it wasn’t exactly looking like the odds were in her favour. Or perhaps Asta and the other Bulls preparing to attack Spade. Or maybe they’ll show up and save Nacht right there and then. These Devils may be powerful but I don’t think they could exactly walk off an entire building dropping on them.

Black Clover Chapter 287 Release date:

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