New One Piece chapter shows how the end of the Roger Pirates was

Nearing the end of his flashbacks, chapter 968 of the One Piece manga focused on the events that occurred after Gol D. Roger and his band arrived at the legendary Laugh Tale , with him being nicknamed the King of Pirates and the his treasure being called One Piece .

However, after having conquered literally everything and fulfilled all his wishes, Roger decides that the time has come for the end of Roger’s Pirates. “As of today, Roger’s Pirates are gone !!!”, says Roger to his entire crew.

In his farewell, Oden tells that that day Roger disembarked taking a large amount of medicine for his illness already in a terminal state. and that no man in the pack shed a single tear. But in truth, everyone was in tears with the farewell.

 One Piece the end of the Roger Pirates

“Crocus made him take a large amount of medicine even though he was already in a terminal phase. It was a man’s goodbye … no one shed a single tear when he was gone. The Pirate King’s band would never make a loud as pathetic as crying at a time like that. ”

After this farewell we returned to Wano with the moment of Oden’s farewell , who returned to his native country with a great celebration on the part of its inhabitants, who believed that he could put an end to the cruel reign of Shogun Orochi and the pirate Kaido.

One Piece tells the story of  Monkey D. Luffy , a young man with rubber powers whose dream is to become the King of the Pirates along with his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates .

Altogether, the work has more than 900 chapters and episodes, being one of the most popular series of all time.

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