Manga and Light novel that may never end.

If anything is worse than your favorite manga or light novel not getting full adaptation then it has to be that your said favorite manga or light novel not releasing new material. Fans of One Piece and Detective Conan can say that, this manga should end now that it has gone for more than 20 years but what about fans of Glass no Kamen, Glass no Kamen is going on for more than 44 years and has less chapters than One Piece or Detective Conan. You can just imagine how happy it would make fans of hunter x hunter if the author just finished his manga after all these years but it is not that easy because there are some things authors just can not control, it’s beyond their limits like a sickness that prevents them from continuing their work. And here are some manga’s/light novels that may never get an ending.


If you have been watching anime or reading manga/light novel then you must have known about Berserk, Berserk is phenomenal manga that sits top at the rankings of Myanimelist and have been going for 31 years, after hearing that berserk is going for that many years one might think that it must have 1000 or more chapters but no, as of writing this blog Berserk have 360 chapters. So what is the reason there is so little of berserk out there, well there is no definitive answer but it is common knowledge that Kentaou Miura is plain lazy and procrastinating, if he wanted to finish his manga he would have done that long time before, but we are still waiting for that to happen. For more than than 30 years he has been working on berserk only but still no word on the ending, four months ago he started a new manga called Duranki and he is being consisting with duranki’s new releases which makes me believe that to some extent he has lost interest in Berserk a little bit. I hope he gives us a proper ending before old age makes it hard for him to continue Berserk or any other work.

Hunter x Hunter:

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I can be harsh on Kentarou Miura for not finishing Berserk but I just can not do the same here because Togashi Yoshihiro the author of Hunter x Hunter has been giving new chapters even though he has back pain which makes it hard for him to move or do anything. I really want him to finish Hunter x Hunter but it’s also a fact that he is incapable doing that right now, it’s been more than a year without a single chapter. Tagoshi also is the author of Yuyu Hakusho, during which he was releasing one chapter each week, but with a weekly schedule and no help from magazine made it hard for him to continue the manga so he just finished before it would be impossible to go on any further. It’s a known fact that the manga industry is hellish on its authors, especially on authors who release weekly rather than monthly and Togashi always has released weekly works.


Former works which I talked about were all shounen or seinen. This one is romance, and I boy wanted more of it. Nana was released in 2000 and stopped publication in 2009 because of the author’s health, Yamazi Ai is known for her works like Paradise Kiss and Gokinjo Monogatari, but those works are not as famous as Nana. Around 2009 Yamaza Ai was hospitalized, it appears to be some kind of illness which makes it hard for her to hold things in hand and even harder to hold a pen, it is not clear if it was cancer or autoimmune disease, she was later released from hospital. But the future of Nana looks bleak because not being able to continue her beloved work caused her some depression and now it is more unlikely that Nana will ever end. It’s been 11 years without a single chapter and we as fans have lost most of hope of it ever continuing.

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Juuni Kokuki:

Juuni kokuki is my all time favorite series and I loved the anime adaptation too. The anime adaptation was going to have 68 episodes but was cut short to 45 because it caught up with the light novel. Juuni Kokuki has been going on since 1992 and there is no end in sight for the foreseeable future, and it may never get a proper ending because the author Ono Fuyumi is busy doing other works, works that came after Juuni kokuki and have ended with satisfactory conclusion but author just refuses to complete this beloved work. We do not know much about the reasons why Juuni Kokuki has been put on this long hiatus other than just one tweet from her husband that indicates that she might be suffering from severe or mild depression. What I think is she has lost all interest in this series and that is why we are not getting anything new relating to Juuni kokuki. The new volume was supposed to come out in 2018 and rumours were it was the final volume but nothing has come out yet. I wish one day that the final volume comes out before my death.

Glass no Kamen:

I do not know what so say about the author of this manga because  Glass no Kamen  has been going on since 1976, 44 years and fans are still waiting for the closure to the series. Miuchi Suzue the author might never be able to end the series at this rate. While trying to look for the information why series has been put on hiatus I come cross the real reason which is Nada, nothing… I do not know why she is not continuing the series but I am damn sure fans who first read this when they were kids, now those fans are wishing that one day their kids might be able see an ending to this series. One reason that fits why the author is not continuing the series is that because she feels like she has done everything  for the series all these decades and further continuing the series is pointless, so she just gave up. This series is never going to get an ending that’s for sure, fans can hope for the proper an ending but chances are slim.

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