Gleipnir Episode 5 Release Date, where to Watch online english sub

And now, the steaks have been set, some questions got answers while others are still yet to be but overall, the introduction is done, and now the adventure start.

Gleipnir Episodes 4 Recap (Spoilers) :

This episode gives a a pause to the action and mystery to actually lift some of the fog about the mystery.

There was some action but shorter compared to previous episodes but instead we got more fanservice and dialogues which were info dump about the lore and the current situation of the protagonists.

But most of all, set the step stone for the Claire and Shuiichi actual start of an adventure that at the beginning were hesitant with him shocked at such abrupt change of pace in his life and her about how much in the dark she was regarding Elena.

Now they have all the pieces set to embark themselved to risk their lifes in exchange to resolves those unanswered questions.

Following last episode cliff hanger, Elena quickly regrets her attack at Shuiichi. Claire strikes back but Elena shown to be an enemy to be feared on, easily defeating a beheaded Shuiichi’s monster form with Claire’s head exposed, Elena confirms Claire accusation about she killing their parents and afterwards she leaves them after answering a phonecall but leave a coin to her and a direction to use it.

Once the heat was down, Claire decide to keep her promise and decide to end her life since Shuiichi was decapitated but Shuiichi was alive, immediately halting Claire’s suicide attempt.
They go to the address Elena’s gave and found an average teenager, male, reading manga. The guy realize is mortified at the scene of a beheaded furry and a human inside it but he quickly calms after he saw they had a coin. He offer to heal shuiichi in exchange of the coin and Claire accept more by force than willingness.

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While Shuiichi heals, Claire goes outside of him to take a breath. In the meantime the guy reveals himself to be an alien and those coins are in reality other aliens as well. After their ship crashed on earth they scattered around and as a way to fit in thus environment the alien took the form of a human but can easily change form and display by easily changing into Claire clone with just eating her hair.

It also reveals it’s gathering the other fellow aliens by letting humans go collect them in it’s place, bring them to it and granting the collectors “a wish” which is give them powers like Shuiichi, Elena and the tomboy (f). However, it reveals the powers are shaped according to the user desire and find amusing Shuiichi power to let someone else ride him.

Moreover, it reveals whoever collect 100 coins will receive a very special wish.

Besides that he does not know about Elena neither how Shuiichi got his powers since he does not remember directly asking for one, with that said they leave.

Some time passed since those incidents and Shuiichi changed compared to the before, and realice that there is something more bigger and important breeding in the dephts of the town with those coins, the alien and people searching for them.

So the episode ends with Claire and Shuiichi joining this coin haunt and going to the forest.

Gleipnir Episode 5 and what to expect:

Now with the coins’s nature clear, I pretty much expect the Gleipnir Episode 5 to be about Claire and Shuiichi looking to gather coins and probably the amount of one hundred based on what the Alien claimed about it.

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Also, to instigate on Elena’s past before she got her powers and pretty much what is her current role in the story.

Gleipnir Episode 5 Release date and Where to watch:

Gleipnir is simulcasted by Funimation and Animelab and episode 5 is expected to drop this Sunday’s third (UTC-5).

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