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What’s up guys? Chainsaw man has come back with another riveting new chapter. The battle between Aki and Denji rages on leading to an ominous end panel that has surely made readers anxiously awaiting Chainsaw man 79. So let’s delve into what exactly went down this chapter but make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga before reading on!

Chainsaw Man chapter 78 Discussion:

Aki blasts away an entire town this Chapter. That’s it. That’s what basically happens with Denji occasionally trying his best to stop him from killing more people. It seems that Aki has essentially lost himself. He’s not exactly in his right mind obviously and has seemingly regressed to younger self. The fierce battle between him and Denji in the real world has been merely reduced to a snowball fight in Aki’s head. 

It seems that the main intent of this chapter’s events was to depict how far gone Aki is. That even after trying multiple times, Denji failed in bringing Aki back to his original self. There have been countless incidences in the manga where it’s indicated that Aki is extremely morally sound unlike others like Makima, Kishibe or even Denji. Denji himself implies the same thing while trying to coerce Aki back to his old self.

chainsaw man 79

The fact that Aki has no qualms in killing innocents now is the prominent indicator of his mental state. It’s also unsure if the real Aki has died or if the real Aki will come back all fine even if the Gun Devil is somehow extracted from his body, which in itself is a daunting task.

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All this, is to say that Denji could very well be going down the path of trying to kill Aki in Chainsaw man 79, in order to stop his rampage. We could also very well see Power joining Denji jn the endeavor in Chainsaw man 79. Makima is mysteriously missing in this Chapter, so are all the other major characters.

CHAINSAW MAN 79 Spoilers & Predictions:

Chainsaw man 79 could very well have Denji trying his best to kill Aki to stop his rampage. The Future Devil’s prediction indicated that Denji would kill both Power and Aki brutally which could mean that the Gun Devil might possess Power after Aki is killed. The trauma of killing his only family might ultimately push Denji to open the door. The manga has still not provided us with clues to what the Chainsaw Devil truly is. But speculations indicate that it is the Devil that kills the other Devils.

Makima, as usual remains a mystery and hopefully the next couple of chapters will bring out her true intentions and origins. Kishibe is another major player who could influence the future of our main characters and could be the last ray of hope in saving Aki.

Chainsaw man 79 could also see Denji finally opening the door in a last bid to save Aki. There have been no clues provided as to what could actually happen if the door is opened but Pochita’s warnings indicate that it won’t be anything good for Denji. It’s also speculated that Makima knows what’s behind the door and has been manipulating Denji to get him to open it. Let’s hope Chainsaw man 79 provides us with more answers!

CHAINSAW MAN 79 Release date:

Chainsaw man 79 will release on the 2nd of  August!

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So what did you think of this chapter and what do you think will happen in Chainsaw man 79? Will Denji finally open the ominous door? Will Kishibe make an appearance and save Aki? What is Makima planning? Share your thoughts in the comments below! don’t forget to check our latest posts: One Piece 986 & My hero academia 279

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