10 most underrated anime of 2019

There were many big-name anime that came out in 2019, Demon Slayer, Dr.Stone, The Promised Neverland, and much more. Along with these very popular shows, there are other underrated anime series that get looked over and unwatched. To give these shows some love, continue reading to find some pretty good overlooked shows from 2019.

10. My Roommate is a cat

My Roommate is a cat is about a man named Mikazuki Subaru, a shy and awkward novelist, who finds a cat named Haru. Together they try to coexist with one another and find understanding with each other. What makes this series unique is you get the perspective of both Haru and Subaru. The first half of the show shows Subaru’s perspective and the later half shows Haru’s. It’s a nice wholesome story where you just might shed a tear or two.

9.The Morose Mononokean II

The first season aired in 2016 and 3 years later in 2019 we got the 2nd season of The Morose Mononokean. The series is about a teen named Hanae who encounters a yokai and his health starts to decline, he meets Abeno who helps Hanae’s issue. Hanae later works for Abeno and together they help others with issues involving yokai. Season 2 expands more into season 1 with more yokai problems and we get to see more development between the 2 characters. If you like your yokai stories you will find enjoyment in watching this.


Mix is a story set 26 years after Touch, it’s not a direct sequel and you don’t need to watch Touch to be able to watch Mix, though it doesn’t harm watching it. It’s a sports comedy story following the lives of two stepbrothers, Souichirou and Touma Tachibana, as they aim to enter National in Baseball. While it is a sports series and it is the main focus, the true fun is watching the two stepbrothers’ interactions with each other and their teammates. Even if sports anime isn’t for you, you might still find some enjoyment in watching Mix.

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YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world is it’s full name, is a  Sci-fi, time travel, drama series. Ever since we went into the late 2010s following 2015+ we have been getting less and less Visual Novel adaptations. In 2019 beside Yu-No only one other Visual Novel adaptation came out. As a fan of Visual Novels whenever a new anime comes out that’s based on a Visual Novel I get hyped. However, Yu-No has some strong themes that I can’t recommend to people easily. If you like your dark sci-fi stories you might enjoy Yu-No.

6.Wasteful Days of High School Girl

If asked to compare Wasteful Days of High School Girl to another similar anime the shows that come to mind are, Nichijou, Asobi Asobase, and Daily Lives of High School Boys. If anything it’s like the girl version of Daily Lives of High School Boys. It’s a pure comedy with a large variety of characters. From a chuunibyou girl, a teacher who yells out that he loves college girls, to a girl who seems to be missing some brain cells there is bound to be a character or two that you love and can’t stop laughing to. If you love your shows with weird characters and strange and crazy antics you’ll love Wasteful Days of High School Girl.

5.Machikado Mazoku

Similar girl named Yuuko Yoshido who awakens her power as a succubus in her first year of high school. She meets Momo, a magical girl who protects the town Seiiki Sakuraga-oka where they live. Magical Girls and demons are sworn enemies who are meant to fight each other but is that what these two girls do? Well yes and no you’ll know what I am talking about if you watch it. If pure ridiculous comedy is your thing give this show a try.

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4.Kochouki: Wakaki Nobunaga

Kochouki: Wakaki Nobunaga is another show that I can’t recommend fully to people. Main reason is the ending, it becomes rushed and has a very very open ended finale. However, besides that it’s generally a good Historical show about Nobunaga. The series is about Oda Nobunaga in his teens and follows his life up till when he becomes ruler. It’s not the best historical Sengoku era series ever but it does have merits and as someone who loves Japanese history I enjoyed it and if you love Japanese history you might as well. However, keep in mind the ending is bad, whether that turns you away or not is up to you.

3.Kabukichou Sherlock

Kabukichou Sherlock is about a man named John Watson who believes that someone is trying to kill him. To get to the bottom of this he is looking for someone to solve this mystery. He ends up finding about Pipe Cat, an underground bar/detective agency. In the underground bar he finds Sherlock Holmes, the best detective in the agency. He asks Sherlock to help him solve the case but Sherlock declines. To get him to solve the case he starts to help Sherlock with his day to day life and cases the agency gets. Throughout the series there are 2 main arcs but in the middle of those there are a few smaller arcs, involving client cases which are 1-3 episodes, these smaller arcs do still have an effect on the story and are not just filler to waste time. Even though Kabukichou Sherlock is mainly a mystery series, I find the comedy to be a much more prominent part in the series. 

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2.Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy

Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy or Outburst Dreamer Boys is about a girl named Mizuki Hijiri, who after she transfers into a new school meets a group of boys who are in the Hero Club. The club has 4 otaku boys who are the members, one is a Chuubyou, one believes he is a hero similar to the power rangers, another obsessed with gacha games, and the other one tries to be a cold and heartless neko boy. These four boys’ mission in the hero club is to bring peace to their town and solve cases. The series is a fun light hearted watch with a good message at the end. If you love Chuubyou comedy and characters this show is for you.

1.Africa no Salaryman

At first glance Africa no Salaryman doesn’t look or seem interesting. It is all CGI and bad CGI at that, with some 2nd animation here and there, the characters are animals and the setting is in an office. This series is definitely not for everyone and if you don’t love office workplace humor or adult society humor this show won’t be for you. Africa no The bad CGI often adds to the comedy only making it better. There are also a few anime references in there some are harder to spot then others but as someone who loves references in shows it’s awesome to see. It took me about 2-3 episodes to really love this show so if it looks at all interesting to you give the first few episodes a try to see if it’s for you.

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