Kingdom 641 Raw, Kingdom chapter 641 Spoilers and Release date

Hello and welcome! Below you will find a recap of Chapter 640 and a prediction of what is to come in chapter 641. Be advised there are heavy spoilers below, so please proceed with caution. Thank you.

Kingdom Chapter 640 Discussion (Recap):

kingdom Chapter 640 is the official end of the war against Southern Zhao. Not only has Qin overtaken, Ryou You and Gyou, Qin has now reclaimed Retsubi. As stated by Riboku in the previous chapter, Retsubi would be attacked on two fronts. He was proven to be correct when both the Tou army, and finally awakened Akou attacked Retsubi. This dual front attack forced Chochou and Shun Sui Ju to retreat back to Kantan.

The main reason that this was able to happen, was because of the Zhao King’s refusal to send support troops from the capital. If he had, then Retsubi would more than likely have been able to hold off the attack from both Qin armies. This point was further acknowledged by Chu’s Karin. The biggest handicap that Zhao has is its dreadfully incompetent King. Even Chochou himself openly talked of regicide in order to free Riboku before his scheduled execution.

After a time skip of a month, the Hi Shin Unit was finally given permission to return home. On their way towards Retsubi, Shin is reunited with Heki, for the first time in 69 days.

Kingdom Chapter 641 Predictions:

kingdom Chapter 641 can go a multitude of directions. We can see the HSU making a quick pit stop at Retsubi. This would be a nice treat for readers because we can see the reactions of the Tou army learning of Shin slaying Houken.

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We may also see the reactions of the other states. In chapter 640, we saw Chu’s reaction and how they now view Qin as extremely dangerous. It is possible we get reactions from Wei and Han next.

There is also the likelihood that we get to see some Hi Shin Unit shenanigans. En believes he witnessed Shin and Kyou Kai fooling around, and may end up starting a rumor that their captain and lieutenant are romantically involved. This could go a lot of ways.

Finally, I don’t expect the Hi Shin Unit to be seen back in Qin chapter 641. But if I am wrong than it is likely to be a prelude of the long awaited award ceremony, in which finally Shin becomes a general!

Kingdom Chapter 641 Raw and Release date :

Next week is Golden Week. It is likely that kingdom Chapter 641 will be released on Thursday 5/7. and fans will be able to discuss kingdom 641 on Reddit and other social platforms. You can find the chapter on, for the best quality translation. Although Kingdom is not currently published in English, please support Hara-sensei when it is.

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