10 best cute anime girls with glasses

Meganekko is a Japanese term for cute anime girls with glasses. I wouldn’t entirely go for that name as few of these cute girls aren’t your typical choices and, well, a couple of them are actually grown females. There are many definitions of cuteness and I’ll keep it in mind, so you’ll find here some truly sweet and cute girls, few strong and beautiful women as well as some sad and beautiful females. Everyone will find something for themselves. Having that said out loud it’s no secret that female characters with glasses have their own charm and it’s literally became an subgenre by itself. There’s much more to that sad stereotype that characters with glasses are only smart and cute, however, this is how Japanese market works. Expect some true fanservice, unexpected choices and a lot of glasses. So let’s get it done once and for good, enjoy!

Integra Fairbook Wingates Hellsing from Hellsing Ultimate

cute anime girls with glasses

I can literally see this ‘what the hell’ thinking in your mind. Where’s Integra cute, you may ask. Well, ain’t cuteness point of view? First of all, she’s damn strong and beautiful. This is what makes her so special and worthy list like that. Sure, she doesn’t have any real cute scenes in Hellsing Ultimate, well, almost, scenes after time skip when Alucard returns is truly poignant. That said let’s have a quick brief here. Integra Fairbook Wingates Hellsing is a badass, complete and epic badass. A member of Protestant Knights, head of Hellsing organisation and master of the most powerful vampire, Alucard. Proud and strong woman, always in glasses and cigarette, classy as hell and very, very dangerous. And yeah, she hates Catholic Church, how not to love it, it’s cute. Integra does not allow mistakes, nor any failures and her organisation is on a missin from God himself to protect Great Britain and the Queen. This is some true dedication. True definition of independent, strong and proud woman, an perfect role model. And wears glasses, all the bloody time.

Shizuku Murasaki from Hunter x Hunter

cute anime girls with glasses

Left handed sexy and kawaii Shizuku from Hunter x Hunter is everything you can expect from cute girl, she’s clumsy, pretty airheaded and forgetful, once she forgets something, she won’t remember it ever again. While it’s true and her appearance is cute it can’t be farther from who she really is. An #8 member of infamous Genei Ryoudan, an merciless troupe of thieves and cold blooded murderers, shio she is. Evil, vile and extremely dangerous. Her special power of Nen is Deme-chan, an living vacuum cleaner that has ability to “eat” everything that is not living or magic, si she often uses it for clearing evidence or murdering. She’s very smart and has extraordinary ability of planning, while her appearance suggest that she’s very much stupid. It was proved fatal for those who entered a battle with her. But we’re taking about being cute and sweet, not about morality. She has none. An cause of some slight and actually pretty sweet fanservice.

Riko from Made in Abyss

cute anime girls with glasses

Here we go, our first truly sweet and innocent cute girl, Riko. Unlike previous two picks this is our true kawaii, smart and extremely lovely girl. One of the two main characters of the terrifying Made in Abyss anime that mixes adventure with some true dark and violent fantasy. She’s an daughter of a legendary archeologist/cave rider Lyza, that went missing in depths of the Abyss when Riko was 2 years old. Afterwards she was raised in an orphanage and followed steps of her mother and became cave rider with red whistle, that allowed her to explore the shallowest level of the Abyss, her dream is to acquire white whistle that will allow her to go to the bottom of the Abyss following steps of her mother. She’s bright, smart, very definition of meganekko. The other thing that anyone itself is as far from being sweet and lighthearted as it can be, is an dark psychological fantasy that can really shatter you to the core. That doesn’t change thing that she’s an sweetest person you could imagine. And she can manage under huge pressure with open and smart mind. And yeah, she can cook af!

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Mizuho Kazami from Onegai☆Teacher

cute anime girls with glasses

I’m actually pretty damn sure you heave no idea who the hell is that. Onegai☆Teacher is one of the very first anime I’ve seen back in 2003. And while I realise amount of flaws this anime have I don’t actually care, it’s an representation of already dead genre of true happy and non forced romance comedy with some slight sci-fi add ons. And Mizuho Kazami is the teacher. Once of the loveliest, sweetiest and one of the best written characters in the kind. She’s a very definition of being cute. Being half-human half-alien ain’t easy, especially if you ending up getting married with your student in the very first episodes of the anime. Saying that, it’s still engaging and truly beautiful piece of romance and learning how to love and respect each other. And it’s fun. Yes, Mizuho Kazano is actually very much everything we love about meganekko, she’s beautiful, smart, bit shy, very supportive and loving. And being cute is in her blood.

Saya Kisaragi from Blood-C

cute anime girls with glasses

Another pretty weird pick. But nowhere near not being kawaii. I would rather pick here Saya Otonashi from original BLOOD+ but I can’t have everything thought. Saya Kisaragi is an very assertive, cold and methodical girl. At the surface she’s trying her best to behave like a normal and friendly person and this is from where her cuteness is mainly coming from. Because in reality she’s literally a cool hearted human that had no idea what’s mean to love and care, she’s an master of katana and ruthless hunter of deadly hiroptera and miko and misty of her screen time we see her covered in blood and other human insides around. And trust me, she’s damn sexy and eye catchy. While the series isn’t the very good example of idea execution it’s very strong in it’s characters and well, it’s actually one on the most violent anime of XXI century. And it’s sexy af. Just look at her, she’s cute, dangerous, hot and deadly, combination that can turn on literally anyone.

Fuu Hououji from Magic Knight Rayearth

cute anime girls with glasses

An introverted genius. And book example of meganekko. Magic Knight Rayearth is an criminally forgotten series. This is not only probably one of the most important must watch anime for girls but as well probably one of TOP5 anime in CLAMPverse. It’s an magical girls show like no other, because girls here are as the title suggests… knights, strong willed warriors and perfect role models for young girls that want to have some more serious examples to follow, this is as well classic must watch for every respecting himself fan of anime. Fuu Hououji is very beautiful and intelligent woman, very shy and quiet. She keeping get thoughts mostly for herself and only for her closest friends she’s able to open her heart. She’s as well very much stubborn when it comes tu share her thoughts and problems, but she’s as well very much main character responsible for quieter and more peaceful moments in the series. On the other hand she’s mighty and powerful Magic Knight of Wind. She’s along with her best friends are everything young girls need to have as a perfect, strong and majestic, powerful role models. And bloody hell, Fuu is bloody cute.

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Yuki Nagato from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

cute anime girls with glasses

Slowly entering into main dish, so here we go, Yuki Nagato is one of my all time favourite waifus – the other 3 upcoming as well obviously. But here we are. And suprisingly, I’m not going to favour my all time favs, I’ll go in terms of cuteness. Yuki, my love, by the words of our true magnificent goddess, the only and one, best replacement singer of all time, Haruhi Suzumiya described as ‘indispensable silent character’. Yuki Nagato is an artificial human being with some real paranormal abilities. She’s probably one of the most inducted characters ever written, rarely speaking, very stoic and extremely intelligent. Get harsher was shi popular and lived she even received her own spin-off series, Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu placed in an alternative universe where she’s an shy, lovely human. We rarely see her without her glasses and school uniform, she’s as well beast replacement guitarist of all time. And the only ine aware of the infinity eight, infamous episodes of original second series of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. She contacting the world mainly using her body language. True sweet, cute and, well, pretty dangerous (in original timeline). Definitely one of the best cute girls with glasses of all time. Did I mention she’s as well an amazing actress?

Homura Akemi from Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

cute anime girls with glasses

My personal number one or two (depends on the mood) waifu of all time, one of the main characters of my favourite anime of all time, Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica about which I wrote fair share of thoughts here. She’s not always wearing glasses, in the main timeline she’s wearing contact lenses, but in the previous timelines she’s shy, introverted, very lovely and sweet, innocent girl. Very much cute meganekko in our book. But well, that changes drastically, she becomes cold, vile and nearly heartless magical girl in order to save her beloved Madoka Kaname. And she’s ready to sacrifice everything for that sole reason. Her cuteness was affected by amount of pain, suffering, death and watching her beloved dying countless times. Het ability was time manipulation and that sole thing caused her never ending suffering, she went throughout more that anyone can bear and ultimately it broke her both mentally and physically. While her beloved Madoka is an bearer of hope and love, a guide’s, she became exact opposite, the evil incarnate, satan himself. And well, she’s still damn cute and beautiful. Most complex character on this list.

Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata

cute anime girls with glasses

Final two characters, say hello to one and only Mirai Kuriyama. An girl that cuteness and her glasses driving whole series. Beautiful, shy first year high school student. Her personality and glasses is an main reason for gaga’s in the series. Mirai is very clumsy, funny and quite stands out among others. She’s as well very dangerous blood manipulator, she’s able to create weapons using her own blood in order to hunt youmu, the spirits that can cause a lot of disaster. Her ability, however, is extremely unique and rare even in the spirit world. She’s very much sweet girl that struggles with basically everything in life, loves bonsai trees and crying about her life on her blog. Considering all this is sins up like funny fantasy comedy, well, it somewhere is, but it’s as well very serious and dark drama mixed with some of favourite romances ever. She’s, however, so damn cute that I could barely stand that, the fanservice episode about defeating very problematic youmu is like imagining all your wet dreams at once, magical girl idol Mirai Kuriyama is everything you need and didn’t know that you needed that. Her personality and story is, however, very complex full of suffering, pain and very sad. By the end of the show we see her much more in tears and covered in blood. While she’s still overhelmly cute. How about that.

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Tsubasa Hanekawa from Monogatari Series

True definition of being kawaii, constant reason of hilarious and godly fanservice. My personal strict TOP5 waifu of all time, best neko ever, smartest girl that doesn’t know everything, she only knows only what she knows. Extremely sexy, hot and funny woman with dinne great breasts and most kawaii glasses of all time. Actually most of the girls from Monogatari Series franchise are among my all time favs, just to mention Oshino Shinobu, Hitagi Senjougahara or Nadeko Sengoku. An true gallery of greatness and fanservice. But here’s only one star, Tsubasa Hanekawa. Always wearing her school uniform, the class president of of all class presidents by the words of Koyomi Araragi, main character of the franchise. Her past is quite dark and full of lidocaine which she successfully hiding behind the mask of lively, cute school number one. She’s possessed by a bakaneko (stupid cat apparently) and sometimes during extreme stress changes into crazy and very violent neko girl, segments of franchise under the names (there’s 3 of them) are called Nekomonogatari, very adequate and one of the best in whole Monogatari Series. She’s a very definition of problematic meganekko, crazy, extremely intelligent, mentally in live with the mc, as most of the women characters, including his sisters. Fanservice everywhere, glasses, sex, and overwhelming cuteness are just about everything about this hilariously dark and extremely funny, vile character and whole franchise. Tsubasa Hanekawa is hottest, cutest, most beautiful and craziest of all meganekko girls, very much deserved first place. All hail Monogatari Series for bringing to life such amazing character, an very much wet dream of all time for all lovers of cute girls with glasses.


It was truly refreshing and funny experience, the longest thing that actually took me to fo was to pick these 10 female characters out of countless others, I went, however, using my own personal love for them and that caused few unexpected choices. Share your thoughts below if you wish and see you soon again!

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