5 best Fantasy Romance Anime To Broaden Your Horizon

When you’re looking for a show, genres are quite convenient. They arouse expectations, as well as they, delimit what the series may be about. Thanks to genres, too, anime shows may be juxtaposed, and even compared. But that’s about it. Though genres identify the main themes, they don’t specifically tell the treatment, the take, and how the show will tackle it all. And some shows can really vary from one another like the sun and the moon.

Now, let’s break down the fantasy romance anime genre, and what to expect from their mishmash.

On the one hand, there’s fantasy. It may depict an extraordinary daily life, even sometimes taking place in the highest social surroundings, or deal with terrific powers and forces at hand. In the end, it’s dreamlike, and fuels its viewerbase (that’s us) with wonder. But fantasy is more a term that means what the story will be about will feel foreign at first: We desire to drift from our reality to this “outlandish” that’s depicted. 

On the other hand, we have romance. While participating along fantasy in bringing about the foundations of the premise, romance carries much more. And it’s much thanks to the nature of romance’s theme: The human heart and how it loves. From the romance genre, we can expect character growth, and seeing emotions and sentiments bud. Relationships, too, are exploited, much to the delight of more analytic fans.

To broaden your anime experience, tackling different genres is the way to go. But doing so may end up with a bad aftertaste, no matter if the advice gets given a lot. What this article wishes to do, it’s to propose you various romance shows, including fantasy elements. A sort of invitation, if you want, down the cozy rabbit hole.

1. Air (2005)

Fantasy Romance Anime

Synopsis: Yukito Kunisaki, a traveling puppeteer, seeks to find the “girl in the sky”, appearing in a tale his mother told him. Some day, he arrives at a small town, and gives a puppet show to earn money. Unexpectedly, upon meeting Misuzu, he ends up staying with her. As he settles down in this calm town, Yukito becomes better acquainted with the people here, and decides to help them. Thus, he grows more fond of Misuzu and the town, no longer really searching for the “girl in the sky”. But will he ever come close to her? Or perhaps was it his fate to come across this town? 

Why: This show brings about the feel of tragedy at its finest. That of dignity, of authenticity, and of poetry. True because it is relatable, poetic thanks to the place and the people it tells of, and respectable as it depicts some of the most important sentiments to us. And yet it doesn’t stand out, among other romance shows, as foreign. Comedic elements permit us to feel attached to its characters, as well as it lightens the mood, a necessity when skillfully building tension.

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genres: Slice of Life, Supernatural, Drama, Romance
  • Studio: Kyoto Animation
  • Watch at: Funimation.com
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2. Hamefura (2020)

Fantasy Romance Anime

Synopsis: Some day, Katarina Claes, the sole daughter of Duke Claes, hurts her head. The accident causes her to remember her past life, that of a Japanese teenager hit by a truck. Upon realizing she now lives in the universe of an otome game, “Fortune Lover”, and that she was reborn as the villainess meant to bully the heroine, and to wind up killed or, in the best case, exiled, she sets out to twist the threads of fate. Using her wits, as well as her past knowledge of the game, she tackles every bleak flag, and colorfully so!

Why: The main reason this anime manages to refresh, despite exploiting such a mainstream genre as romance, is its use of the isekai trope in a comedic treatment. As a result, every instant spent watching this vivid marvel feels incredible, and amusing. Though romance only appears in a lighthearted way, it’s a huge part of what makes Hamefura so sweet, tender and fun.

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School
  • Studio: Silver Link.
  • Watch at: Crynchyroll.com

3. SukaSuka (2017)

Fantasy Romance Anime

Synopsis: Willem Kmetsch, a warrior fighting for his dear ones back home, winds up frozen after defeating a monster. During his sleep, humanity finds itself threatened by “Beasts”. A matter of five centuries later, as Willem unfreezes, mankind no longer exists. The surviving races of this world live on various floating islands in the sky, as the Beasts have claimed the planet’s surface. Willem, among them, now lives a lonely life, having lost everything he had, and hardly getting by thanks to odd jobs. Some day, his job involves being a warehouse caretaker. It is bewildered that he discovers the weapons of the warehouse: The Leprechauns seem mere children, though accepting their warfare purpose. This show is about Willem’s job as somewhat of a father to those younglings, granting them support and care.

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Why: Though here present for its romantic and fantastic elements, SukaSuka as a show depicts another heartwarming kind of relationship, that of parental care. As a whole, it feels intimate and homely, simple and soft. However, as it ever happens when war and love clash together, drama ensues, with its share of mindfulness, as well as that of hurt. If war is a theme you feel insecure about, keep yourself away from it, though it doesn’t necessarily get bloody.

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genres: Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance, Fantasy
  • Studio: Satelight, C2C
  • Watch at: Funimation.com

4. Re:Zero (2016)

Fantasy Romance Anime

Synopsis: As he exits a store, Subaru, your average reclusive high schooler, finds himself brought to another world. However, he quickly realizes how grim looks his situation, with no powers whatsoever, a phone, and a shopping bag. A few instants in a fantastic town later, thugs corner him. Only thanks to the arrival of Satella, a beautiful girl looking for her stolen insignia, is he saved. Hearing about her issue, Subaru wishes to help her. Ensues a quest that only ends the same night. However, as Subaru tries to trade for the insignia, he and Satella are brutally murdered. Just after, Subaru awakens to the same fate, meeting the thugs, Satella, repeating his day as he fumbles, trying to make a change.

Why: The fantasist nature of this series proposes another kind of emotionally engaging treatment. If the grim and dark is not for you, stay away, or go in aware. But every time the show gets darker, it becomes a roller coaster ride. Beware, though: Romance in this show can really divide, because it develops its characters and conflicting desires. In fact, its aftermath in the anime community has been quite tremendous. At the very least, Re:Zero is one of the few romance shows that proceeds not to boringly circle around, never advancing its plot.

  • Episodes: 25
  • Genres: Psychological, Drama, Thriller, Fantasy
  • Studio: White Fox
  • Watch at: Funimation.com
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5. Hitsugi no Chaika (2014)

Fantasy Romance Anime

Synopsis: Tooru Acura, a sad young man and former saboteur, has trouble finding a job, even five years after the war ended. By luck, he someday encounters Chaika, a silver haired wizard, carrying a coffin. Considering it a sign, he decides to travel alongside her, with Akari, his sister. Chaika’s travel, however, is motivated by her desire to offer a proper burial to her father, as she needs to gather his scattered remains. But Chaika’s father, Arthur Gaz, was also known as the Taboo Emperor, having mercilessly ruled for centuries, until being defeated by the alliance of six nations. As Chaika is his daughter, the six nation alliance decides to pursue and apprehend her. The series tells of how plays out the dramatic quest of a wanted Antigone.

Why: Because the fantasy elements only flesh out the world, and the adventurish nature of the show, it doesn’t necessarily revolutionize the romance genre. All the while, another interesting sentiment is explored: That of grieving. Between heavy (and less so) desires and mildly sweet interactions between the show’s characters, to discover Chaika’s personality is quite the curious experiment. Other than that, the series is a breeze that may introduce you charmingly to its genres, for whereas it doesn’t shine with originality, it accomplishes to bring together genres in a coherent and engaging way.

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
  • Studio: Bones
  • Watch at: Crunchyroll.com

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