31 best anime girls with short hair

Short hair! Who doesn’t love anime girls with short hair? They’re always good lookin’, fancy, some of them are sweet, some are deadly dangerous. But all of them are more or less adorable on their own terms. Let’s face facts, anime is full of great short haired girls and they’re amazing. Not my typical shot for waifu, however, there’s a fair share of them I actually love, actually so much of them that I needed to do some cuts. And even so this list is huge, 31 in my opinion best short haired girls of all time. I can spoil already that my mad love for Monogatari Series franchise is clearly visible here, but who can fight this cuteness? But even said that I can ensure you that there’s few unexpected and really weird picks as my style can be bit different. But here were go, short list of 31 girls and womens from anime I’m mad about! And please note, assist from very end of this list there’s no particular order, it would be too cruel to do so. Please note that this article contains spoilers from anime that these girls are coming from, so if you haven’t seen them just scroll right pictures and, of course, watch them all!

Tima from Metropolis

anime girls with short hair

I’ll start with some truly amazing and mesmerising pick. Suprisingly, this movie is poorly recognized nowdays. What a bloody shame and actual 7,55 rating can be considered too low. Am I calling it masterpiece? Definitely, but it’s heavy and very dark dystopian cyberpunk drama, same as it’s main character, Tima. It’s an android designed to look like deceased daughter of Duke Red. Has no memories or idea who she is and what’s her purpose of existence. She sets on journey throughout Metropolis only to learn hiw depraved, vile and troubled the world is that leads her to discover her destiny and release her anger upon these that hurt. Throught the movie she develop hey own personality and feelings that leading to ine of the most beautiful endings I’ve ever seen. Everything based on the works and character design of legendary Ozamu Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy. And that explains a lot.

Arcueid Brunestud from Shingetsutan Tsukihime

anime girls with short hair

I know, there’s no Tsukihime anime, I know. And I don’t care, I always loved original visual novel – played it countless of times. Even that, I love the anime, I’m fully aware of its flaws, things that went wrong, killing the original story etc etc. It all doesn’t matter. Arcueid is a mother of all TYPE-MOON characters, she’s the first and, well, must tragic if them all. She’s the White Princess of the True Ancestors, most powerful vampire in existence, she’s as well pure and deadly, however, she refuses to drink blood, she’s powerful enough to resist it. She hunts other fallen Ancestors that killing people. Her character and goals are very similar to these from Saber. Arcueid is all mighty, proud woman that went thrift centuries of suffering hunting her arch enemy, that changed her into what she is. Anime itself merely touched her story and depth bur is a good starter to pick the visual novel. Novel on the other hands looks… awful. But the story is among best ever written.

San from Mononoke Hime

anime girls with short hair

Imagine single list of female characters without at least one Studio Ghibli entry. Exactly, impossible. Let’s pick up San from one of the most famous Ghibli productions of all time. And definitely most violent. San is one of the most complex of all Miyazaki’s characters ever. Strong, committed, focused on her goals and extremely well written. Raised by Japanese god-wolf hates humanity and their influence on natural world. This is one of the most shocking of his movies. Full of bloody and graphic violence, with very important message and prices that humanity is beyond salvation and ultimately will cause their own demise if nothing will be done. All that nearly 25 years ago. So far it’s only worsening around. Sad but true. San is an personification of the last descendants of people living nature and fights for it. While movie ends with kind of grieving leaves no hope, humanity will destroy everything sooner or later. That makes San more than important but as well necessary role model.

Suruga Kanbaru from Monogatari Series

anime girls with short hair

You didn’t expect me to leave this list without at least one of the girls from my beloved, infamous Monogatari Series, don’t you? Suruga is one of these full-monogatari series girls. She’s beautiful, smart, extremely sexy, she’s one of the best fanservice sources in the whole series, nudity lover, perfect sportswoman and… possessed by demon. Monkey one. Her character development and story is compelling and reliable. And she’s fun, fun as hell. Her own arc is one of the darkest and more vile than most of the series that actually is much heavier and dark than some could expect. And, oh gods, it looks gorgeous. And who doesn’t like her curves and looks let throw the stone first. She’s damn hot. Her actual sexuality is always in question and she can be very violent, not really of a role model, but, come on, it’s bloody Monogatari Series ain’t that enough?

Saber from Fate/stay night

anime girls with short hair

I know, it’s a bit of cheating, but well, her looks are all about those beautiful hairstyle. And she’s beautiful. Like most of the waifus in the franchise. But Saber is not only beautiful but as well one of the most complex woman characters written in modern times. She’s extremely strong, proud, rightful and her backstory is truly heartbreaking. Fate franchise is well known for being one if the best eroge visual novels of all time, so what’s actually surprising the fanservice in it’s adaptations is reduced to minimum, but anime is not about it, in fact only few titles had actually nailed it. No, it’s about characters and Saber is not only one of the most beautiful and hot womens that graced our screens, but she’s as well one of the strongest and looked up to characters ever. Perfect example of perfect waifu that’ll kick your ass. And she’s hot.

Nana Osaki from Nana

anime girls with short hair

Let’s face the facts, Nana is the best unfinished manga out there, shush Berserk fanboys, it’s actually one of the best mangas of all time, as expected from Ai Yazawa. And we have it’s anime adaptation. Is everything about sex, love and rock’n’roll, perfectly written mature romance. And hell yeah, characters there are pure gold. But only one Nana had short hair. It’s a shame there’s not much chances for continuation anytime soon. But let’s go back to Nana Osaki. Kind hearted and devoted friend that looks like heavy punk rocker. Abandoned by parents, went through many hardships including accusation of being a prostitute. Despite all the hardships she stays strong and dedicated. Heavy smoker, vocalist of rock band, strong independent young woman. There’s no fanservice of any kind, thankfully. One of my all time favourite characters.

Mikasa Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin

anime girls with short hair

Probably one of the most overlooked and slammed characters in recent years for some reason. Strong, beautiful and extremely focused on her goals girl that’ll kick yall asses without a blink in her eyes. And I’m not a fanboy of SnK. I love the tv adaptation but manga is… awful lately. Adoptive sister of this ungrateful bastard Eren, she vowed that she’ll protect him by every necessity. Unfortunately she keeping her promise so far. She possessing impressive fight skills, always first in class, extremely smart, powerful and, of course, beautiful. Shows no mercy for her opponents and anyways looking forward. She’s cold but in reality deeply caring and scarred by brutal murder of her parents, she was saved by Eren when she was abducted as a child by slave traders. Ever since then she’s deeply fond to the Eren’s family that was as well ultimately llkilled by titans later on. I love her character development and strength. And she would still kick my ass without a second thought. Hot af.

Clare from Claymore

anime girls with short hair

I mentioned this anime before. The series protagonist Clare is not your typical strong character. She’s ranked 47th among the claymores, it’s the lowest rank. But don’t let that to confuse you, she’s extremely dangerous, it becomes clearly visible as the series progresses. One of the most complex written characters on this list. She also holds the distinction of becoming the first individual to willingly become a claymore. Very much indeed. The series itself is extremely violent and dark, same goes to the characters. Her goal is a revenge and she’ll do everything to get it. It’s pretty hard to classify character. Went through suffering no one supposed to go thought. Deeply hurt and scarred for life. She lives only for the one sole reason. And that’s the story we follow. Until the very gruesome end.

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Ougi Oshino from Monogatari Series

anime girls with short hair

Well, number two. Not the last one, believe me. One of the must mysterious characters of the whole franchise. Personally I always had troubles with coming clear in terms if I love her or hate. She appears as pale skin, black eyed mysterious school junior of Araragi. She claims that she’s Meme Oshino niece. That’s bullsit and paradoxically she’s one of the most complex characters in the series, one of the mc’s in the best of franchise installments, Owarimonogatari. She’s directly responsible for Nadeko’s becoming a snake God. Ultimately her true identity is revealed as one of the oddities that Araragi created. She appears sometimes as a male and there are strong implications that these two are two different characters. She’s not actually hot or the fanservice source but she’s one of the most iconic short haired characters I can actually think of.

Patema from Sakasama no Patema

anime girls with short hair

I love this movie much more than I suppose to. But I can’t fight it. It’s a beautiful story of diversity, respecting others, suffering and ultimate love. Patema is an perfect example of modern equality role model. And she’s gorgeous. Member of the royal family of underground civilisation that lives in tunnels and resents people of Aiga, the inverted world. One day she ending up there and meets a boy from Aiga. Anime itself is jawbreaking in terms of world building and animation. You can actually turn your monitor and watch this movie upside down. Gaining completely new experience, believe me, I did that. She’s always curious about the world outside. Perfect example of character that holds only love and curiosity above all differences, hate or diversity. Bearer of love literally. Beautifully crafted and written character. The movie itself is a must see for everyone despite it flaws. Beautiful and important cinematography.

Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell

anime girls with short hair

About this character I can easily write a book. I’m not even exaggerating. This is one of my all time favourite franchises. Matoko’s character is slightly different in each of the installments, constantly changing her body and evolving. It’s definitely among top 10 most complex characters ever written. Strong and cold soldier, member of Section 9, special forces that fight cybernetic crimes. There’s literally nothing known about her, nor her real name, birthplace or age. She’s possessing Fully cybernetic body except her human brain. That causes her thinking about her own humanity and reason of existence. This franchise is deeply fond with philosophy and questioning reasons of human and non-human existence. It’s very violent and very hard to follow without careful watching. As there’s little known about het past we can actually easily assume that she’s one of the most badass women in anime history. And one of the most important. With newest 2020 installment her character evolves even further, 25 years after first movie. The movie that was an direct inspiration for the one and only Matrix trilogy. And many many more.

Kurokami no Otome from Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome

anime girls with short hair

Who’s that you may ask. And that’s terrifies me the most, this movie is criminally underrated and suprisingly poorly recognised. It’s an artistic flick, mad, crazy, colourful, full of drinking, weird philosophy and story that is extremely hard to follow. And she has no name, girl in red skirt, aged twentysomething, going out on wild party as she loves drinking. And oh gods, she drinks more than most of people for a whole year. Arthouse fully aware of it’s own weirdness. Animation that leaves no questions who created this movie and absurd humor over and over again. It’s as well one of the strangest romantic comedies I’ve ever seen. And she’s one of the loveliest characters I’ve encountered in recent years. As little we know about her we can actually confirm that apart from being wild party maniac she loves books, helping other people and have magnificent voice. And she’s so beautiful.

Yotsuki Ononoki from Monogatari Series

anime girls with short hair

Number three, come on, I said, with a posed look. There’s only one winner here. It’s cheating as well, but there’s no other franchise that has so many beautifully created characters than Monogatari Series. And that’s a fact above all. So, girl number three, Yotsuki. Yaaay. She’s an inhuman creature that took on human form, however, she used to be a human. Now she’s hunting with her partner other monsters. Nearly killing Araragi own sister because of fact she’s an Evil Phoenix, one of the most dangerous oddities. Got her ass kicked by one and only Shinobu. Yotsuki is one of my favourite characters from the series. Wild, cold, colourful and crazy. Yet another character from the franchise that’s not an actual source of the fanservice, but when she is, usually in companion of Mayoi and Shinobu it’s gold. Source of some of the wildest gags in the whole franchise. All hail Monogatari Series. Once again. And I’ll see you in a minute again

Mima Kirigoe from Perfect Blue

anime girls with short hair

You didn’t expect her here, didn’t you? Unfairly. And her character is criminally underrated while movie itself is considered as one of the best anime movies of all time. And it’s definitely one of the most well known ones. And well, it’s one of the hardest to understand productions out there, heavy psychological horror with some of the most gruesome twists of all time. Mima was the star of j-pop group CHAMP, she left it to embrace her career as the drama actress. She’s innocent and sweet girl that wants to reach the stars, but quickly encounters heavy psychological problems, starting to question what is real and what’s not. Development of her character is one of the most complex I’ve seen in my life. And most importantly, it’s scary reliable. It’s an dark and heavy piece of anime, one that whil leave you question yourself and thinking what the hell you just seen. All that thanks to extraordinary writing and lead character. Definitely deserved to be here.

Rakka from Haibane Renmei

anime girls with short hair

And here we go, main character of the very first anime I’ve seen in my life. Back in March 2003 to ve exact. And it’s still among my all time favourites. Psychological drama with some of the most poignant, heartbreaking and complex stories I’ve ever seen. Rakka is typical always questioning character, sweet and lovely girl that can’t help but being curious. She’s an new member of Haibane Renmei. Has no memories of who she was before she awake in Old House. She’s curious about that and feels emptiness. It’s not your typical bombastic and loud lead girl. She’s more quiet, admirable and you could say introvert. Her development is slow and very careful as the whole anime. It’s serious, with very sweet but dark atmosphere, especially in the second half. It’s one of the kind of anime, there’s nothing like that. This beautiful, quiet girl is literally everything that this show is about.

Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion

anime girls with short hair

The real goddess of mecha, not bitch from DitF, Zero Two. It’s as well one of the most tragic characters ever written. Barely shows any emotions and cold to the borderline, fully focused on her duty as pilot of EVA-00, she’s as well the first one to sit behind these mecha machines. Ultimately she’s bitter a human, but an angel, Lilith and thre whole series is an extremely influenced by the bible and its final book of Armageddon. This biblical, philosophical sci-fi drama thriller still lies among one of the hardest to understand and one of the most heartbreaking anime ever created. Rei Ayanami is not only one of it’s lead characters but as well one of the characters that’ll never be fully understanded and explored. This production is basically must watch for anyone who calls himself anime fan and is considered as one of the must complex anime ever. For a reason of course. This is as well one of first 10-20 anime I’ve seen in my life. Apart from literally nothing that we know about her it’s clear that she’s having deeper side that is developed throughout the series all the easy until this vile ending. An masterfully crafted character.

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Lotte Yansson from Little Witch Academia

anime girls with short hair

After fair share of pretty dark characters I’ve picked the wholesome one from one of my favourite of modern mahou shoujo anime. Sweet, quiet Finnish witch that only cares about others, especially her best friend and mc of the series, Akko. She’s suprisingly powerful and magnificent witch and her abilities are summoning and communicating with fairies what proves to be extremely useful. She’s kind hearted, the very definition of sweet and innocent soul and perfect supporting character. Anime itself is very lighthearted and very much for everyone. An must see for any mahou shoujo fan actually.

Tsukihi Araragi from Monogatari Series

anime girls with short hair

Number four, source of some wildest borderline fanservices in the series. Her infamous fights and ultimate love for her brother Araragi are always great source of fun and some of weirdest relations brother-sister ever graced our screens, topped only by her own sister and THAT infamous toothbrushing scene, come on, yall know what the hell I’m talking about. She’s very lively, however, most of her activities she’s found at home. She’s very short-tempered, changes her hairstyles all the time and never stays the same. Crazy to the borderline and very often causing a lot of troubles to Araragi, mostly along with get sister. Later in the series it’s revealed she’s an immortal and powerful oddity Evil Phirnix, however, she has no idea of who she really is as her brother loves her as his sister, protect her from monster hunters and intend to treat her like human. With her starter they’re nicknamed as Tsuganoki 2-chuu no Fire Sisters. And she’s damn hot. As everyone in this bloody franchise.

Makoto Konno from Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo

anime girls with short hair

Main character of this movie, girl who acquired power to going back in time. And uses it without much thinking. She’s clumsy, lazy, hates learning and loverls her friends and playing baseball with them after school. It’s very lighthearted movie that touches some darker notes and price for changing past for no real reason. It’s as well one of my favourite romances, sweet and reliable as it gets, but development lacks bit of depth here. But it’s a relatively short movie. Her character is your average school girl with everything that comes with it. She’s beautiful, independent, somewhat smart, if she wants to and very lively. Plus her particular development while feels bit rushed is still very good and reliable. Just your typical waifu.

Lain Iwakura from Serial Experiments Lain

anime girls with short hair

The very second anime in my life, after completing previously mentioned Haibane Renmei I took on other production of its creator, 1998s dark and gritty Serial Exprriments Lain. One of the weirdest and shocking cyberpunk anime ever created, widely misunderstood while maintaining relatively high above 8 rating. Lain is a very definition of nerd, but the borderline one. She’s quiet, with barely any interests and friends. Cold, calculated girl that lives mostly in the wired world. Het character development is terrifying over the show where she’s showing her true nature later in the series. She develops few personalities in both words. It’s very dark kind of character and anime that leaves you speechless by the end of the show. Heavy psychological drama with gruesome plotline and some of the darkest of character developments ever. All that in body and mind of 14 years old Lain.

Cheza from Wolf’s Rain

anime girls with short hair

And we arrived in the last 11 characters. I deliberately chose Cheza as opening character. She’s a Flower Maiden, artificially created girl from Lunar Flower. She’s having special bond with the wolves, she was awakened by the smell of one of them. She’s rescued by them and since then they’re in the tun and journey looking for mythical paradise to which she’s a key. She’s noble, quiet and very beautiful character, overt the show we learn more about her and her purpose. I need to mention that Wolf’s Rain is one of my all time favourite shows and I can’t go over that it’s criminally forgotten. This compelling post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama delivers some of the most beautiful and sad stories I’ve ever seen. And Cheza is the key character here. Beautiful red eyed, strong and important for our main characters girl. With truly beautiful storyline and great development. I simply can’t help it but love her.

Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata

anime girls with short hair

One of my favourite girls of all time. I wrote fairly about her here, check it out. She’s beautiful, powerful and the very definition of perfect waifu. She has some dark and sad backstory, one o’n the main characters of Kyoukai no Kanata. Kyoto Animation did they job as usually, visually this show kicks ass and it’s gorgeous. Beautifully animated characters, world and fights. It’s one of my favourite fantasy shows in recent years. It’s as well one of my favourite romances ever, so I can’t help it but love and cry over it. It’s simply beautiful, exactly as she is. For more check out above link.

Nadeko Sengoku from Monogatari Series


Number five, did you really thinked I’ll skip glorious Nadeko? Impossibru God damn it. This franchise just kept on delivering truly great characters. Nadeko is, again, great source of fanservice, the bedroom scene when Araragi comes tho visit her will always stay in my head. Beautiful. Tsukihi’s friend, the snake God herself, the main character of one of the best Monogatari Series arcs ever. She has really shy and quiet personality because of bullying and personal problems. As many girls in the show she falls for Araragi, but because of her friendship with his sisters it’s happened earlier than with the rest of them. She loves her hair, we do as well, isn’t it? She’s hiding her passion of writing and drawing manga while she’s actually good at it. As snake God she’s extremely violent, evil and vile. She treats Araragi that she’ll kill him and only by miracle she’s saved from the snake God. She’s forbidden ever since seeing Araragi. And once again, she’s hot af.

Yuki Nagato from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

anime girls with short hair

One of the most beloved short haired girls ever. And one of my favourite waifus. Another character I mentioned in one of my previous articles, so check it out here as I have nothing much to add here.

Sayaka Miki from Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

anime girls with short hair

Here were go, one of the main characters of my all time favourite anime. And next to the Rei Ayanami the most tragic character on this list. Check out as well my love letter to the mahou shoujo anime here. Sayaka is an lovely, deeply caring for her best friend Madoka and the boy she loves. He is the main cause why she becomes magical girl. Let’s say it out loud, Madoka franchise leaves no prisoners behind. And that applies to every character in the show itself. Sayaka ultimately becomes knight magical girl but price for that ultimate becomes too heavy ty o bear and ultimately leaves her broken mentally. After saving her beloved she learning about how magical girls are created and fell into despair and suffering. Because of that and loosing her love interest to one of jet best friends she’s changing into deadly witch they’re supposed to hunt. She dies by the hand of other magical girl, her friend Sakura that sacrifices her own life in order to save her from despair and dying alone. Truly magnificent story. And the development of her character is truly one of the most heartbreaking ever. Plus that extremely sad Ave Maria performance at the end. Truly shocking. Masterfully crafted character.

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Hitagi Senjougahara from Monogatari Series

anime girls with short hair

Number six, hell yeah, our show’s main girl and still not the last one. Bit of cheating here as we meet her with beautiful, long hair but sure cuts them short because Araragi loves girls with short hearted. And yeah, I forgot to mention that she’s an Araragi’s girlfriend. And one of my all time favourite characters. Once again. As to be expected she’s, again, source of fanservice, I know I’m keeping to mention that, bur I can’t help myself, Monogatari Series stands of fanservice like no other franchise. And doing it right. She’s weak-looking character that is anything but weak. Dangerous, violent and independent woman that wad in the same class as Araragi but barely ever speaked with him. As a young girl she encounters crab demon and, of course, gets possessed by it. That causes her being nearly weightless and she calls it ‘incurable desease’. She calling herself tsundere and abuses everyone around her. With unwanted help from Araragi she’s cured from her disease and ultimately becomes, by some weird miracle, his girlfriend. What a franchise, trust me guys, I’m sounding like fanboy because I’m clearly one. Peace.

Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai

anime girls with short hair

TOP 5 already, went fast, isn’t it? Another strong and cold women on the list. Another very dark and heavy anime on the list, I believe you’re not suprised by this point. Shiki is an girl that possesses the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception that allows her to to view the death of any given object and destroy its origin. She used to have two personalities, female one Shiki and male SHIKI. After car accident she believe that her male personality died and she feel detachment and while she realises that’s she’s Shiki, she doesn’t feel like Shiki. She puts facade of cold and shows barely any emotions that resembles the old Shiki. Her only friend Touko understands how she feels bur believes the current Shiki is an competent different, third personality. She’s very reserved, violent but hates murderers and hunts them down. As the show itself her personality is very complex and dark, that includes desires. And she’s extremely beautiful and powerful. This show is an part of extended Tsukihime universe that is as well a mother to the well known Fate universe.

Hinata Hyuga from Naruto

anime girls with short hair

This is actually biggest suprise for me. I don’t like Naruto as it is, filled with awful fillers killed any enjoyment of the series, I actually hope for remake focusing only on the main story, but that’s something very unlikely to happen. Thanks gods we have Naruto Kai Cut an unofficial release of whole Naruto without a single filler, truly shows how good this series could be. But overall I don’t like it. Except one small thing, Hinata. She’s everything that the best in this franchise, beautifully written and developed character. She seems like quiet, weak and shy girl, while most of it is true, she’s far from being weak. Actually she’s very powerful. Bur in early parts of the show she lacked confidence and would give up as soon as she encountered any hardships, thanks to Naruto she changed. She’s in love with him literally since forever and ultimately she marries him at the very end of the show. She was very often only reason why I watched this anime and she’s definitely the sole reason why I’m still watching Boruto while I rested it so far with an extreme 1/10. True abomination. Hinata is not only the best character in whole franchise, but she’s as well truly beautiful and definitely the very definition of perfect girl. I just love her.

Tsubasa Hanekawa from Monogatari Series

anime girls with short hair

And number seven, the final one finally. The best girl in whole franchise, right best to Oshino and the very best girl in glasses, like ever. Check it out here once again. She’s everything you can love in anime girls. And well, I’m cheating again, as she possessed beautiful looking hair for the fair amount of the show, but she cuts them for the very same reason that Senjougahara, because Araragi loves girls with short hair. Si here we go. She’s as well the very best neko girl ever, that’s not negotiable. Sexy, hot, extremely smart, president of all school presidents, the girl that doesn’t knows everything but knows only what that what b she knows and of course neko. An very hot one. Another source of gold fanservice and hilarious gags. For more just click link above to get more detailed view on her character. She’s everything. One of the greatest girls of all time.

Saya Otonashi from BLOOD+

anime girls with short hair

For years my favourite girl of all time, my personal role model and my first true anime love. And nowhere being popular and recognised as she should be. Criminally underrated character, same goes to the show itself. Saya is everything that I love and adore in anime girls. And women in general. She’s powerful, intelligent, very strong, dangerous and she’s beautiful. Her story, past and whole character development is flawless. Another tragic and experienced by life character. She suffered more than anyone should, she killed in rage countless innocent people, she possesses rare ability to kill demons using her blood and she’s daughter of the most powerful one, she’s as well able to create demons as she’s the head of the ancient clan (with her twin sister). She fights them for humans and helps loyal partner Hagi whom she deeply loves. BLOOD+ will always be one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen. It’s not your typical vampire anime, it’s very dark, very mature with barely any humor in it. And it’s 50 episode long truly magnificent and beautiful anime. Full of blood, suffering, pain and tears. It’s as well one of my favourite love stories about redemption and forgiveness. True masterpiece.

Hikari Kohinata from Amanchu!

anime girls with short hair

Normally Saya would be here, but after so much darkness and serious characters I made this decision. One of my newest additions to the list of my favourite anime girls ever. Hikari is just the most wholesome and happy character I’ve ever seen. She’s funny, never worries, lives from day to day, she’s devoted friend and one of the most beautiful girls ever. I’m not exaggerating at all. She’s the kind of character that’ll cure any depression in a blink of an eye. Literally. There’s no other character that make me laugh with pure joy as strong as her. She’s literally very definition of ‘don’t worry be happy’ or ‘hakuna matata’ you can’t help but just instantly love this small dive lover. Anime itself is exactly the same, with no real plot, created only four one purpose, to make you happy. And it’s working flawlessly. Production is well known for it’s huge chibi usage, but along with that it’s one of the most beautifully animated shows in recent years. An true gem. And Pikari/Bakari is just everything, beautiful, smart but stupid, sexy and hot girl that loves being happy and diving. I love her with all of my heart, when I’m down only reminder of her craziness and stupidity instantly put a smile on my face.

And that’s it! I’ll see you around next week.

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