Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 308 Spoilers, Bnha 308 Raw scans

So this chapter reintroduces two side characters that we saw a looooooong time ago, back when Joke was hitting on Aizawa, oh how much has happened since then. The noobs are Yo Shindo and Tatami Nakagame, who are patrolling the neighbourhood trying to convince stubborn members of the neighbourhood to take shelter in one of the hero schools, which they claim to give greater protection to the citizens.

My Hero Academia 307 Discussion:

The remaining people however have little interest in going, they stopped believing in the hero system and have taken up arms themselves to defend what they want to protect, however they aren’t exactly a well oiled army, old men with pitchforks is closer to the actual state of events, and these stubborn old men have deluded themselves into thinking they can deal villains because they sent a few opportunist low level thugs packing, they can now beat anyone, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The villain that has been sighted is jailbreaker, or as more familiar to you, the muscle guy deku got creamed by all the way back when Kota was being a baby and got lost in the hills and the league of villains attacked. Well after he smashed up Deku and everything, eventually landing himself in Tartarus for like 2 years or so, and now he’s out with not a lot to stop him. These old geezers with some support items aren’t going to survive that, but they’re too deluded to realise.

Well Jailbreaker arrived, and he spotted out duo of woefully in-equipped heroes (actually just students) and he’s ready to rip them apart, which is basically what happens, Shindo goes in to fight him and Jailbreaker basically just oneshots him. Shindo isn’t quite out of it though, and his vibration quirk is something he tries to use but it’s not going to work on Jailbreaker, who can create and manipulate muscle fibres at will, which the human vibrator cannot penetrate.

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As Jailbreaker is about to turn Shindo into mince meat, suddenly a hero arrives to save the day, who could it be, someone who smashes a lot, yes that’s right, it’s the new lone wolf, Deku.

My Hero Academia chapter 308 predictions:

So Deku is back in a classic “time to show off my growth” type of fight where he will probably annihilate Jailbreaker showing off his new and improved quirk, using whatever it is the others had and bestow it upon jailbreaker, who doesn’t know what kind of a mess he’s getting into.

As for Deku, well he’s now wearing his All Might inspired hood/mask, which is basically his way of fully becoming a hero now, his costume is battered and torn, showing the mark of a well seasoned warrior who has spent his days travelling a lonely road of continuous battles.

Deku is basically a vigilante at this point, would be nice if we could get a tie in with the Vigilantes series, with Kotaro teaching him the ropes of living on the street, or maybe a cameo from him and pop being involved, surely he wouldn’t let this sort of situation slide and would be getting involved to try and help out.

My Hero Academia chapter 308 release date:

BNHA 308 will be released on the 4th April, which can be found on mangaplus or viz.that’s all for today guys, keep on eye in this post as we will be updating it in a daily basis by adding the latest spoilers as soon as they get out.

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