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My Hero Academia 278 Discussion:

This chapter is very fast paced, a lot of things happen at the same time as not a lot of storytelling, not much here to be analysed really as the action is pretty straightforward.

Jiro senses a large object moving at speed towards them which is a rabid Giga. Mount Lady is doing her best to stop him, but she just can’t match the raw power Giga has and is easily shrugged aside as he surges forwards towards Shigi. We see snippets of other fights, cementos, edgeshot, Kamui and Midnight all taking on the villains in a desperate stand, but is it enough to defeat these overpowered titans?

The answer so far is no, the heroes have been mowed down like fodder , as we see with Kamui getting scorched by Dabi as he tries to get Midnight to Gigas face and sedate him using her sleeping gas quirk, but unfortunately that plan doesn’t come to fruition as midnight is sent sprawling smashing through trees and basically being totally crushed by the fall. To make matters worse she’s been spotted by a group of normally fodder villains but in the current state she’s in, it will be a very difficult fight for her to survive.

my hero academia 279

The most important part of BNHA 278 seems to be that Horishiki has chosen to give Yamamoma her time to shine. Midnight gives Momo the mission to sedate Giga, she entrusts this critical assignment to her as she believes that Momo will grow to be a competent leader and this is her moment to really grow as a character.

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The mission is to sedate Giga, the execution is what will show us how much Momo has grown, on her side she has Jirou, Kaminari, Tentacole, Mudman, Red Riot and Ashido. How will they manage to deliver the drugs to Giga and get him out of the game? They have no brute strength to slow him down, only mudman could potentially bog him down temporarily and give them enough time to somehow deliver the drugs to him.

My Hero Academia 278 Spoilers & Predictions:

The story will probably continue on My hero academia 279 with the Momo arc where we will see how they go about completing midnights mission, this will be a critical part of the overall arc as Shigi will be unstoppable if Giga joins the fray. I can’t really say how they will delivery the sedatives to Giga, the League of villains will first need to be separated from Gigas back so that the heroes can get close to his face and give him the drugs.

Another thing to note is that the imperfect state of Shigis transformation is repeatedly stressed as if to make a point that there is an underlying weakness that will mean he can’t just one shot every opponent he faces.

The key to putting his siege on hold will be fully understanding what the imperfection of his transformation is and then exploiting it. Some speculate that his powerup is time based so he will go back to normal after a while, which is a mirror of All Might after his injury where he could only be in muscle form for so long, and that would tie in nicely with the way to make sure the Shigi is not too far ahead of Deku in terms of power scaling, and also will mean that not everyone would just die in a frenzied slaughter.

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My hero Academia Chapter 279 Raw and release date:

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