Edens Zero 88 Spoilers, Edens Zero chapter 88 Raw and Release date.

Hello, here to discuss the latest chapter of Eden’s Zero, Chapter 87: 4 on 4. If you aren’t caught up with the series and want to avoid spoilers, feel free to catch up before reading on. A link to where you can read the latest chapters will be provided down below.

Edens Zero Chapter 87 Discussion (Recap) :

Starting off the chapter this week, we’re introduced to the first character file. It’s referred to as “Pino’s Analysis” so as such the description is from her perspective. Who better to start the first of the character files than the main protagonist, Shiki. Not too much information that we didn’t already learn from the story, he hates bugs and loves friends. Although it does bring up the question on why Shiki hates bugs and suggests that it’s something that relates to his past, perhaps something we’ll see in a future flashback?

Anyways, onto the the actual chapter. The Edens Zero is now currently inside Drakken’s ship and the crew is figuring out their strategy. Pino calculates the battle prowess of Drakken based on internet sources and states that Shiki is not strong enough to take him on, confirming what we’ve seen in the previous timeline. Fortunately as Weisz states they won’t have to fight him, as their only goal is to rescue Labilia. I hope this arc holds onto idea that Drakken can’t be beaten yet, because in my opinion it makes things more interesting to have a power ceiling that can’t be reach for a while and it would be less interesting to me if they overcome it this arc.

As the Edens Zero finds a place to land the Element 4 are on the scene. Hearing that it’s four enemies Witch offers to let them take care of it. The trio of Rebecca, Weisz, and Shiki make an exit in the little ship. As the Element 4 prepare to attack they are cut off by the four stars. During this moment we can see how the match ups are going to play out; Fie of Fire against Hermit, Daichi of Earth against Sister, Sylph of Wind against Homura, and Laguna against Witch.

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Most of these match ups make sense and have a reason why the two are paired against each other; Fie uses machines and Hermit can control machines, Daichi loves torture and so does Sister, in the previous timeline Homura and Sylph fought so this is like a revenge match. The only one left is Witch and Laguna, which don’t have any direct connections to have them face each other. The only thing I can see is that Witch is like the leader of the four stars and Laguna seems to be the most empathetic to the Edens Zero crew and the most developed out of the Element 4 making him stand out the most. Considering Mashima’s other work, Fairy Tail, had an Element 4 as well and had the water element become an ally, it’s possible that Laguna can be brought over. Which I’d totally be okay with if it means we get to more of him, love his design and ability.

As far as the match ups go, it’s hard to say how it’ll play out. Hermit seems to have to complete advantage over Fie, considering she already took out his main weapon. Homura lost to Sylph before but her main focus was on the medicine for Weisz; with the other stars here to possible coach her maybe it’ll play out differently. Daichi is a bit weird since I don’t know if his ability will work on inorganic bodies, if it does it seems pretty hard to counter and if it doesn’t it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to stand against sister. Laguna’s main ability doesn’t look like it’ll be effective either, just based on the assumption that it’ll be hard to make Witch cry.

The four stars also reveal their battle dress, with the exception of Homura who had to settle using Weisz’s disguise app creating a funny scene. The transformations all look pretty cool, I personally like Homura’s fake battle dress the most.

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Oh boy, spent a lot of time on the 4 on 4 part, but there’s a bit more in this chapter. Rebecca shows off some of her piloting skills and Shiki show off more cool uses of his power by using anti-gravity to repel bullets and missiles. Most importantly someone is with Drakken and that is none other than Master Noah.

Edens Zero Chapter 88 Predictions :

Okay, WOW. Was not really expecting Noah to show up yet in this arc, I’m sure chapter 88 will focus on him. I don’t know what to predict, there’s just so much. What’s he planning, why is he with Drakken, what is cat leaper, why is 29 now 30? So I don’t know maybe chapter 88 will answer any one of those, or maybe he’ll just leave more questions than answers. Either way I’m excited to see what he has to say.

Edens Zero Chapter 88 Release date and where to Read online :

The latest chapters can be found here. The release date for chapter 88 should be 3/30/20

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