Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 304 Spoilers, Bnha 304 Raw scans

The chapter starts off with Hawks and Best Jeanist revealing themselves to eavesdropping on the Todoroki family commotion, where they offer to help them with the Dabi issue. They are interested in knowing the root cause of Dabis grudge, which may give an indication of how he may act in the future. Hawks also enquires about Shotos scar,

which his mother admits to have caused, and not her husband, which leads to a minute of self reflection on Hawks part, where he realises that he had just given up on his family and sort of just cut them off, whilst Shoto made an earnest effort to reconnect with his. The one thing Hawks missed that Shoto had was of course a Deku character, leading them to different conclusions in a seemingly similar sort of upbringing.

My Hero Academia 303 Discussion:

Hawks then makes Endeavour aware of how bad the situation outside really is, AFOs destruction of Tartarus and other prisons released 10,000 villains into society, which is causing chaos, as well as the entire hero system paralysed due to the heroes either being hospitalised or just “retiring”, the villains are taking full advantage in causing mischief.

I mentioned the possibility of seeing heroes from different countries arriving in Japan at some point, and it looks like I was correct as Horishiki is alluding to other nations heroes appearing very soon with silhouettes drawn in a panel, which will be very interesting to see the wider world and how their hero systems operate compared to what we’ve seen so far in this story.

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Back to the conversation, Hawks proposes a three hero alliance between Endeavour, Hawks and Best Jeanist, the top 3 currently active heroes, which should send out a huge message and a big boost to the heroes that the top 3 are still around, the villains will probably get cold feet which will send the opportunists back home, easing the load for the remaining heroes and keeping the public a little bit safer.

Now the meat of the chapter arrives, Hawks is talking about releasing a statement to address the claims Dabi made, he asks a question that has been coming for a long time, “All for One, what is it exactly?” This question will definitely be the first thread which will inevitably unravel the secret of OFA and AFO, the fact that it’s been kept secret this long is a miracle in itself, but with detective Hawks on the case, it’s only really a matter of time before he can fully piece together the truth.

Endeavour then remembers during the fight with Shigiraki, Deku suggests that Shigi was after him, which leads him to suggests Dekus name, and that’s pretty much all that Hawks needs now, he’ll be paying very close attention to Deku, his quirks and practically everything surrounding him, it’ll be quite easy for Hawks to find out that Deku was quirkless and then randomly gained a quirk, whilst also realising that All Might lost his powers around the same time, it’s just dominoes, and the first one has just fallen.

Now the scene cuts to the students, who have restrained Bakugo because he’s practically assaulting a comatose Deku for, well being in a coma and he’s led out by his fellow classmates. The students are worried about Deku, because his body is now on the mend, but the fact that he hasn’t woken up is a cause for concern for his classmates, even though we as the reader know he’s in the zone meeting up with the predecessors, they have no way of knowing this.

The last few panels show Hawks asking to talk to Deku, and he’s informed that he can’t talk because he’s in a coma and also that All Might is with him right now, which sets off Hawks inner detective. Now these two pieces of information are in his head, there’s no way he won’t put them together further down the line.

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My Hero Academia chapter 304 predictions:

Finally, we are going to join Deku with his meeting in the zone with all his OFA predecessors. This is probably going to lead to a couple of info dump chapters, where all the previous incarnations of OFA will be giving him information of their quirks and probably training on how to manifest/use them.

This is going to be interesting because we will finally get more details surrounding this mysterious quirk, who Deku will be able to do with it and how it may evolve in the future.

I’m particularly interested in how those predecessors fell to AFO, learning how they were defeated may be the key to learning how to defeat him, and also provide us with a lot of interesting backstory regarding them and the past world that they now live in, and also showing how the hero society was shaped into what it is now.

My Hero Academia chapter 304 release date:

BNHA 304 will be released on the 7th Mars, which can be found on mangaplus or viz.that’s all for today guys, keep on eye in this post as we will be updating it in a daily basis by adding the latest spoilers as soon as they get out.

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