Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To – Chapter 184 Spoilers, Predictions and discussion

Today’s post will be about Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to – Chapter 184, Spoilers and Predictions are given below. If you aren’t caught up with the series and want to avoid spoilers, feel free to catch up before reading on

Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To – Chapter 183 Discussion:

This week on Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to
Unyo Shinomiya is trying to capture Hayasaka and extract any information that could give him an edge in the war of succession.
Shirogane helps Hayasaka evade capture while trying to convince her to open up, show her true self, and trust the people around her to be there for her. His advice is more applicable to himself, since he holds onto his persona and insecurities even more tightly than she does. This arc may not be about him, but when the time finally comes to confront his issues, I’m sure his friend Hayasaka will be there to return the favor.
We find out Hayasaka really does have friends who care about her, she just hasn’t realize it.
Kaguya and Hayasaka have both become introspective of their complex relationship. They are as close as sisters but their connection is still built on a master-servant dynamic.
The chapter ends when Nao (Hayasaka’s mom) shows up to deliver a cryptic message to Kaguya. “Meet me at the place where it all began.”

Things you may have missed:

Hayasaka’s Last Resort
When Hayasaka was cornered by her would-be kidnapper, she reached for something hidden up her skirt. We didn’t see what the item was, but we have some clues:
• in an interview Aka said Shuchiin girl uniforms have pockets in the folds of the dress, so the mystery object is not something she can simply carry in her pocket like a phone or a whistle.
• it’s something she wants to keep hidden but easily accessible on her person at all times.
It’s hard to imagine it being anything other than a weapon.

Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to - Chapter 184
Could it be Zappy-kun?

Mama’s Loyalty
Maybe Nao “mama” Hayasaka is completely on her daughter’s side and here to save the day, but Aka doesn’t write protective matriarchs.
She is someone who let her daughter live as a servant from birth.
She rarely sees her child.
She repeats the Shinomiya motto unprompted.
She works for the main house so she isn’t in league with Unyo the third son, but it would be very surprising if she doesn’t report back everything the way Ai Hayasaka reports on Kaguya.
The last line of this chapter was Mama Hayasaka stating she also has no idea where the mysterious meeting place is. What if Hayasaka’s cryptic message isn’t some game or petty test? The practical advantage of the riddle ist that only Kaguya will know the location and the only other person to see the message is Nao Hayasaka. Maybe the crybaby mama’s girl with trust issues doesn’t trust her mom completely.

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In light-hearted details Tetchan and Miipan seems to be doing well since their first scandalous introduction in chapter 158

Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to – Chapter 183 Review :

Many readers feel that the pacing and structure of this chapter is messier than what we’ve come to expect from Aka sensei, but I think the problem can be traced to a single missing border.
It’s not clear when the bathroom confrontation scene takes place.
When the chronology becomes confusing in one place it disrupts everything.
Was it a flashback or a flashforward? Was it the present and the Shirogane + Hayasaka scenes actually the flashbacks? Are the Kaguya scenes happening before, after, or during any of this?
In the past, Aka has often used blackborders to indicate flashbacks. A simple black border around the bathroom scene would have avoided all these issues.
It’s just a very minor oversight by Aka or an assistant, so don’t worry, he hasn’t lost his touch.

Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to – Chapter 184 predictions :

Shirogane’s Plan
Shirogane’s monologue over Fujiwara’s knowing look points to a coordinated plan to save Hayasaka.
Given his lecture’s theme of friendship and relying on others, we may see many of their friends make an appearance. Not only because they are the only resource he has, but also to prove his point to Hayasaka.
Besides Fujiwara and Hayasaka’s self-proclaimed guardians, we know a few of their friends are also on the trip:
• Maki Shijo, sworn enemy of the Shinomiya clan
• Momo Ryuju, Shirogane’s oldest friend at Shuchiin and daughter of the Ryujugumi Yakuza boss.
• Nagisa Kashiwagi and her boyfriend Tsubasa Tanuma, who owe their relationship to Shirogane
• Saburo Toyosaki and Go Kazamatsuri who got a lot of screen time this trip and perfectly suited for this situation

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Hayasaka also has a more developed relationship with the mass media club girls Erika and Karen in the spinoff We Want to Talk About Kaguya
(read it here! )
Terako, the third member of the feared TG club is also on the trip.

Movie Plans?
Long time fans of the manga believe Aka writes a climax every 45 chapters. This design helps the anime adaptation reach a natural season finale.
The school trip arc began on ch.180 and doesn’t look like it’ll conclude quickly.
Could this arc be written with a movie consideration in mind? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to – Chapter 184 Release date and where to Read :

No Kaguya next week, but you can read the series Here.

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